Deadpool and siryn relationship quiz

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deadpool and siryn relationship quiz

Siryn and Deadpool. When Wade was in love with her, she said she wasn't looking for a serious relation (Way back in Deadpool's the first series). Later on she. Siryn (Theresa Rourke Cassidy) was one of my past lovers, associated with the She promised me that she would consider progressing their relationship if I. They're an odd pairing to be sure, but Cable and Deadpool balance each We'll get into the years of history between Cable and Deadpool, but aside from their complex relationship, the two . Not that this is any excuse for posing as Deadpool's love, Siryn, .. The Most Entertaining Quiz Site In The World.

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Plus, he has some pretty sweet mutant abilities, as he's able to generate and manipulate seismic energies. Since then, we've seen Rictor hop between teams, but his time on X-Force will always be cherished the most by readers.

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While Rictor didn't make an appearance in Deadpool 2's version of X-Force, he's already featured in Fox's X-Men universe — something that eagle-eyed fans may have spotted in 's Logan. The mutant appears as a child going by his real name of Julio Richter, and was portrayed by actor Jayson Genao.

He was a part of the same X program that created Laura Kinney and served as the leader of the group of kids who escaped Zander Rice and the Reavers. Interestingly, Logan found files that listed the mutant Avalanche as the genetic template for Rictor.

It's a departure from the comic-book origins of both mutants, but a nice twist to the story, nonetheless. In much the same way, Bloke should be remembered for what he did in his short-lived stint with X-Force.

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While he's renowned for his distinct colors and look, he should be immortalized for his final act. In his last moment he saved informant Diego Ardilles from gunfire, sacrificing his own life in the process. Seriously, how many X-Men actually sacrifice their lives and stay dead? They're like cockroaches that survive the nuclear apocalypse. His superpowers included superhuman strength, reflexes, endurance, durability, and the ability to blend in with his surroundings like a chameleon.

Any superhero would love to have just one taste of those powers, yet Bloke had them all. While a host of superheroes linger around, outstaying their welcomes in their respective teams, this chameleon-like mutant came in, did what he had to, and then checked in to the big, white hotel in the sky.

As a result, X-Force turned into X-Statix — yes, it's that cringeworthy and no one wants to remember this period but we shall.

deadpool and siryn relationship quiz

Despite the ridiculous name, some of the mutants around this time weren't all that bad — namely Mister Sensitive, aka Orphan, aka Guy Smith.

He possessed a variety of powers, but his most obvious came from his mutation that consisted of two antennae protruding from his head.

deadpool and siryn relationship quiz

These "feelers" enabled him with enhanced senses, both emotional or physical, and gave him a superhuman reaction rate to it. In other words, Mister Sensitive could tell if you were down and offer you an ice cream to make things better, or whether he should leave you alone for a while.

One of the side effects of his power was that if he sensed too much, he could overload and have a seizure. It required Professor Xavier's intervention and assistance to help him "numb" his senses and live an ordinary life. Still, you can't deny that his power is like the next evolution of Peter Parker's Spider-Sense.

In the case of Theresa Cassidy, aka Siryn, she may have surpassed her old men in terms of both relevance and cool factor. As one of the first members of X-Force, she joined the team early in its inception and remained a regular for almost issues. Nowadays, she's remembered as being a part of X-Factor, but we'll always know which team she was initially a part of. We'd bank on her being introduced in the forthcoming X-Force film, though, since she's a crucial part of the team's history.

Additionally, Siryn is also known for being a love interest of Deadpool. In fact, it's surprising that we haven't seen a hint of her in the films yet, since she played such a pivotal part in the Merc with the Mouth's early series. Yes, Siryn has appeared in X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand in small cameo roles, but isn't it time that we find out more about her and that she's more than just Marvel's version of Black Canary?

Nevertheless there are many left to tempt us with, and who knows how much misdirection we're dealing with? While we're certain that the movie itself will carry even more shocking scenes and fantastically foul-mouthed lines, we can't help but hope that we'll have a winner with one of these fun fan predictions.

No matter their origins or whether or not they're happening in the movie, they're all creative and a blast to speculate about. In the brief trailer where Deadpool appears to be Bob Ross, in his painting there's a hint at Mister Sinister appearing in the movie.

deadpool and siryn relationship quiz

It could be a red herring, especially since Sinister hasn't been featured much outside the comics and fans typically associate him with Scott and Jean, but the style in which he is revealed truly makes us think he's connected somehow. He is prominent in Cable's story as well, so it would make sense to include him. Sinister is a telepathic villain, so the cartoony instability we witnessed in Deadpool at the end of the first movie, which is often evident in the comic, could invite Sinister in for some nefarious mind control.

Many theorize she is actually Death as well, which is why Wade is so enamored with her. It also makes sense for the movie.


Not only does she survive the drop in that gas box without oxygen with no explanation save for the toss of his sword, but she also meets him the day Weasel has bet on him to die and he proposes to her the day he's supposed to die. While these all may be coincidences, they are also just crazy enough to work for a Deadpool story.

deadpool and siryn relationship quiz

Death wouldn't be his weirdest hook-up. More specifically, fans believe that the first film takes place following the first Avengers movie, which is supported by a single piece of evidence: The reason this can't be true, of course, is the simple fact that Disney, which owns the MCU, would never allow the kind of language and violence present in Deadpool.

deadpool and siryn relationship quiz

The movie concept artist admitted that the helicarrier was an inspiration for the movie, but it was also designed to be just different enough to establish separation between the two. Whatever that means for Josh Brolin, who plays both Thanos and Cable, is unclear.

When fans caught wind of Negasonic Teenage Warhead's new uniform, many automatically reached for a connection between the Deadpool 2 film and the New Mutants movie.