Daenerys and viserys relationship tips

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daenerys and viserys relationship tips

Game of Thrones viewers have met Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen on-screen. They are the Mad King's children, and siblings to dead Prince. ALL SECTIONS. Culture · TV · TV Guide · News · Reviews · On demand · Strictly Come Dancing · Doctor Who. More. Telegraph · Culture · TV. Sadly, so so sadly, many book readers believe that Daenerys was not raped in the novels. Yet now Viserys schemed to sell her to a stranger, a barbarian." She was afraid of the Dothraki, whose ways seemed alien and monstrous, Daenerys Did NOT WANT to have sex with Khal Drogo and consummate her marriage.

He can feel her wetness from here, though he wishes he could shove it all inside and really feel how he's made her crave him. You're going to be a great asset to me. He dips in and out of her meticulously, rubbing, always only rubbing, irritated he cannot yet show her how far he can drive his cock, how hard and fast he can thrust, how good he is. He's fucked women now, many women, whenever and however he pleases.

The fates play a joke, though, for all the whores in the world aren't worth Daenerys. It is cruel they shouldn't be together though if it wins him the crown quicker, he will make do. When he rubs the length of her privates harder, she lets out a trilling little shriek. Viserys laughs and finally he pulls back and lets his fingers fly, playing wildly with the swelling bud that hovers above her cunt.

Dany leans back and arches herself against him, a warbling cry emitting from her throat.

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He claps his hand hard over her mouth and she screams against it as he grips her skin with his nails. Illyrio is no stranger to the Targaryen ways, but he does not need to be an audience for them.

Viserys strums her clit and then rubs her again with his shaft and Dany's pitch rises, always teetering between pleasure and pain. Streams flow over his fingers and others spatter downward to paint opal streaks on Dany's stomach. He settles back on the pile of velvet pillows and draws her to his chest, his breathing ragged. You'll keep it inside me when the thick water comes out.

And then, I'll be a mother. A mother to our sons. Like you said, right? Her trembling hands clutch his shirt. Of course she is scared. She is scared of everything.

The Khal won't accept this fear, as far as I have heard. Not many men are as accepting as I. She must be fearless for him. You will not be scared when it happens, because it is your purpose. Because I will be your king and your husband and you will do everything you can to please me.

Viserys lies when he has to, and usually thinks nothing of it. But that lie stung him worse than any other. The days are long and hot and yet somehow the nights are longer and hotter. Hunger and thirst set in, making it impossible for Viserys to sleep. Location also has much to do with it. He is slumped against a dirty old wall with only the sound of dogs howling and drunkards arguing as a lullaby, subconsciously stroking Dany's hair as she slumbers.

How she is able to sleep, he has no idea, but he is grateful for it.

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Finally an end to the whimpering, the chattering, the pleas for food and water that is more than scarce. At least some of the townsfolk take pity on her for her age. I feel I have grown too old for their compassion. Dany pulls on their heartstrings. I suppose it is lucky I have a sister of eight in tow, pest or not.

To them, I am a joke. She earns us sad looks and crusts of bread. He tries to remind himself that he loves her though he grows more and more bitter. She is his burden, his charge, though he must remember she will be his wife someday.

He must keep her alive and safe, though sometimes in truth he fantasizes about smashing in her skull with a rock as she dreams. There's for killing our mother, our beautiful mother you will never know because you are a horrendous little bitch, he imagines himself saying and his fingers curl hard around a lock of her hair, tugging, desiring to pull out the chunk from her head.

Dany's eyes flutter, and he snaps out of the unpleasant thought. Fortunately, she does not wake. He sighs, seizing sanity once more and stares up at the black and blue sky. Unless she awakens from one of her nightmares, she is a fairly deep sleeper, this Viserys knows very well. Sometimes the night is far too lonely and he makes a V with his pointer and middle finger, drags it down, down, down where he lets it disappear between his sleeping sister's legs, pressing against the material of her tattered gown.

It does not satisfy his curiosity, but does quell a bit of the hunger that grows inside of him. Viserys has considered visiting a brothel and announcing he is the true king, the Targaryen heir, the king of fire and dragons.

He imagines this will induce all of the whores to all but wilt, to chant his name, and then he'll have his pick free of cost—or have them all, if he so chooses. This is a silly fantasy. He knows better than anyone that nothing is free, particularly pleasure. When he comes into his rightful fortune, he can pay for all the sex he wants, except the truth is he does not wish to pay.

He has his destined love here by his side and she will be of age soon. Viserys continues to stroke Dany's hair once more, relishing the feeling and wishing for more from her. Dany feels clean and familiar.

