Adnan and hae relationship test

The Story of Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed, Her Convicted Killer

adnan and hae relationship test

According to records from Adnan's phone, Nisha was called for two minutes and 22 has a motion in the works to test DNA from Adnan's case that wasn't tested before. of the year-old Adnan and how even Jay described their relationship. While Adnan was convicted of Hae Min Lee's murder and. There was an interesting relationship between Adnan, Don, and Hae. Before Hae and Don started dating, her and Adnan had an interesting. After the release of some of the missing pages of Young's testimony, one of the arguments that came up was that the narrative SK (through.

Such lividity could only be present if, after being killed, Lee was left in a face down position, stretched out, for between eight and 10 hours. This means after her body was moved to the burial site after lividity had become permanent. Hae was not dumped in Leakin Park around 7pm. Her body was kept somewhere where it could lay flat for around 10 hours before it was moved to the park. The killer had to both have the opportunity and means to intercept Hae by 3.

Adnan could not have done these things. McClain testified before the appellate court that she was with Adnan in the public library until around 2.

We have gathered evidence, which is not yet public, that confirms Adnan attended track practice that day and arrived for practice by 3.

adnan and hae relationship test

After seeing McClain, Adnan had to change for practice and then walk to the other side of the school for it. We have other witnesses who saw him on his way to track practice, meaning the time between when he was seen by McClain and by the time Lee was intercepted is largely accounted for.

It can drop charges, appeal the recent ruling, or offer Adnan a plea deal. And then we must all challenge the state to reopen the investigation into the murder of Hae Min Lee. Because this argument fits perfectly when applied to Jay. Here is how Cathy describe Jay and Adnan that night: Cathy thought Jay was acting odd as well.

She knew him as this super laid back stoner guy, like Shaggy from Scooby-Doo. But now he was being conspicuously chatty.

The story Cathy is telling is pretty close to what she told the cops during the investigation. She told him back then, she remembered Adnan saying only one thing to the group: So weirdly, in fact, that she became convinced something was very wrong: Think of it as a title, capitalized, The Nisha Call. Between noon and five pm that day, there are seven outgoing calls on the log, six of them are to people Jay knows, the seventh is to Nisha, someone only Adnan knew.

adnan and hae relationship test

But The Nisha Call happens at 3: Smack in the middle of the afternoon. The prosecution makes much of this call at closing, and I can see why. It is also the same tower and antenna that the two previous calls had been routed through.

Adnan Syed is innocent. Now find Hae Min Lee's real killer

What time of day did that occur? He just asked me how I was doing, et cetera.

adnan and hae relationship test

If the call Nisha is describing is the 3: She thinks that Adnan was walking around on foot, rather than driving around in a car. She thinks that Jay invited Adnan over somewhere, rather than that Adnan and Jay were already together when the call began.

That is an awful lot of things to get wrong about a phone call.

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  • The Story of Hae Min Lee and Adnan Syed, The Man Convicted of Her Murder

How long do you think you were on the telephone? Um, then his sister comes onmaybe like 4 minutes.

adnan and hae relationship test

Where do you ah, what do you do then after. We go down t here, we buy 2 dime sacks. During the trip from ah, Route 70, over to. Forrest Park where you ah, buy marijuana? You made the phone call to your friend? Did anybody else use the phone?

Relationships between Adnan,Hae,and Don | Bengal English

He put me on the phone with her for like 3 minutes, I said hello to her. Where did she ah, live? Do you recall her name? Is there anything significant about this conversation that you remember? You have any idea why Adnan would call this individual in Silver Spring after he had just. Okay, um how long did that conversation last? It was a pretty long conversation, maybe like 7 — 8 minutes, 10 minutes, something like that. And he gave you the phone? Yeah some point in the conversation, he gave me the phone, told me to speak to the chick.

And what did you say to her?

Serial: An Examination of the Prosecution’s Evidence Against Adnan Syed

I said a couple of words, hey, who are you, how old are you, um, where do you live at. Which means that if the call that Jay is describing is the call that was made to Nisha at 3: He says it occurred some time after the call to Patrick was made, but the Patrick call was at 3: He says that the call lasted between 7 and 10 minutes, and that for three of those minutes he was the one on the phone with Nisha, when really the call was only 2 minutes 22 seconds.

Even assuming that Adnan really was responsible for killing Hae, then the best interpretation of the available evidence would still be that Adnan made a butt-dial shortly after committing the murder. Because what is the most logical explanation for when a phone call is made from a cell phone to a number on speed dial, but no one on either end of the line has any recollection of such a phone call being made? That it was a butt dial.

So why would that logic not apply here? But that fact is kind of interesting all by itself. But while that might make for a good story on a late-night crime drama, it really pushes the boundaries of plausibility to think that, in real life, a year-old that just strangled his ex-girlfriend and has her body in the trunk is going to respond by calling the girl he has been making out with, just so that he can have a casual chat.

This creates an extremely strong inference that the reason the phone was in Leakin Park at that time is because whoever was burying Hae brought the phone with them. We already know how that happened.

The only question is whether or not Adnan was also with Jay at the time. But the prosecution does not have any evidence to support this second inferential leap. What the prosecution does not have, and what the cell phone records cannot provide, is evidence that someone other than Jay was with the cell phone in Leakin Park that night.

But he says that from what he can remember of the evening, after he got the call from Office Adcock, he remembers dropping Jay off at some point and then he says he would have gone to the mosque for prayers.

