Clary and simon relationship trust

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clary and simon relationship trust

Simon might have wanted to always kiss Clary, if Clary gave her a go. .. deal of trust and when that trust is shattered, as when Clary betrayed Jace, you don't. Don't say goodbye to Clary love triangle just yet! now in a loving and healthy relationship with her best friend, meaning he might have missed his window. and Clary and Jace have this trust that they've built in dealing with. Explore Skyy Valentine's board "Simon and Clary" on Pinterest. | See more ideas See more. Never trust a duck — Click here if the song doesn't play If you.

It was more than just sexual attraction. More than just some crush. Not after today, not after being in Idris with them.

Seeing Jace use his angelic powers to save Clary's life, those beautiful glowing golden eyes. Having Jace open up, just a little bit, about the childhood abuse. Finding those journals and bringing them to the Institute and going through at least some of them to learn that Jonathan Christopher Morgenstern was still alive — but more importantly, to read black on white, that Jace was nothing more than a guinea pig for Valentine.

Simon had only caught glimpses of the entries. Of the horrors Jace must have endured as a child. It made his stomach turn and Simon wanted to puke. But it also made him appreciate Jace even more, understand him even more. All that attitude, the brashness. Jace was being defensive, trying to hide the brokenness inside. It made Simon want to gather Jace up somewhere safe and then make sure Valentine never as much as looked at Jace ever again.

clary and simon relationship trust

The bastard had already done enough damage. So perhaps this also helped in approaching Clary to bring back their friendship full-force, because he could hardly fault her for wanting Jace if he found himself wanting Jace too. Which was why, the day after their quest to Idris, Simon instantly found his way back to the Institute because he needed to help somehow and be useful at least some way. I'm glad you're here, Si", whispered Clary as she took his hand and squeezed. And with Valentine out there I want to be here for you.

We said, before we got together, that we'd always be friends above all else", replied Simon, squeezing her hand back. I know we mainly broke up because you wanted to sort things out. And I kind of heard from Jace that I do love you, even if I'm not in love with you, and hurting you is the last thing I want.

I want you to be happy", offered Simon lamely. You deserve to get what you want. I think it might be for the best.

I was bitter at first, yes. Since this mess started, I think I I tried clinging onto this idea of having a boyfriend, a rock to hold onto. First with Jace, then when I thought he was my brother, I turned to you, and then I tried going back to Jace. I think it scared me, to feel alone in this world. But I'm not alone, even without a boyfriend. He just wanted to say something deep and meaningful when Lydia barged into the library, a nearly wild look on her face while alarms went off around them.

Izzy, she found him in her room, bleeding and unconscious. We're guessing he must be the mole. The Institute is on lockdown until further notice. We need to catch the guy red-handed", explained Lydia harshly. With the Lightwoods out of commission, I need you. Him and Izzy had been training with Max often over the past few weeks since he returned to the Institute. The boy might just be the only Shadowhunter with at least a basic pop-culture education.

That Clary's blood-brother would just try to murder an innocent child? You could go and check on the Lightwoods", stated Lydia seriously. Take care of them. Honestly, I don't know how well he'd be able to keep the Institute together right now if I weren't here. He's completely out of it and that Magnus isn't talking to him isn't helping at all. Tell me as soon as something changes about his condition. He vanished in a blur and found himself in a waiting room with Alec, Izzy and Jace.

Isabelle was leaning into Alec, crying into his shoulder. It was clear Alec wanted to pull Jace close too, but the blonde stood stiffly aside, arms around his own torso and eyes on the ground. Simon instantly zoomed in on the hunched-over blonde and screw Jace always dodging Simon's hugs, he was so going to get one right now. Jace startled as firm arms wrapped around him and pulled him close. Does Lydia have any leads yet? But Clary's with her, they're going to figure something out", promised Simon.

And he was still holding onto Jace, not letting go of the blonde until Jace finally caved and wrapped his own arms around Simon, face buried in the vampire's shoulder. Simon tightened his grip on Jace, gently rubbing circles on the Shadowhunter's back, making the blonde shudder a little. You guys are fighters.

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As soon as this war was over, Simon was going to lock the blonde up in some safe golden cage or something. Yes, Simon was proud of Clary for finding a way to snoop Jonathan out in the Institute and for then figuring out where the real Mortal Mirror was.

Simon was ridiculously relieved that Max survived. And Simon was in total awe at the light-show Jace offered when using his angelic powers to track down Jonathan together with Clary — really, all Clary did was draw runes, which was cool because they were new, but that was it, while Jace got golden eyes and started glowing like an angel.

But that was when things got messy and complicated, because the team had to still find Jonathan. And Jace, being Jace, had to get himself abducted by Jonathan and impaled on a sword. By the time Simon, Isabelle, Clary and Alec caught up to Jace, the blonde was already bleeding on the ground. Yet somehow — again, probably just by 'being Jace' — Jace got up and killed Jonathan, throwing him off the bridge. Which still left Jace with a punctured lung, bleeding out.

Which was where having a vampire with them came in handy, because — despite loud protests from Jace, protests that were so void because Jace was already spitting blood — Simon used his vampire-strength to gather Jace up bridal-style and then he used his vampire-speed to deliver him to the Institute's infirmary. Because he could hear the flat breathing and the way his heart-rate fell. He could smell the blood drenching Jace completely at this point trying hard not to smell it, because it made Simon's mouth water more than anything else because on his hungry moments, Simon could still taste Jace on his tongue, had never tasted anything better than that pure angelic blood of his.

