Chewbacca and han solo relationship goals images

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chewbacca and han solo relationship goals images

Solo: A Star Wars Story promises to delve deeper into the relationship between Han and Chewie and show us just how these two lovable rogues come to be the . Here are the goals I got from 'Star Wars. the galaxy, nobody gives me # relationshipgoals quite like Han and Leia do. [Image via Lucasfilm]. Since the film's announcement, however, precious few photos had been leaked, and certainly no footage. As with all the recent Star Wars films, production has been sworn to secrecy, and all along, and their relationship is much more akin to the sitcom Willard, where skittish Friendship goals indeed.

In the tradition of all wookies, when another life form saves their lives, they must honor that sacrifice. Chewbacca swore a life debt to Han, vowing to protect him whatever the cost.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals images

Even when Han fell in with the Rebel Alliance, Chewie knew he would go wherever Han went, even if it meant danger. They were surprised when the two turned out to be twins, ala some knowledge dropped on Luke in Return of the Jedi courtesy of a frustratingly nebulous Obi-Wan.

It makes for an exciting experience and a neat special effect. Examples include cheeseburgers and fries, or even sticking a fork in a wall socket. Or their allegience to the cause of the Rebel Alliance.

A Star Wars Story] Lucasfilm 2. Chewbacca chooses to stay with Han After playing his part in helping Han and company acquire the unrefined coaxium on Kessel in Solo, Chewbacca had the chance to depart with Wookies he helped free from the Pyke Syndicate.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals images

Carbon-Freeze on Disney Video 3. Chewie is understandably freaking out about his best friend being frozen in carbonite. He channels his emotions by roaring and throwing Stormtroopers into the carbon freezing chamber.

You have to take care of her. On top of all that, he centers Chewbacca by giving him the responsibility to help look out for Leia. This moment is beautiful because it demonstrates how well Han understands his friend and that Han is far less self-centered than many presume. She tells him that she has come on behalf of Leia and the Resistance to bring him home and end the fight against the First Order.

Luke rejects this, and asks Rey why she personally came to Ahch-To.

Top 5 moments of Han Solo and Chewbacca's friendship

She confides in him her experiences with the Force, and tells him that she is afraid of her own abilities and potential. Luke eventually agrees to give Rey three lessons of the ways of the Force. Through these lessons, Rey demonstrates immense raw strength and a clear temptation toward the dark side of the Force that reminds Luke of Kylo Ren, who was once his nephew and student, Ben Solo.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals images

In one of their conversations, Rey and Ren touch hands, and through this Rey swears that she is able to feel conflict within Ren, and becomes determined to turn him back to the light side. Rey asks Luke once more to come with her and rejoin the Resistance, but when he refuses, Rey, Chewbacca, and R2-D2 leave without him. Ren takes Rey prisoner and brings her before Snoke. Snoke tells her that he created the Force connection between her and Ren as a trap to reach Luke.

Snoke tortures and taunts Rey, showing her the attack on the Resistance transports, and eventually orders Ren to kill her.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals images

Ren instead kills Snoke, and he and Rey fight Snoke's guards side by side. The duel won, Ren asks Rey to join him and create a new order separate from the legacies of Snoke and Luke, but Rey refuses.

In an attempt to get her to turn, Ren gets Rey to admit what she had always known all along and had hidden it away for years: Rey's parents were "nobody", and, in Ren's words, were two-bit junk dealers who sold her off for drinking money, and are long dead.

Despite the revelation, Rey refuses to join him and uses the Force to summon Luke's lightsaber, but Ren does so, too, resulting in a standoff that ultimately tears the lightsaber in two. Despite their best efforts, the battle turns out to be a loss for the Resistance, and Rey focuses her efforts on finding the surviving Resistance fighters to help evacuate them.

'Solo' Is A Solo+Chewie Bromance

Eventually, she finds the Resistance fighters behind a dead end, and uses the Force to move the rocky barrier aside, clearing the path for them to board the Falcon. As she holds the remains of Luke's lightsaber, Rey asks Leia how they can rebuild the Resistance from what remains, and Leia, gesturing towards Rey, says that they now have all they need.

Unknown to Leia, that includes the fact that Rey stole the sacred Jedi texts from Luke before he decided to burn them, thus enabling her to learn the ways of the Force by herself.

chewbacca and han solo relationship goals images

In the episode, set 16 years before her birth and 35 years before The Force Awakens, the young padawan Ezra Bridger briefly hears some of her lines from the film specifically her speaking to the unconscious Finn at the end in the World Between Worlds, a dimension that exists outside of time and space.