The single best short survey in America, now es a New Preface and AfterwardIn terms of accessibility and comprehensive coverage, Kolchin’s. Peter Kolchin’s American Slavery, first published in in the widely acclaimed American Century Series edited by Eric Foner, is a useful and mas terly survey. peter kolchin’s american slavery: chapters and the economies of the british colonies that would eventually become the united states were not.

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Such a survey naturally does not have a single argument or thesis, but Kolchin does continually return to the theme that slavery in America was not a static institution but was constantly changing, from a system of indentured servitude in the early colonial era to a race-based, paternalistic model in the antebellum period.

Peterr presents the utter horrors of slavery, blunt and raw, but also presents balanced reasoning as to its justifications.

This resulted in an intense relationship between slaves and slave owners an The sugar and rice plantations of the Caribbean and South America had very large numbers of primarily male slaves who interacted with relatively few whites. Geography is a key factor in Kolchin’s conception of American slavery. He continually includes asides that discuss historiographical trends and debates that have occurred in the field, pointing to key historians and works for the various positions before adding his own voice.

I think it filled in some missing pieces for me but did not cover much about gender.

Please try again later. The Settling of North America, Vol. It remains the best book to introduce a subject of profound slafery lasting importance, one that lies at the center of American history. Mar 21, Elizabeth Higginbotham rated it really liked it. It remains the best book The single best short survey in America, now updated.

American Slavery: – Peter Kolchin – Google Books

He argues that the United States was unique in that the system was based off of a minority population of native-born slaves thereby explaining the unique path it took in North America.

This is an excellent overview of the history–and controversies about the history–of slavery in the United States of America from until the approximate end of Reconstruction in These examples do not show that slavery “wasn’t that bad after all,” but provide evidence for Kolchin’s statement that southern owners viewed slavery as a lifestyle, one slavety which that would divide the union, and lead to the bloodiest war in American history.


A good interpretive history of the subject that can be appreciated by undergraduates i. I bought this for a school report. Hill and Wang, The 10th anniversary afterword–in slaveey he discusses the recent scholarship of Ira Berlin, Philip D. Really interesting and informative read slaveery the history of slavery in the US.

Wel I had never read anything comprehensive about American slavery. Well balanced history that provides a ton of insight in americaj current African American culture that is still practiced today.


The book covers the early stages and how slavery took shape in different regions. This is a good historical look at slavery in the United States Fritz Metsch Peer by. There is also a chapter that discusses slavery from the white southerners perspective during those years after the Civil War.

I also like how he compared slavery in the United States to that in the Caribbean and Brazil, as well as to serfdom in Russia. I’m being nitpicky, though.

A fantastic look at the history of American slavery. The American Slavery, by Peter Kolchin is a comprehensive history of slavery and importantly addresses the way the nation supportive an infrastructure for exploiting people.

His analysis of the topic is measured and insightful, in some cases supporting more common arguments and in others refuting them. English Choose a language for shopping. Great for undergraduates and book reports. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? He packs a really informative history into a short book that helped me see the bigger picture. That’s the creepiest way I’ve ever seen that word used. No eBook available Macmillan Amazon. For students new to the subject, or scholars seeking a useful overview to the field, this book is nearly perfect.

Also, the sentences were long, which isn’t necessarily a deal-breaker, but I think he made poor use of conjunctions and transition words to show the logical procession of the sentences and why the ideas therein should be considered in tandem. Trivia About American Slavery Much of what we know, or think we know, dates from the “antebellum” period of roughlywhen the planters began a reactionary movement that masked their economic interests behind racist and paternalistic apologetics for the desirability of slavery for both master and slave.

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Read more Read less. For the general reader, this book could be somewhat dry because he has to pack in a lot of information in a short space. Open Preview See a Problem? Kolchin not only pulls together all the relevant literature but also strikes out with his own perceptive and trenchant analyses.

American Slavery, 1619-1877

It also covers the war, which initially began about keeping the union, but Slaevry and others had to address slavery since the South was intent on keeping the institution and expanding it to the west. Why the Civil War Still Matters.

Feb 08, Oliver Bateman rated it really liked it Shelves: That happened a few times. The amount of information covered is immense, and my only criticism is that there’s a chapter or section covering some of the politics of the period I believe it was right after or before the Civil Warthat I thought didn’t need to be in the book – but other than that, it is a great book for those interested in getting a general sense of slavery, but still filled with details.

It’s extremely educational, but definitely not written to entertain. An interesting read to look at history from a point of view often glossed over by an average history education. I found the book somewhat redundant and hard to get through, but over all it is a great overview of American slavery as compared to Russian serfdom and Carribean slavery.

Read reviews that mention american slavery united states american revolution peculiar institution overview of american revolution and the antebellum history of slavery slavery book end of the book end of slavery kolchin south america class concise period readable subject colonial presented. Kolchin further assists readers in that effort by providing a wonderful bibliographic essay at the end of his book.

This makes a great resource for scholarly writing.

Its brevity and comprehensiveness make it a book which will serve as a guide for further reading.