Jace was seriously injured and Jace could not die.

clary and simon relationship trust

Not on Simon's watch. Not now that Simon was coming close to the realization that he might be falling for the stupidly beautiful and insanely reckless Shadowhunter. Simon sat rigid next to Jace as the healers at the Institute applied runes and medical treatments on the blonde. Even as Alec and the others caught up with them, finally, and poured into the room to hover close by, Simon did not give up his spot right next to Jace. Even as Isabelle and Clary retreated, realizing that with his severe injuries, Jace would need some time to heal up before he would wake up again, Simon did not move an inch.

But he was aware of Alec's scrutinizing gaze. Wherever Jace was, you were there", offered Alec. And don't be ridiculous, Alec! We're talking about me and about him! He's pan", agreed Alec slowly. I honestly don't care. You wouldn't be the worst decision he ever made. Look at Kaelie, turned out to be a serial killer. Look at Maia, tried to kill Jace before. At least you never actively tried to kill him, or someone else.

I did nearly kill him", whispered Simon hoarsely, looking guilty. And you didn't mean to", disagreed Alec unimpressed. And that has to mean something. Alec seemed amused by that answer. He's been through so much.

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And if you hurt him, I will end you. I don't know when you last fed, but I'd appreciate it if you could get rid of my brother's blood, and be sated by the time he wakes up. That is a good idea", nodded Simon hastily, awkwardly. He could see the hesitation in Simon's eyes, after all. The way Simon was looking at Jace, as though he feared the blonde would be gone by the time Simon got back. It warmed something inside of Alec, because all he wanted for Jace was to be happy.

A concept Jace was vastly unfamiliar with. But Alec had a hunch that Simon wasn't as hopeless a fool as he thought he was.

clary and simon relationship trust

There must be a reason why Jace hadn't been able to tell Simon off at the Seelie Court himself, why Jace had suggested a joined task-force for the vampire-killer and volunteered Simon for the stunt, why Jace had gone to Idris with Clary and Simon, why Jace had allowed Simon to hug him when Max had been at the brink of death — because Jace rarely allowed physical contact, even Alec and Isabelle had a hard time getting a hug out of Jace most of the time.

Jace had been practically clinging onto the vampire. So if Simon was who Jace wanted and Simon was willing to offer the kind of comfort and support and love Jace deserved, then Alec had his back. Did I get hit by a train again? Beats the train-thing in points of dramatics", nodded Jace in appreciation, groaning as he sat up some. I dunno, I'm half-sure I passed out after driving a sword through him in return. Did I say something badass at the end?

You were still conscious enough to protest against Simon carrying you princess-style to the Institute. If I wouldn't have been afraid for your life, I would have taken a picture for blackmail. The great Jace Herondale, carried like a dame. Stop fucking with me, Alec. Simon gathered you up as soon as Jonathan was off the bridge — you pushed him over the bridge; I sent Lydia with a team to check the shores and see if they can find his body, just to be sure. Simon's been at your bedside this entire time, Jace.

I only just sent him to get a shower, get changed and feed. Oh", whispered Jace, looked so startled and in awe that it made Alec roll his eyes. I can feel it through the bond. Every time I know you're with him on a mission of sorts, I can feel intense contentment from you.

clary and simon relationship trust

When did that happen? I tried blaming the bite for a while. That him drinking from me made me feel that way. But I know it started before that. But it's so much more. Not used to the bed at the Institute anymore? More like missing my warlock-pillow", muttered Alec, a forlorn look on his face before he focused on Jace again. Don't let something good slip away from you. I'll be damned if I can't get Magnus back somehow. He fell for your bumbling charm before", teased Jace weakly before reaching out to squeeze Alec's hand.

I believe in you, parabatai. What neither of them noticed was the wide-eyed vampire who had stood outside, in the act of entering when he had heard their voices.

But before Alec left the room, Simon sped away and back to the boathouse. Heading to Idris to see what happened — Izzy Simon had been staring at the text with unfocused, empty eyes. At Magnus's he tries to comfort her when she realizes that her mom has lied to her for 16 yrs.

Jace confesses that when they were fighting the greater demon in the building that Clary lives, he thought first, not of his parabatai Alec, but of CLARY first and foremost. When Valentine is about to swing the sword at Clary, Jace throws himself in front of it.

Jace can't ignore the feelings that he has for Clary! He knows that its wrong but can't help it. Its not LUST its love. Clary keeps trying to deny her love and it backfires. Even the thick-headed Simon figures out that Clary will never stop loving Jace. The first one focuses on Clary and Jace's relationship after Valentine admits they're not brother and sister. Clary is with Simon right now, but could all of that change when she finds out the truth?

The second clip shows us that Izzy is still not back to her old self, Malec are enjoying the romance, and Luke is ready for a fight. Don't worry, Season 2B is coming on June 5th and you can binge the whole series with no sign in right here on Freeform while you're waiting!

Valentine is being held in some kind of Clave prison. It doesn't look like the Silent City Why is he getting better accommodation than Jace got for being a traitor? Magnus and Alec are still making time for romance. Because really, what's more important than love? Simon and Clary are all wrapped up in their own little relationship bubble. Look at how happy Simon is! If your heart isn't a puddle on the floor right now then maybe you don't have one.

But -- Jace can't keep the secret any longer!