Despite her transgression against their mother, he must admit she is better than the most experienced of women because she is unused and pretty. And she belongs to him. As much as he wishes to despise her for her wrongs, Viserys wants Daenerys more than anything. He wants her with the appetite of the dragon. Tonight, the prospect of touching Dany's still body is not enough.

After a few moments of consideration, Viserys grasps his sister's folded cloak from the cobblestones and carefully repositions her so that her head rests upon it instead of his lap.

She stretches; she is now lying perpendicular to him. He can nearly see between her legs and already, he feels himself growing hard. A glance around them makes it clear no one is close. Viserys puts his hand inside his breeches and tugs himself with fervor.

His light, long hair drifts in front of his forehead as he pumps, shadowing his pale face. He gives a low moan, twitching his thumb over the sensitive head, and screws his eyes shut. Moments later, he feels peculiar and his eyes blaze open, hand paused. Dany is sitting up awake and she is gazing upon him with both interest and alarm. As far as Viserys can remember, Dany has not caught him in the act of pleasuring himself yet.

Time for another lesson, he thinks, and when he pulls his hand from his clothes he opens his arms wide. She hesitates and drops her head. She is sitting on her knees and he cannot help but think of her in the same position, kneeling before him as he stands.

In time, all in time. Viserys' eyebrow cocks and his mouth dips. When she reaches him, he embraces her and pets her hair. I had only just woken up—" Dany begins, and Viserys cuts her off with a finger to her lips. Though it is dark they are close enough now that he can see she is blushing. Do you want to make me happy? Her eyes are full of question and she looks slightly startled. She touches it cautiously and he removes his grip. Viserys stifles another moan, trying to hide his immense enthusiasm.

When it's like this, it means I desire the touch of a woman. He was a boy of ten then and he needed to know. Dany is only a girl and the therefore the things she needs to be instructed on are simply the things that will please him.

He lets her inspect his shaft free of the material of his trousers next and then he allows her to take her hand away. She is quiet as usual and her eyes do not meet his. Scooping her into his arm again, Viserys puts his opposite hand back on his hardness.

He gets an idea that excites him, and he places his mouth next to his sister's ear. You can put your fingers upon yourself. She shivers and there is a pause. Out of the corner of his eye, he watches as, little by little, her hand crawls from the stone ground toward her leg, and then creeps onward in the direction of her inner thigh. Viserys holds his breath as Dany searches beneath her gown for what she does not yet know she has.

He exhales as soon as she inhales. Viserys spends the evening sulking alone in his tent, as he often does since Daenerys wed the Khal. He's spread out on the mattress he was given, one leg over the other. He pretends to be interested in one of the books Dany has let him borrow, one of the many texts from Ser Mormont, but he is only gawping at the words as if they are twisting into a foreign script.

The pages blur before his eyes and he thrusts the book to the floor, his hands flying to his hair where he grips his tresses and vows not to shout. The dull pang has become a low boil.

Whenever he feels himself losing his temper, when he imagines the dragon awakening, he envisions there is bright red fire that flares up from his toes to his temple. He fills with the strength and fury of his father, of his fallen family, and that is when the dragon spreads its wings. Viserys does not think he can control his anger when he gets like this, and he does not have any reason to try.

His anger is his right, as much as the crown, and the throne. Dany was part of my birthright, too, he thinks resentfully, but that is all through with. If the Khal does not offer an army in two day's time, I will take matters into my own hands. The horse lord can fight the dragon. I shall cut off his braid before I bite his head off with the teeth of a blade. Then I will have my army, and my queen. And all of a sudden, as if by magic, there is a turn of fate.

I mean not to disturb you—" "Yes, I am, Khaleesi," Viserys calls out, and though his heart leaps, his tone sneers. They have not been alone in some time and his breath catches in his throat at her appearance. Though he still finds her new pendant irritating, the jewel brings out Dany's eyes and fair hair.

The weather has slightly tanned her skin and she looks healthy. He knows this is his doing. It is he who decided to marry her to Drogo. It is he who caused her happiness. She is likely here to offer her thanks to him.

Is there anything you need to make it better? You'll wake the dragon, he thinks acidly, you'll wake the dragon and you'll see what your happiness is costing him. He built you but he can tear you limb from limb. He is surprised when he feels her hand on his cheek. The feel of her hand, rough with calluses from gripping reigns, is different. Not flawless as it once was.

In the past, this would have disgusted him to the point of slapping and kicking her. Now, he is only relieved to feel her by his side. He does not have the patience of the Khal, perhaps; Viserys has no time to waste gently touching mouths for hours and acting like a small child.