Adnan remembering nothing about that evening is plausible — Adnan selectively remembering a single exculpatory detail and nothing else is much less so. If Adnan is a murderer who is willing to lie about everything he did that day, we would expect him to further lie about having the cell phone in his possession at the time that the pings show it was in Leakin Park.

Him telling the truth about having the cell phone that evening is not consistent with the statements we would expect if in fact he were guilty. To put this information into context, here are two facts to remember: Jenn also tells the police that after receiving an initial message from Jay about picking him up from Western Hills Community Park, she received a second message from Jay, sometime between 6: Based on the cell records, it is a really good guess that the page Jenn is talking about is the same as the 7: One obvious explanation is that Jay had believed Adnan was going to drop him off at 7: And why might that be?

If anyone else has any alternative explanations for this series of events, please share them, but here is one obvious explanation that fits well with the known facts: Although he did not testify at his trial, one of his police statements was introduced into evidence, and is summarized as follows: He said that on January 13,a Wednesday, he had class with Hae from Appellant said he went to track practice that afternoon.

He did not see Hae the next two days at school, Thursday and Friday, because the school was closed for inclement weather. Brief of Appellant at 5. Adnan also gave another police statement on February 26thwhich the police notes summarized as follows: Syed stated that he had no idea who would want to have hurt Hae Min Lee and that he could provide no information on suspects.

There is no apparent explanation for why the detectives waited seven months before preparing their notes from the interview. As discussed frequently on the podcast and in discussions about the podcastone of the common arguments for why Adnan is guilty is due to that fact that he does not have a clear and concise memory of the events that occurred on January 13, is evidence of his guilt.

Adnan has never called my house before to the best of my recollection, um, not that I would remember, he never called my house and ah so the only time that he would called the house would have been on the 13th like I believe I said that I had those phone calls come to my house. He says um I said and we talked probably talked a little bit more about Hae and everything that happened and I might have asked him you know again what his involvement was, if he knew where the bodv was. January 13, was a normal school day for Steph although it was her birthday.

She could not remember anything out of the ordinary from first period. Second period was English class which she had with Hae and Adnan. She remembered Adnan bringing her a stuffed reindeer.

adnan and hae relationship test

Lunch was at approximately She believes Adnan was at lunch but she could not be certain. The following persons were present: Adnan [and redacted names]. This was remembered because on Thursday the 14th and into early the 15th, the power was out due to a power failure.

The rest is based on what she normally did on Wednesdays. Another common argument for why Adnan must be guilty is his lack of a conclusively established alibi for the afternoon and evening of January 13th. Before discussing the merits of this argument, it should first be clarified, however, that the very premise of it is based on a distortion of the factual record. Asia remembers seeing Adnan in the library at 2: So the issue is not that Adnan lacks an alibi.

No one specifically remembers seeing Adnan at any particular time that day, and no one specifically remembers him being absent, either. But where exactly in that range would it fall? Although we are obviously working with an incomplete evidentiary record, the evidence we do have strongly suggests that it was actually pretty likely Adnan would be unable to come up with an alibi for that time period.

We know that he had approximately an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and forty-five minutes to kill before track; we also know that if he lacks an alibi for any 42 minute period during that time, he could theoretically have time to have killed Hae and made it back to Woodlawn assuming 21 minutes each way to Best Buy — a generous assumption. If Adnan had been able to present a perfect alibi for where he was at 2: This evidence is particularly insignificant, but I have included it simply because the show made a point of doing so: Why is it insignificant?

The note was written on the back of a letter that Hae had written to Adnan see below for more on the Hae letter. That is an awful lot of weight for one short note to carry, though, when the only thing we know about the note is that it was scribbled out by a high school student goofing off during class.

Especially when the subject of the message is not even identified. First, the jury had to assume that Adnan had intended the message to be about Hae. Second, the jury had to assume that this note — unlike the overwhelming majority of all notes written by high school students which convey similar sentiments — was an expression of genuine murderous intent, rather than an expression of high teenage angst.

The first assumption is not an unreasonable one, but it is also only one of many possibilities. Just like Hae had written. What if, for example, Aisha had been the one to be murdered? If that were the case, how useful would the note be as evidence that Adnan had an intent to commit murder? The prosecution can definitely get some mileage out of it by arguing it shows that it shows Adnan had a creepy and possessive side.

Adnan is just lucky he did not keep a diary like Hae had. Otherwise, just imagine the amount of teenage angst they could have pulled out of it to show that Adnan was a murderer in the making.

The note could potentially be significant if we could show, for example, the context in which it had been written, or how it had been kept, or whether anything remotely similar was found in the rest of his notes. But right now, we do not have any of that.

There is no indication that it was found any place significant — for instance, the cops do not seem to have found it in a pile of letters about Hae, or in a notebook which made other references to any plan to commit murder, or anywhere else that might help show whether the note has any deeper meaning.

They were supposedly such good friends. Did you ever try to page her and just be like, you know, see if you could find her, raise her, see if you could get a response from her? And this seems to be a pretty popular explanation for why Adnan must be guilty. For all we know, Adnan very well could have paged her, only from any phone other than his cell phone. Have they simply not been made public yet? Actually, it does not appear that he ever called her pager from his cell phone before her death, either.

But why is that surprising? But if Hae really had run away, it seems improbable she would have responded to a page from an unfamiliar number, from someone she does not apparently know. What does that prove? Well, about as much as evidence that Adnan had page Hae would prove. Because proof that Adnan had paged Hae would not be evidence of his innocence. And the assumption that Adnan would certainly have paged Hae if he had not killed her is based on another mistaken factual assumption: She was advised that Hae had run away.

And once it did come out that something was wrong, how many people actually attempted to page her at that point?