Eren and mikasa relationship trust

eren and mikasa relationship trust

Mikasa's bond with Eren is undoubtedly her most important relationship and the .. Historia, but Mikasa thinks that their best option at the moment is to trust him. In the anime Attack On Titans, do Mikasa and Eren end up together or will it be a As for those people, who think that Eren and Mikasa are siblings, then that's. 蒼夜姬-Cang-ye-ji — 【Trust】 - The strongest relationship. Attack On Titan Eren x Mikasa Eren And Mikasa, Rivamika, Eremika, Levihan, Attack On Titan.

After his mother's death and all the other bad developments in his life the series starts out with a teenage boy with PTSD who is consumed by anger and has already estranged himself from the ones closest to him, namely Mikasa. Post military training we are greeted with an over confident, self assured teenage boy that thinks he can take on the world alone.

While further emotional detaching himself from Mikasa due to the inferiority complex he has developed towards her. And while he obviously still cares about Mikasa he acts often downright like an complete asshole towards her. It is worth mentioning that this is at least 10 times as bad in the Anime compared to the manga.

This Eren also falsely thinks that: Fast forward to chapter Eren is confronted with a lot of shocking events all at once; Hannes death, being rescued again, people dying for him, his friends getting hurt, him only being able to watch helplessly and lastly Mikasa thanking him as they are about to die.

For being there for her, for rescuing her and showing her how to live. Thanking him for wrapping the muffler around her neck.

It may be worth mentioning that I contrary to the popular belief in the fanbase do not think that Mikasa tried to kiss him.

Relationship Analysis- Eren and Mikasa | Attack On Titan Amino

Yes, I really want to die today, lol. This kickstarted one of the biggest changes in Eren's behavior and how he perceives thingsMikasa especially, since the start of the Manga. And even if the Manga does not dwell on it too often and does not shove it in your face every single minute of the day after this. It is still always present. He finally came to understand that Mikasa does not think about him as helpless or useless when she acts overprotective, or frets over him. And that she does not simply follow him because she thinks she needs to but rather that she instead wants to follow him to the end of the world of her own volition.

That's why If you read the available chapters after that you will notice that he not once reacts with scorn or annoyance when Mikasa tries to help him or 'mothers' him as he called it. After Eren closed the hole in the wall in Shiganshina, Mikasa said to him something that surprised Eren: For the first time Mikasa actually said to Eren to trust himself. He already saved people in the walls many times over, and he saved everyone in the cave from heat and rocks.

In ch75, Erwin decided to use Eren as a bait in order to protect the horses, and Mikasa reacted fairly well: She was even worried that Reiner would still go for the horses. This time, she actually trusted Eren in fighting Reiner. In ch81, Armin came up with a plan to defeat the CT. But this time, Mikasa had full trust in Armin, and entrusted Eren to him. Isayama made sure to focus on that part: Slowly, during the course of the manga, Mikasa has been realizing who she really is.

Part 3 will cover her thoughts on Armin, and his bond with Eren from her pov. When the wall broke, Mikasa was searching for Eren. But, when she tried to find him on the battlefield, she only found Armin, whose tears were waiting for her: Mikasa tried to parallel Franz and Hannah, only to witness how Eren and Armin paralleled them.

Franz calmed Hannah down before the battlefield, assuring her that things will be all right, and eventually died protecting her. She gave up on life for a moment, only to find a new reason to live: Did Armin do the same?

Mikasa's character development - "Eren! Wake up!"

No…Armin wanted to die. But, he wanted Mikasa and Connie to leave him behind: For someone who just lost the most important person in her life, Mikasa was dealing with it quite well. Armin, on the other hand…was a mess. On his way back, he fell in the middle of the city and started crying, than cried again in front of Mikasa, wishing that he died together with Eren. It turned out that Eren was the rampaging titan, and that he was still alive. Mikasa huged him, and cried in happiness.

But, other people Eren as a monster and were afraid of him, so Eren needed protection. Eren was of course, furious with Mikasa. Eventually, Eren entrusted his life to Armin, and Armin saved him with his speech.

eren and mikasa relationship trust

During the mission to close the Trost gate, things went wrong. Armin needed to convince Mikasa to let him try, and that she can save some lives if she entrusted Eren to him: Mikasa went on to fight against the titans, trying to save as many lives as possible, and Armin returned with the news that Eren is now in control of his titan: She was extremely happy that Eren won, but also confused, and was probably wondering how the hell did Armin managed to bring Eren back.