He and Dany have done all of it. All of it except for one particular act. Now she has proven she is ready, and Viserys is so starving he wants her hard and fast and as soon as possible. Daenerys gives a little cry of protest, though she does not move.

It rises from his toenails to his chest in two seconds. Do you want it where everyone can see? Do you want it right in front of your beloved Khal?

This can be arranged, Khaleesi," he says, and the word is bitter on his sarcastic tongue. What have they done to you, Daenerys? This would ruin everything and I don't want that, Viserys. You've come too far! He releases Dany from his grip and instead seizes her by the necklace, tugging the hot metal like a chain on a dog and pulling her closer to his mouth. His lip quakes and his nostrils flare. The third of my name! The one true king of Westeros!

I have the blood of the dragon! Viserys closes his lips and instead of anger, he suddenly feels anxiety. She stares at him, their matching eyes interlocking. I am helping you become who you rightfully are. You said it yourself. You gave me to him and now you will get your crown and I want that for you. I really, really do—" The nervousness melts as Viserys feels the low boil rising, rising to his hands and elbows. He grabs her waist and digs his nails in.

You were supposed to be my Queen! How do you think that makes me feel? I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you, Viserys," Dany asserts, and though there is newfound courage in her delivery, her brother can hear apprehension in it, too.

Her cracked lips find his chin before she moves her head back and speaks in a quiet voice: Instead of beating her, Viserys finds himself wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pressing his lips against hers. Her taste is good, though not really the same as it was before.

Still, he pushes his tongue in her mouth, his hands searching her body in eagerness. She fidgets, not returning the kiss and also not pulling away.

He stops and stares. For a moment, she only sits and watches him right back, her eyes wide and bright like the jewel between her breasts. He squeezes her hips and nuzzles her hair with his lips, and he kisses her neck. He expects to be disappointed in her. Like you taught me. I am making my marriage to Khal Drogo the best it can be.

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I do not dislike him as I feared—" she begins. Viserys' lip shakes and he pulls her hair harder. Have you forgotten so quickly? You did," she says, looking him directly in the eye. I still want to go home. He feels his heartbeat quicken as his sister raises her head back up and takes his hand.

She deposits a short, warm kiss on his palm. He moans lightly, and Daenerys encases it in both of her smaller ones.

daenerys and viserys relationship tips

Her breathing grows more rapid and he feels himself harden at the familiar sound, at the feeling of her against him.

As she puts her arms around the small of his back, he has a flash of their life together: He could lose himself in all the memories of Daenerys. He almost does until she slips her cool palms inside his shirt. He swoops upon her, kissing her lips and her shoulders.

She sighs and leans her head back, hands now planted firmly on the mat, eyes heavily lidded. Viserys brings his mouth to her cleavage and laps his tongue on her warm, salty skin. With hasty fingers, he undoes the strings tying the back of her garment and releases her breasts from the brown rawhide prison. When the succulent flesh is out in the open, he sputters on a moan and licks her right nipple while squeezing the left.

No longer does he feel dissatisfied with her curves; she is perfect again to him in every way. He does not know the way of our family, he does not know what you've been to me, and I have not yet tried to tell him—" "The dragon does not fear the horse," Viserys sniffs with false boldness.

But if anyone saw, I cannot deny there would be trouble. She gasps when he throws her back onto his mattress, holding her arms down firmly as if they are play-wrestling as they once did. He bites and sucks her neck and she squeals, struggling to move as he works his tongue between her breasts and crawls further down to kiss her stomach. When he wrenches the skirt from her legs, Daenerys sits up to help him, kicking it to the floor.

As soon as she is naked and free, he pushes her back down and makes a V, driving his fingers into her cunt. His breath catches in his throat and his hardness throbs.

daenerys and viserys relationship tips

She is soaking wet and as he begins to drive his hand inside her, she whines. He hears eagerness in the sound and passion, too. He can tell she has been with someone else. She watches him with more knowledge now and her body moves with skill. He watches as she bends before him, raising her hips up to meet his thrusting hand, and though he is deeply envious he knows he must put that from his mind if he wants to finally fuck his sister in the short time they've been allotted.

And so Viserys forgets Khal Drogo for now and his hands move to his own clothing. He undresses in seconds and holds his shaft in his hand, leaning back over her and angling himself toward her opening. She raises her hips to meet him. He wants this too much and so he listens, pulling up both her legs so that they cascade over his shoulders and he grips her thighs hard.

