Berserk guts and griffith relationship poems

Berserk, Vol. 6 by Kentaro Miura

berserk guts and griffith relationship poems

Griffith Berserk, Kaneki, Shoujo, Anime Characters, Manga Anime, Naruto, . Manga Anime, Anime Art, Anime Soul, Berserk Quotes, Manga Characters, Funny. A page for describing HoYay: Berserk. Guts and Griffith are the first to come to mind, as they have some seriously suggestive subtext going on. Griffith's . In the Berserk series, does anyone believe that Griffith loves Guts in a In a way Griffith respected his relationship with Guts, more so than any other Band of the.

This is the man I am. He finally learned that lesson when he compared abandoning Casca to abandoning Griffith. He frames his choice to stay with Casca as making up for it.

Guts draws a comparison between abandoning Griffith and abandoning Casca, and being abandoned by NeoGriffith and refusing to abandon Casca. Guts remembers NeoGriffith saying he knows what kind of man he is right before recalling him saving Casca. She exists to be put into peril so Guts can decide to save her and then waver between her and Griffith. Enter Beast of Darkness. This scene is pretty much Guts arguing with his id. More direct comparisons between Casca and Griffith and how Guts feels about them.

But these are his own doubts. The Hound is suggesting he values Casca only as fuel for his rage. Again, this is essentially Guts internally debating what his true motivations are. Hell of a word choice. And then the Hound tells Guts to rape Casca so he can get closer to Griffith and I throw up my hands.

The earlier parallels I described, Guts comparing leaving Griffith and leaving Casca, etc, draw an emotional connection between Guts and Griffith through Casca as, essentially, a bridge. Guts is assuaging his desire to go back and fix his mistakes by replacing Griffith with Casca and refusing to leave her.

This chapter draws a very direct sexual connection between Guts and Griffith through Casca as a bridge. By raping the woman Femto raped, Guts can get closer to him. And it is, of course, not the first time the manga has done this.

I feel like the stare the fucking stare omg speaks for itself. Ultimately my main takeaway here is that Berserk would be about x less fucked up and offensive if Guts and Griffith just cut out the middlewoman and fucked each other.

So what about pre-Eclipse? Does the same principle hold true then, back when Casca was an actual character and not just a plot device and projection screen for Guts? And I would argue that it does.

berserk guts and griffith relationship poems

It seems appropriate for one in his position. Situational factors had been shown to be influential in the aging process, hadn't they? Or rather, they had been observed to do so. He's sure almost sure? But, of course, no one had ever really been in his situation before.

Berserk, Vol. 8

Clink clink and rattle. The door creaks on its hinges, and he doesn't look up. Instead, his head falls back against the stone behind him, and Griffith closes his eyes. Another day, he thinks now, Another day He wasn't paying close enough attention, having been distracted by the clink of wine glasses banging together, the rattle of the slightly uneven wooden table as it shook in response to their movement. They ought to have chosen better seats The past few weeks have been Still, it's a good sort of exhaustion - even if it does leave him phasing out from time to time, head resting back against the tavern wall.

Griffith sips his wine as Corkus says he'll drink to that. Drinking to another day of drinking? He wonders what Corkus will do, now that things are changing, or have changed. Now that existence is no longer a daily struggle.

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Griffith is at the head of the table, of course - he always is - with Casca to his left, and Guts to his right. Even if Guts is distant, these days. Distant, yes, but here. And isn't that the important thing? So, he listens as the captains give their reports.

berserk guts and griffith relationship poems

So far, everything has gone according to plan - the few remaining segments of the Chuder army, and the survivors of destroyed battalions trapped outside their borders when Doldrey fell - have been killed or captured for the most part. Others have slunk back home with their tails between their legs. Griffith doesn't envy them the attentions of Chuder's king, but in any event, the cleanup is nearly over. Even the clean up of the clean up has nearly passed. All of which means that it's time to settle into their new lives.

It's strange, watching his army scatter, too - settling into shops, proposing to their sweethearts. Many stay, of course, opting to be part of Midland's regular army - an order of knights instead of a band of mercenaries. Those are the truest of all the Hawks, he thinks. The ones who still call themselves just that, in private.

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The ones who don't care to be called Phoenix. As for the rest, well They can court noble ladies though whether the ladies wish to be courted by former commoners is, of course, is another matter. Well, he has options, too. At the moment, in the wake of that final report, one of the most enticing options currently available to him is to get up from the table and go outside.

