0 the fool reversed relationship

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0 the fool reversed relationship

Detailed Tarot card meaning for the Fool including upright and reversed card The Fool is numbered 0 – the number of unlimited potential – and so does not. Isabelle, 25 Dec At the moment, I've got a problem with the Fool when it's reversed. Psychiatric illness (at it's very worst - how's that for a so-called reversed meaning. I have seen this card in a position 0 - the fool: The Fool is a funny. The Fool reversed tarot card can indicate you need a reality check. You may be acting silly or should be on high alert. Learn more about what this card reveals!.

Remember, now is not the time to be spontaneous or impulsive. Perhaps it would be wise to listen to the opinions of those with more experience than you. The Fool reversed unfortunately highlights that matters do need to be addressed or unfinished business needs to be dealt with before you can get on with what you really want to do. The Fool reversed can also suggest a time when you have let opportunities slip through your fingers as a result of fear or poor decision.

Your timing may have been off or you relied too heavily on the advice of others when you should have followed your own instincts. You do not trust yourself and have lost all faith in life.

0 the fool reversed relationship

Pessimism and negativity may be obvious coupled with a feeling of envy for all those around you who seem to always land on their feet. You have forgotten what life is all about as you focus only on the past or the future. The Fool reversed can suggest that your life is too conventional, predictable, dreary and lacklustre. It may be time to break from the norm and secure in favour of something that will challenge or test you.

The Fool Card in Love and Relationships - Priania

Maybe you should consider doing something wild or outrageous. You may shock a few people in the process. Another aspect of The Fool reversed is the possibility of being too childlike. You may prefer to be constantly looked after and taken care of instead of taking responsibility for your own life. You can be needy and fearful and rely on others to show you the way.

This may be experienced in a relationship or the student who never seems to leave college. It can even suggest those who join an organisation or religious cult, where all their thinking is done for them. He can suggest immaturity and a need to take a more serious approach to life. This brings with it a warning when The Fool reverses. The reversed Fool calls on you to attend to your inner child, and address any issues from childhood.

0 the fool reversed relationship

It also suggests that you take life too seriously and that you need to let your inner child out to play occasionally. You may need a little bit more fun and adventure in your life, or need to travel.

0 the fool reversed relationship

In fact, when did you last have a holiday? What is stopping you from taking a break?

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Is it that you have too many demands and responsibilities or is that you block any opportunities to get away with mindless excuses? What are you afraid of?

Tarot Card Interpretation & Meaning - (0) The Fool Reversed

Reversed, we see the person making the choice but making it based on faulty wisdom, listening to advice from the wrong source instead of one's own wisdom. Here also, the carefree, jolly vagabond becomes the lazy, unreliable person. The happiness turns to bitterness, resentment and so forth. As Diana mentioned, I can see this representing certain types of mental illness as well, depending on the position of the card and other cards with it.

As far as whether or not you're going to use physical reversals in your readings I will say though, that the reversals help me to see more readily how to interpret the card. The positive and negative meanings would still be there if I didn't use reversals, but having the card turned around helps me to more easily see which way to read it. Merry Christmas to you as well It can also indicate a time to get your head out of the clouds and ground yourself. The Fool is a funny character, as he walks on the cliffs there seem to be nothing that could make him worry or care.

Though getting The Fool reversed could be a statement or even a warning that it is time to grow up now. Maybe life is no longer all play and fun, if you have committed your self to another person or project then at least acknowledge the responsibilities for that and grow up.

If you know what I mean.