She entrusted him to Armin, who managed to get him back to his senses.

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Armin apologized because he realized that those memories are painful for Mikasa to remember. In the Uprising arc, Eren learned about what his father did to the Reiss family, and that he ate him. While Mikasa agreed with what Eren said, Armin thought that Eren should focus on something else instead of vengeance, and changed the topic to their dream. During their way back to Shiganshina, Eren started to shake. Both Mikasa and Armin noticed it, and Mikasa was the first who tried to talk to Eren, but was quickly cut off by Armin: Now, the roles were reversed, and it is Armin who was calming Eren down.

Mikasa was listening to how Eren jumped into titans mouth to save Armin, and sacrificed himself for him. How Eren was just spending his days looking at the clouds, until Armin came to him with that book, and he saw the look in his eyes.

"Eren! Wake up!"

She was listening to how Eren assured Armin that they will be looking at the ocean together next year, and Mikasa looked salty: She knew that Eren never did, and never will talk like that to her.

During the battle of Shiganshina, there were several important scenes as well. Reiner got out from the wall right in front of Armin, so Mikasa had to stop Eren, because he was freaking out: We knew that she cared for him, but a lot of the fans thought that Eren is her only family, while Armin is just a friend.

eren and mikasa relationship trust

The following scenes proved that her heart sees Armin as a family as well: Once Zeke tossed the barrel with Bertolt in it, the SC ran away from Reiner, and we got to see something amazing from Mikasa.

At first, while looking into Armin, she was in front of him: This post contains spoilers, and while the latest chapters of the manga have not involved Mikasa and Eren, I would be cautious about proceeding if you are not decently caught up with the manga!!!

Finally, I am not responsible if you are offended by what I have to say about Eren and Mikasa's relationship: Some History Lets begin with a brief review of Eren and Mikasa's history, starting from the moment they met.

At the age of 9, Eren saved Mikasa from human traffickers by stabbing two out of three of her kidnappers to death while Mikasa killed the third one before he can harm Eren. With her parents dead, Mikasa left her small home in the mountains to live with Eren and his family in Shinganshina. During the time she lived with Eren inside Shinganshina, she protected Eren from local bullies, helped Carla with house chores and befriended Armin, who was already friends with Eren for some time prior.

It's important to note that Eren and Mikasa were both about 9 years old when the Colossal Titan broke down the wall, so the time Mikasa spent living with Eren and his family was a little less than a year.

After the fall of Wall Maria, Mikasa, Eren and Armin worked in a landfill until they enrolled as members of the th Training Corps and practically have done everything together since. In fact, there are many female and arguably male haha characters that Eren could have a romantic interest in, including, most notably, Mikasa. However, my argument is that as of Chapter 95, Eren does not hold any romantic feelings for Mikasa.

My main reasoning behind this stems from how Eren's interactions with Mikasa are depicted in the manga.

eren and mikasa relationship trust

First, Eren is constantly annoyed with her devotion and dedication to him. These feelings probably stem from the fact that he doesn't like to be babied like a child or a be treated like a little brother. In addition, Eren wants to take care of himself and others and to fight like the strong solider he wants to be, but Mikasa acts as a reminder that he just isn't strong enough to survive on his own in this world.

In fact, Eren has always been a very independent person and he constantly tries to defeat his enemies on his own, despite the fact that he is simply not strong enough to take them down without the help of his friends, most notably Mikasa.

eren and mikasa relationship trust

Eren, excited about the fact that he is one step closer to being independent from Mikasa Mikasa looking sadden by the realization that Eren wants to be independent from her Secondly, Isayama has stated somewhere before in the abyss of interviews that Eren thinks of Mikasa as a "motherly" figure. This helps explain many of Eren's feelings and actions towards the way Mikasa's acts towards him, because no one quite enjoys being nagged on by your mom or mom-friend.

Yes, I'm sure Eren appreciates Mikasa and everything she does for him, but at the same time, her constant need to watch over every little thing he does is annoying.