Eddie carbone and beatrice relationship

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eddie carbone and beatrice relationship

Eddie Carbone is the tragic protagonist of The View from the Bridge. Catherine from marriage or any male relationship and wants her for himself. Eddie does not comprehend his feelings until Beatrice clearly articulates his desires in the. We are introduced to Eddie Carbone, Beatrice Carbone and Catherine at the start of the play yet we are not told of there relationships with each other until later . Eddie Carbone from “A View from the Bridge” is a typical immigrant in New York to his face as Eddie has a strong relationship with Beatrice which lets Beatrice .

Eddie Carbone Character Analysis – A View from the Bridge – English GCSE

He cannot earn money to send back to his starving family in Italy if he is deported. Marco sees this as cause for revenge. He is a lawyer and stands for the law. When Eddie seeks help from Alfieri, saying that the law must be able to help him, Alfieri tells him that the problem is not a legal one and offers him advice of a more personal kind. Both tell Eddie to let Catherine go, as there is nothing he can do, no matter how he feels, about his niece growing up and wanting to marry.

The law was his last hope and it has let him down. Now the only possible alternative is for Eddie to betray all his principles and inform on the Italians. Initially, his conflict concerns his relationships with Catherine and Beatrice.

eddie carbone and beatrice relationship

Later, when he sees that Catherine is about to be lost to him, he struggles within himself to know what to do to prevent the inevitable. Ultimately, he betrays his own code of honour and becomes someone he despises. He lies to himself, saying that Marco has stolen his reputation and has to be made to give it back.

She asks, Well, tell me, am I doing something wrong? And then, Oh, my God, my God. When she hears that Marco is praying in the church, she realises that Marco is praying for forgiveness before coming to kill Eddie.

eddie carbone and beatrice relationship

She raises her hands in terror. Beatrice commands huge sympathy from the audience in the final scene.

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She desperately tells Eddie how much she loves him, wanting him to tell her that she is enough for him. However, he refuses to listen and still rants about wanting his respect from Marco. As he lies dying in her arms, he calls her name and she replies, Yes, yes!

A devoted wife How is Beatrice like this?

eddie carbone and beatrice relationship

When Beatrice is nervous about her cousins coming to stay in their apartment, she trusts her husband to make everything alright. God bless you, God bless your children. Analysis Beatrice knows that as the head of the household, Eddie must give his permission for her cousins to stay.

When he does so, she is very grateful and she tells Eddie how good he is for allowing them to come to their home. At this point he seems like a husband who will do anything for his wife. Beatrice obeys her wedding vow to obey her husband.

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His feelings for Catherine that have been hidden away have appeared and his anger in Rodolpho has arrived too. Up until this point, Eddie was like a volcano waiting to erupt. At this point, he erupts and you could say this is where his downfall starts to pick up pace. Eddie does descend into chaos and disorder and finally dies. Is from Noble stock — No. He is not from Noble stock. Has a fatal flaw — Yes.


His love for Catherine and short temper are his fatal flaws. Often uses soliloquies talking to themselves to vocalise their thoughts and feelings — No. Eddie is the total opposite of this where he finds it very difficult to vocalise or show his thoughts and feelings.