Enzymes and substrates relationship quiz

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enzymes and substrates relationship quiz

Interpreting information - verify that you can read information regarding the relationship between the concentration of substrates and enzymes and interpret it . In National 5 Biology learn about the formation and function of proteins. Find out how enzymes speed up the rate of biological reactions. In conducting an experiment with a new drug, you find that regardless of the concentration of substrate, the drug is able to inhibit the enzyme activity. You are .

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You also observe how often workers leave the store to deliver pizzas to customers. In this analogy, the pizza supplies are the reactants and the boxed pizzas that are delivered to customers are the end products.

The workers within the store that shape the dough, add the toppings and place the pizzas in ovens and finally in boxes are the equivalent of the enzymes. The Assignment Although you will perform the laboratory exercise working as groups of two or three students, make your report an individual effort.

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For each table, record your observations at the time that you conduct the experiment. However, leave the explanations of the results until the end. Your explanations should tell why what happened did happen, or tell the value of the information observed. If, for example, there was more enzymatic activity in one tube than in another, what was responsible for the difference?

What does that observation allow us to learn about enzymes? Some of the observations that you make are of controls.

enzymes and substrates relationship quiz

For these, your explanation might tell what you would not know if the control had not been included. For example, you test solutions labeled maltose and starch with Benedict's solution to learn if sugar is present. What is the role of sulfuric acid H2SO4 in this experiment?

enzymes and substrates relationship quiz

It is the substrate on which catalase acts. It binds with the remaining hydrogen peroxide during titration. It accelerates the reaction between enzyme and substrate. It blocks the active site of the enzyme. It denatures the enzyme by altering the active site. The correct answer is e. H2SO4 lowers the pH so that the globular shape of the protein is altered.

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The active site is distorted to the point that the enzyme no longer functions. A student was performing a titration for this laboratory, and accidentally exceeded the endpoint. What would be the best step to obtain good data for this point?

Estimate the amount of KMnO4 that was in excess, and subtract this from the result.

enzymes and substrates relationship quiz

Repeat the titration using the reserved remaining sample. Obtain data for this point from another lab group.

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Prepare a graph of the data without this point, and then read the estimated value from the graph. The correct answer is b.

The student should not throw away any remaining samples until all titrations have been completed and the data analyzed. There is sufficient sample in this lab to repeat the titration.