He momentarily flicks his fingers over her clit and she muffles a moan in his coverlet. Then, he tugs her toward him and for a second, delves back into memory as the sensation starts, the vexing feeling of his cock barely pushing against her. Finally, he shoves himself inside her with one solid punch.

Her shapely mouth delivers a sharp, high note and he pretends that he is her first. It's as good inside as he always knew it would be and with each pound, Viserys feels more alive, as though he has been missing the one thing that inspires him to succeed. He twists her nipples as he fucks her and she is humming out a moan as he goes farther and farther, deeper and deeper.

He decides to alter the speed and works his pace down to a slow beat. He shoves it inside her as hard and as methodically as he can and then waits a few seconds before doing it again. Dany cries out with the three first thrusts until she grows accustomed to the rhythm and bucks him back at the fourth thrust.

He gives a strangled grunt of pleasure and waits, watching her with intensity. His eyes are full of the affection of a brother, the madness of a lover. He pumps her again and then his eyes darken. When he pulls from her and she begins to turn her body, Viserys grasps her hard at the waist and flips her over on her stomach.

He admires her shapely behind and delivers a hard slap to both firm sides of it. She grips the edge of the mattress, bracing herself, and she whimpers as he grips her buttocks and drives himself inside her again, pounding and slapping all at once. He goes fast; his movements become violent and rough. His nails are claws that dig into her and his teeth are razor sharp on her shoulders as she bites back screams.

This is for leaving me. This is for making a fool of me. He moves with anger, with desperation, in and on and in and out of her cunt. He has punished whores for Dany's shortcomings and so this is the fulfillment of a fantasy; this is an itch he has been waiting to scratch. When he feels himself close to the brink he leaves her core again. He shoves her aside, holding his hard cock.

He sprawls out and looks up at her. Her silver hair is all over and she is studying him deeply as she leans over him, her big eyes blinking. He lets out a gusty breath when she perches over his cock and angles herself on him. He meets her with a series of rapid thrusts while grabbing her breasts, moving his hands to her clit, then gripping her arse viciously with both hands. Viserys feels his release coming and so he scrambles up, fucking her while she sits in his lap.

Their breathing matches, like their eyes and hair, and he moves his lips to her ear again, his hands gently placed on the back of her head. The feeling expels from him and his seed flows into Dany, joining them. He comes for what seems like a long time. The feeling pulses through his veins just like the low boil and he wishes she could dwell but knows she can't, knows they must part ways now for the sake of his crown.

She unwinds from his body like a flower and he reaches for her hand as he catches his breath. They say nothing more as he lowers himself down to recollect. After Dany dresses, she kneels next to Viserys and gives him a short kiss. Through a tired haze, he admires her form as she rises up and drifts from the tent on swift feet to meet her Dothraki husband.

He smiles faintly as he drifts off to sleep, still poised as if clutching his sister's small, gentle hand. That night, for the first time and the last time, something happens. It is vivid and clear, though he does not dream of dragons. Viserys dreams of Daenerys and when he wakes, he will be able to remember it exactly, as if it were real. He dreams she is standing on a cliff top and she is beckoning to him. There are flames all around them and he wants to walk out to join her, except he is frightened.

He hovers back where it is dark and cool. The flames are a burning crimson and he can feel the scorch even from where he cowers. His sister is the opposite of afraid and she calls for him. You must come quickly or else we will forget where we are from. Daenerys steps through the fire and continues to call his name.

He musters the courage to step forth but the flames are hot, too hot. Please take me home. He wants very much to take her hand and show her the way but he is lost. Viserys is less pleased, until Khal Drogo gives him a golden crown. This chapter analysis, and all following, will contain spoilers for all Song of Ice and Fire novels and Game of Thrones episodes. In this chapter, we get a further helping of Dothraki culture and assess the life and gruesome death of Viserys Targaryen, the King Who Never Was.

In this chapter, the reader along with Daenerys gets exposed to more and more complicated aspects of Dothraki culture, beginning with the tricky question of gender.

daenerys and viserys relationship tips

First, we learn that the women of the dosh khaleen wield an enormous amount of cultural, religious, and political power across the whole of the Dothraki people: Even the mightiest of khals bowed to the wisdom and authority of the dosh khaleen.

So which is it — matriarchy or misogyny? Well, it could either, could well be both, with a form of separate spheres in which some women notably only the wives of the khals gain power, not rank-and-file Dothraki women are given power within specifically-female areas of life, while excluded from military and economic power.

The larger point here is that cultures are incredibly complex, and readers should be very careful about getting all of the data in before we, as outsiders to that culture, make judgements. The larger point here: