Fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship tips

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fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship tips

Jan 11, Explore Zeref's board "Fairy tail Zeref and Mavis" on Pinterest. Zeref Zeref Dragneel, Gruvia, Fairy Tail Manga, Anime Fairy, Fairy Tail Quotes. Sep 13, Explore Allie Chacon's board "Fairy tail Relationship Goals" on Pinterest. Fairy Tail - Gray with a little mermaid Juvia, Natsu with a little angel Lucy, InuyashaChibiFairy Tail AnimeFairy Tail FunnyGruviaZeref Dragneel Anime . Lucy and Mavis similarities Fairy Tail Funny, Fairy Tail Nalu, Fairy Tail Quotes. Zeref loves Mavis thats why when they kissed, he takes away Mavis life. Well because in Fairy tail Zero Zeref and Mavis have this adorable moment and kiss.

Zeref's face went up in flames.

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Anyway, lets get into the park before we do anything else" Now it was Zeref's turn to drag Mavis over to the gates. He tried to keep his face out of her view, in his attempt to hide his blush. The two were purchasing their tickets to the park when Zeref saw a flash of pink out of the corner of his eye.

He looked over, trying not to get Mavis's attention, and saw Natsu in the line. He was wearing a fedora with sunglasses on and trying to look casual. He kept sneaking glances towards the two and winked at Zeref once he knew he noticed them. Soon, they were finished with buying the tickets and gained access to the park.

Zeref paid more attention to Natsu's magic signature and noticed that he was following them. Zeref gave her a shrug, so she started pulling him.

Mavis's smile brightened even more, not that Zeref thought that was possible, and she started pulling harder on his wrist. Natsu gave him a thumbs up from where he was standing.

Zeref just nodded at Mavis and kept up with her. They got in line for the ride and only had to wait a few minutes because of the line being short. As a worker directed them where to sit, Zeref noticed Natsu getting on around the back of the car.

With Natsu's stupidity, it's no surprise he got on the ride. He probably was so focused on Zeref and Mavis, that he didn't even realized he followed them on.

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Zeref watched as a realization came on Natsu's face as the dragon slayer was strapped in. It was pure horror. Of course, Zeref smiled at it. She must have seen his smile, although didn't know what it was for.

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Although, I don't think I've ever been on a roller coaster. When he was still cursed, he never really tried to go on any kind of fun expedition, worrying that some casualties may occur if he did.

She nodded happily as the ride booted up. They began moving as Zeref looked back and saw Natsu beginning to gag.

Unluckily for Natsu, the workers took no notice of this and didn't bother to stop the ride and take him off. The two stayed silent as they rode up the hill. The beginning of the coaster went very high, about the height of the tip of the guild hall and got extremely steep as it went down. They held on tight as their car went over and faced the steep hill until the last car, holding Natsu, went over. This isn't awesome' All the passengers quickly went speeding down.

Screaming could be heard all around them, some of joy and some of fear. Mavis was enjoying herself very much, even going so far as to put her hands up with some of the other, braver riders. Zeref decided to keep his hold tight and just so happened to be more on the side of the scared, terrified, slowly crumbling on the inside from fear of death by coaster, people. The ride slowed down a lot after they reached the bottom of the initial hill, but it wasn't slow enough for Zeref's liking.

The cars went through twists and turns as it weaved through smaller hills and loops. After what felt like an hour, but was really only a few minutes, the ride came to a stop. Some workers went up and down taking off the safety straps. Zeref noticed Natsu wobble off and speed away from the ride like his life depended on it.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship tips

To be honest, Zeref wasn't opposed to the idea of running away from that death trap. He had other reasons than Natsu of course. He followed Mavis out of the car and down the exit ramp.

He didn't want to upset her. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Natsu nod his head repeatedly towards him. There's this other one I was thinking of going on. Apparently its even faster! He had a long day ahead of him. Also, he was going to murder Natsu. At some point throughout the day, he saw a booth with a… five-legged puppy… so that's what the guild was fussing over earlier. Mavis had been dragging him around all day and pulling him onto crazy rides.

She had no idea of Zeref's real opinion on them, though. Natsu had been following the two all day, giving bits of advice to Zeref while Mavis wasn't looking.

We have time for one more ride! He seemed to have been spared though when she stopped at one of the largest rides at the entire park. She was looking up at it in awe.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship tips

The sheer size of it amazed her. He figured Mavis had been on all these rides before, multiple times. To hear that she had never gone on this one was… shocking. She clearly loved the look of the ride, so why hadn't she…?

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The roller coasters and high-speed rides are exhilarating and keep your adrenaline flowing, but this…" Zeref was surprised by what Mavis was saying. He thought it was sweet, but he wondered why she would want to ride it now of all times. The line for the Ferris wheel moved forward. He gave her a hug as they moved forward again. They stood in silence as they waited in the line. Natsu was hinting at Zeref to get the conversation going again, but the dark mage stayed silent.

Soon, it was their turn to get in one of the cars. It was enclosed but had a balcony on the opposite side.

It had a railing, of course. The worker who sat them started speaking. If you wish to go out on the balcony, make sure you be careful not to fall off. It's a long drop. The ride soon began moving. Zeref remembered Natsu saying that he should try to impress Mavis. This was his chance. Maybe it feels like ten minutes for us but is actually only a minute outside. He had known multiple wizards in the past that used time altering magic.

Say, would you like to go out on the balcony? Natsu wasn't here to help him, since he was way down on the ground at the moment.

Zeref and Mavis Kiss

He would have to figure things out himself right now. He nearly toppled over from the movement of the car. He had a spur of the moment idea, remembering different scenes in books he has read.

He moved to help Mavis out of her seat, but she started getting up before he could get there and went toppling onto him. She slowly sat up and grabbed the inside railing. She nodded and gladly accepted it.

He led her out to the balcony, where the wind softly blew their hair, and gazed upon the sunset. It was the perfect time to be this high up, and it gave the two the perfect view. They held each other as they watched it go down.

She pointed downwards where they could see people moving very slowly. Time seemed to stop entirely for a moment. The two looked into each other's eyes as the sun casted rays of dimming light on them.

Slowly, they moved closer and closer together until their lips locked. To Zeref, it felt like the kiss had lasted an eternity. Eventually, they pulled apart, albeit reluctantly, so they could catch their breaths.

They continued to hold each other until a notice came from a nearby speaker. Zeref decided to use the few minutes they still had to talk. The two were sitting across from each other, both blushing now that the event had caught up to them.

An announcement played throughout the park, informing everyone that it was closing time, and signaling all costumers to head towards the exit. They held hands shyly as they made their way out. Along the way out, Zeref saw Natsu donning a smug look. The sun had set entirely by now, and the stars were out in full. Zeref didn't know what to do now, and looked over to where Natsu was standing, far away of course as to not draw attention.

Natsu made a motion with his hand. He kept moving his hand towards his mouth and making a chewing motion. It took a minute, but Zeref got what he was trying to say. She simply replied with a nod and smiled at him.

She led him down the streets of Magnolia to a small restaurant by the shore. It was a nice, family owned place. An old woman was out front welcoming and seating any customers. Zeref could sense Natsu nearby, most likely waiting for them so be seated before he came up.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship tips

The two made it to the woman's small stand. For two this time, I presume? It seemed like she had been here before, judging by her relationship with the woman. Zeref took the time they were being seated to catch a glace at her name tag. For now, can I get you two anything to drink? Nokra nodded and made her way to the kitchen in the back. The two took their time to look at the menus. He was hiding behind his menu as he watched the two and winked at Zeref.

The mage just looked back and sighed. He wasn't sure if Natsu knew about the kiss, but chances are, he did, and he would most certainly make fun of him about it. As Zeref himself stated, years before the story he learned the value of life and because of that he unfortunately lost the ability to use his Magic the way he used to unless he somehow is to forget the value of life. The true origin of Zeref is later told in which it is revealed he was orphaned as a young boy after losing his family in a dragon attack.

There was nothing left of his parents but the body of his younger brother was still in perfect shape so Zeref kept his brother's body preserved and dedicated himself to reviving the latter. In order to achieve his goal, Zeref enrolled in the Mildian Magic Academy where he researched the connections between life, death and magic. Zeref was a prodigy in magic as his research led to the creation of the R-System and Eclipse Gate which were designed to bring back his brother.

However, Zeref was expelled from the academy as a result of breaking their sacred rules and paid the ultimate price when he was plagued with the curse of contradiction which led to him killing everyone around him at the academy. The curse of contradiction is active whenever Zeref cares about the life of and causes his dark magic to spiral out of control and eliminate everything around him and leaves Zeref immortal and unaging.

Following this incident, Zeref discovered the only way to control this affect is for him to not care about the lives of others and become the ruthless Zeref spoken of in legend. He later wandered around unintentionally taking more innocent lives slowly beginning to hate himself for his actions as well as hating himself for enjoying the fact that he now had as much free time on his hands to continue his research.

Zeref soon came to the conclusion that he wanted to die which led to him studying forbidden magic which gave rise to demons that would later go on to be called the Demons of Zeref's books. Zeref called them the Etherious as they were created from the Etherano that makes up magic itself the demons were created for the sole purpose of killing Zeref as the latter put an instinct for them to want to return to him which turned out to be the desire to kill their creator.

But believing these demons were not up to the task, he turned back to reviving his dead brother whose body he kept preserved. Zeref was successful in reviving his brother, bring him back as an Etherious demon his most strongest on thus fulfilling his goal of bringing back his brother and creating something that could kill him E.

Zeref took care of Natsu but the latter proved to be too rambunctious to handle as he didn't want to learn how to read or write so one day while out gathering herbs he encountered Igneel who unlike many other dragons had no problems talking with humans.

Igneel and Zeref soon became friends with Igneel offering to raise Zeref's younger brother and teach him in the art of Dragon Slayer Magic. Zeref gave Igneel his permission to raise Natsu after Igneel told him of a plan to raise and train Dragon Slayers to one day defeat Acnologia in the future.

fairy tail zeref and mavis relationship tips

To Zeref, Acnologia didn't matter as to him, this plan was a perfect way for him to make Natsu stronger and one day the latter would be able to kill him. Zeref helped the dragons by enlisting the help of Celestial Spirit Wizard named Anna and had her utilize his invention the Eclipse Gate which allowed the Dragons and their children to leap forward to the future.

For four hundred years, Zeref awaited his brother's arrival but slowly became traumatized at the repeating conflicts that passed and soon opt to seclude himself. The only time he was truly happy was when he taught Mavis and her friends on how to use magic. Sometime later, Zeref created what would soon form itself into the Alvarez Empire.

Eventually, he found himself on the secluded Tenrou Island, hoping to stay completely cut off from humanity. As they finally finished the guild building, all four took a photo with the building in background as a sign that Fairy Tail was born. She later entrusted the guild to Precht to serve as its second master.