Cause and efect relationship

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cause and efect relationship

The study of cause and effect - which requires a strong grasp of historical chronology causal relationships with its discovery that, no matter how clearly a cause. Determining Cause and Effect is a strategy to find a causal relationship between or Questions that can be raised to identify cause-and-effect relationships. Items 1 - 19 of 19 Cause and effect refers to a relationship between two phenomena in which one phenomenon is the reason behind the other. For example.

cause and efect relationship

Because nothing happens by chance or luck, therefore everything happens for a reason as a direct result of the cause that you brought about from within yourself. What you attract into your life is a direct result of the causes you brought forth into existence.

Your life conditions create effects.

Explain cause and effect relationships

Your life reactions to events and people determines how you feel and behave. In fact, how you react to the events, people and circumstances in your life, is actually determining by how you feel on a daily basis — creating a chain of effects that are constantly transforming your destiny anew every day. Your thoughts create causes.

Your thoughts give meaning to circumstances. Your thoughts are creatively manifesting your reality. Your life experience is a reflection of thought manifestations. Within the seed of individual thoughts, lie the origins of the causes we create in our reality.

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These causes create effects which we experience in our lives as manifested life circumstances. In fact, our thoughts do more than just that.

cause and efect relationship

They actually give meaning to our experience of reality, which is why each of us holds a different perspective of the world around us. You Have Always Had Free Choice The one thing that is completely within our control from the moment we come into this world is our conscious power over our thought processes.

We choose how to interpret our experiences. We choose to experience emotions both consciously and unconsciously at any one moment in time. We choose to behave in accordance with how we think about the world, others, events and ourselves.

Because we have free choice to control our thought processes at all times, and since our thoughts create the causes that lead to the effects that we experience in our lives, then this, therefore, leads us to the conclusion that we have freely chosen to experience life as we know it, whether we are consciously aware of it or not. Free choice has created learned behaviors, responses, reactions, thoughts and interpretations of life and circumstances. We are experiencing life as we know it because of the learned and conditioned psychological patterns we have pre-programmed into our minds over a lifetime of free choice.

Moreover, this psychological programming is filtering our experience of reality in a very biased yet very predictable manner — effectively creating and interpreting our existence in front of our eyes.

cause and efect relationship

Because we have free choice, this means that we also have free choice to unlearn our thoughts, behaviors and reactions. Because we have free choice, this means that we also have free choice to become proactive and conscious thinkers.

cause and efect relationship

Thus dependence does not mean response effect due to some cause. Some examples are discussed here to elaborate upon the idea.

The sun rises and the shining sun increases the temperature. Let temperature be noted by. With an increase inthe ice on the mountains melts and the average thickness of ice decreases. It is possible that the thickness of ice decreases due to an increase in temperature. But it is also possible that the thickness of the ice is decreasing due to the weight and hardening of the ice.

We may be regressing the thickness against the temperature only while another important factor is being ignored.

cause and efect relationship

In this type of problem, more than one regression equation is developed and then the equations are solved simultaneously to estimate the unknown parameters. We may think that an increase in the number of workers increases the production of fans in a factory. The increase in may be due to a change in the administration and some changes about the leave rules and other benefits.