As encouraging as the news is, after all, he's still So, fresh air, he figures - at this time of year, the temperature alone will probably wake him up a little. With a nod and the appropriate congratulations, Griffith excuses himself from the table, promises to return soon, and only moments later, he is standing outside, ankle deep in the snow, watching the sky.

berserk guts and griffith relationship poems

It's a full moon. A time of magic, the legends say. A time of change? He's read that somewhere, too. The door opens behind him with a creak, and Griffith glances over his shoulder, though he knows already who it will be. Is it odd, he wonders, how easy it is to recognize that man by his footsteps? Even now, the silence seems to stretch for years. In the end, it's Griffith that breaks it. Can't stand you anymore. The still-healing spot where Griffith's sword had cleaved him, that night, and ended their duel.

Griffith glances down at the snow sparkling under the moonlight.

berserk guts and griffith relationship poems

It was a night like this then, too. He remembers it clearly, even though it's been weeks. He'll probably never forget. The snow, and Guts' footsteps. His simple "sorry" when Griffith asked if he seriously intended to leave.

Casca had tried to stop the duel, but Judeau was right, of course - they were mercenaries, at heart and even the strong could be lead by the stronger still. What was won by sword could be won back only through the sword - in that way, it was nothing more than another war.

Another war he'd won. But at what cost? Griffith had issued the challenge in order to maintain the status quo, in a way. To remind Guts who held his chains. He had done it, really, because he couldn't tolerate the thought of being left behind He didn't know why, really. Even now, he wonders.

berserk guts and griffith relationship poems

In the end, he had tried to put things back as they had been, but Everything became different even so. The truth of it is like an ice dagger in his heart, yes, but in truth he should have known. It had been foolish, he supposes, to think otherwise; to hope that he could force a man to stay with him and yet retain the relationship they'd had before. He can't give it a name.

Berserk, Vol. 8 by Kentaro Miura

And in any case, it's gone - Guts can no longer tolerate him, and it burns him to the bone, but it's still better than nothing. So, he nods, and he's about to say that he understands - about to try, for the five hundredth time, to accept it for now Griffith stumbles forward a step, confused, though come to think of it he should have expected that, too.

And Guts says, "What are you doing worrying about things like that, anyway? The silence between them has grown so thick, the space so awkward. And if it isn't resentment, then what could it be?

So he blinks, and awkwardly rubs the back of his neck, suddenly feeling less like a count, and a general, and a savior Just feeling restless, I guess. Can't look at him. Beneath his heavy boots, the ice covered snow breaks with a crunch. I'm not gonna get pissed off because you called me on our deal. I'm the one who came up with it in the first place.

I don't hate you. Berserk was inspired, in part, by the western film Lady Hawkein which two lovers are kept apart by their respective transformations. A woman into a hawk by day; a man into a wolf by night.

Hawk and wolf or wolf-like beast. Don't forget that Guts thought Griffith was gay when they first met, which lead to Guts telling him that "if you can beat me I'll be your soldier, your lover, whatever you want.

It's more commonly translated as "fag boy". The more Squicky bit of Ho Yay has to be when Griffith comments on his many, many conflicting feelings for Guts, moments before sacrificing his men to the Godhand, turning into a demon, and then raping Casca, his love interest, which was all most likely done purely out of spite.

And the entire time he's doing that last bit, he has Guts held down by some demons so he's forced to watch and his eyes never leave Guts's face. And then there's when Guts and the Hawks discover Griffith broken and tortured body, Guts cries while holding him and then goes It's especially interesting to note that Guts Hates Being Touched except by his Love Interest Casca, and yet he didn't seem to mind when Griffith held his face in his hands, got really close following their first duel, looked into his eyes, and said "You belong to me now, Guts.

Also, Griffith trusted Guts with the seedier elements of his power plays and opened up to him more than anyone, even Casca. Adding to the tension between Guts and Griffith is what happened after the Eclipse, when Griffith comes back to create his new army and build his kingdom on earth. The first thing he does is encounter Guts at the Band of the Hawk burial. He tells Guts that he just wanted see if feelings once again surfaced in his presence, and was happy that they no longer did.

And then there's the manga-only scene in the library where Griffith is reading what appears to be the Kama Sutra and offers to lend it to Guts. Or before Guts and the Band Of The Hawk rescue Griffith after his year long torture Griffith is shown thinking about all his feelings of hate, indignation, friendship, sorrow, and affection towards Guts.

Or how he thinks the only thing that helped him retain even a smidgen of sanity through it all is his feelings and thoughts for Guts. He says the man who he used to have a hold on slipped from his grasp and will now be the sole reason for his survival. When Casca fell off a cliff feverish from her period with Guts taking her to a cave Casca says the following line when Guts came into the Band of the Hawks: I tried to convince myself that Griffith wanted you Just for your strength.

She knows what love looks like.