Elie and his father relationship

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elie and his father relationship

Check out my latest presentation built on bornholm-sommerhus.info, where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Research essay sample on Of Relationship Between Elie Wiesel And His Father custom essay writing father elie book elie's. Elie Wiesel, a Holocaust survivor and author of the novel, Night, expressed his experiences very descriptively throughout his book. Relationship between Father and Son in Elie Wiesel's 'Night' Elie Wiesel's Night: Fathers and sons Over the course of Elie Wiesel's novel Night, the.

This could have been a time for the two to grow closer.

Elie's Relationship with Father

Instead it was never developed. As the Wiesel family is rounded up and loaded into cattle cars, Elie begins to see his father as someone important that he does not want to lose.

Men to the right. He could have gone with his mother and children, but instead he decides to stay with his father who otherwise would have been alone.

elie and his father relationship

This consequential decision ties the two together for the remainder of the book. Over the course of this time in the concentration camps, Elie goes through rollercoasters of emotion regarding his father. At times Chlomo is his life line; the only reason Elie does not give up and die.

elie and his father relationship

At other times Elie feels that his father is a burden. Elie feels at times that his father is pulling him down, not out of lack of affection, but that the concentration camp is such a place it required him to concern himself with his own survival only.

elie and his father relationship

At times his father physically saves Elie from death; in turn Elie saves his father several times from the fate of death. Wiesel is haunted by this experience. It is with great bravery that he entails this account so that he bears witness to the horrors of the Holocaust with the hope that no other son will ever have to experience a situation with his father with this kind of magnitude.

  • Apathy and Ambivalence: Wiesel’s Relationship With His Father

The story of a boy from Sighet who through the brutal experience of the Holocaust comes to value his father most of all. Wiesel details father-son relationships to show how natural, loving bonds deteriorate when individuals are faced with intolerable situations. For instance, Wiesel narrates an anecdote where a prisoner murders his father for a taste of bread, thus demonstrating the breakdown of humanity in the face of cruelty Wiesel, who fears he will resort to this type of violence, clings to his father in an effort to maintain humanity.


Wiesel and his father, Chlomo, endured the Auschwitz camps from late May, until mid-January, This tells us that Elie and his father at this point had a relationship based on respect as so many Orthodox Jewish families had between fathers and sons. When the two arrive at the camp there is a change in the way that Elie and his father relate. His father said that he would have rather Elie to go with his mother rather than have to see what they were going to do to Elie.

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Then his father began to weep. This was probably one of if not the only time that Elie ever saw his father cry. In this part of the book Elie begins to feel his fathers love for him and his father begins to show emotion toward him. Elie and his father become more like a father and son with more based on love and emotion than respect and obedience. As the book goes on Elie is separated from his father and transferred into Block 17 which was ironically enough the same Block that his father was put into.

At this point in the story Elie and his father rely on each other a great deal. They give each other support as to go on living and working. However this relationship grows hard to keep due to the Nazi oppression in the concentration camps. Elie had witnessed a 13 -year old child beating his father to death for making his bed improperly, how could a father and son remain close in a place like this with such events occurring around them. This event is a warning to Elie not to lose his sense of compassion towards his father so that they can remain close and continue supporting each other because with each other neither of them will survive.

elie and his father relationship

There is a selection after the Jewish New Year. Elie is separated from his father and is worried that his father will not pass the selection. Elie passes the selection but his father does not.

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This upset Elie very much so because throughout the book up to this point it seems that Elie is getting his will to live and work from his father because he does not want to let his father down. Several days later Elie's father comes back to the camp.

Elie finds out that there had been a second selection among the selected and Elie's father passed.

elie and his father relationship

Elie and his father are still close but Elie is beginning to see his father as a burden of sorts. Elie's father is condemned to die again after the 42 -mile march, however Elie is successful in sneaking his father back to the side of those who are supposed to continue working.

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This event shows how Elie is dedicated to his father and how despite all of the adversity that they have faced he is fighting to keep a relationship with his father. Soon after this Elie and his father are herded into train cars and as they ride through German towns locals throw food into the cars to watch the Jews fight and even kill over it.

Elie witnessed a man trying to grab a piece of bread from his son and in return his son killed him.