Fang and lightning relationship poems

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fang and lightning relationship poems

Translations of poems , , are from "Perspectives on the Tang" edited .. The marriage of a girl, away from her parents, . A POEM TO PALACE- ATTENDANT FANG He opened his way in space and clove the ether like lightning. I am only at chapter 11, but from my point of view, its been hinted many times in the game that they obviously cared for each other a lot. In Final Fantasy XIII-2, Fang appears alongside Vanille in Serah Farron's dreamworld. . down the l'Cie herself, but does not divulge her connection to Vanille.

The Forbidden City, the nine-tiered palace, loomed in the dust From thousands of horses and chariots headed southwest. The imperial flag opened the way, now moving and now pausing- - But thirty miles from the capital, beyond the western gate, The men of the army stopped, not one of them would stir Till under their horses' hoofs they might trample those moth- eyebrows Flowery hairpins fell to the ground, no one picked them up, And a green and white jade hair-tassel and a yellowgold hair- bird.

The Emperor could not save her, he could only cover his face. And later when he turned to look, the place of blood and tears Was hidden in a yellow dust blown by a cold wind. The last few came. Flags and banners lost their colour in the fading sunlight But as waters of Shu are always green and its mountains always blue, So changeless was His Majesty's love and deeper than the days. He stared at the desolate moon from his temporary palace.

He heard bell-notes in the evening rain, cutting at his breast. And when heaven and earth resumed their round and the dragon car faced home, The Emperor clung to the spot and would not turn away From the soil along the Mawei slope, under which was buried That memory, that anguish.

Where was her jade-white face? Ruler and lords, when eyes would meet, wept upon their coats As they rode, with loose rein, slowly eastward, back to the capital. The pools, the gardens, the palace, all were just as before, The Lake Taiye hibiscus, the Weiyang Palace willows; But a petal was like her face and a willow-leaf her eyebrow -- And what could he do but cry whenever he looked at them?

Peach-trees and plum-trees blossomed, in the winds of spring; Lakka-foliage fell to the ground, after autumn rains; The Western and Southern Palaces were littered with late grasses, And the steps were mounded with red leaves that no one swept away. Her Pear-Garden Players became white-haired And the eunuchs thin-eyebrowed in her Court of PepperTrees; Over the throne flew fire-flies, while he brooded in the twilight.

He would lengthen the lamp-wick to its end and still could never sleep. Bell and drum would slowly toll the dragging nighthours And the River of Stars grow sharp in the sky, just before dawn, And the porcelain mandarin-ducks on the roof grow thick with morning frost And his covers of kingfisher-blue feel lonelier and colder With the distance between life and death year after year; And yet no beloved spirit ever visited his dreams.

At Lingqiong lived a Taoist priest who was a guest of heaven, Able to summon spirits by his concentrated mind. And people were so moved by the Emperor's constant brooding That they besought the Taoist priest to see if he could find her.

He opened his way in space and clove the ether like lightning, Up to heaven, under the earth, looking everywhere. Above, he searched the Green Void, below, the Yellow Spring; But he failed, in either place, to find the one he looked for. And then he heard accounts of an enchanted isle at sea, A part of the intangible and incorporeal world, With pavilions and fine towers in the five-coloured air, And of exquisite immortals moving to and fro, And of one among them-whom they called The Ever True- With a face of snow and flowers resembling hers he sought.

And the lady, at news of an envoy from the Emperor of China, Was startled out of dreams in her nine-flowered, canopy. She pushed aside her pillow, dressed, shook away sleep, And opened the pearly shade and then the silver screen. Her cloudy hair-dress hung on one side because of her great haste, And her flower-cap was loose when she came along the terrace, While a light wind filled her cloak and fluttered with her motion As though she danced The Rainbow Skirt and the Feathered Coat.

And the tear-drops drifting down her sad white face Were like a rain in spring on the blossom of the pear. But love glowed deep within her eyes when she bade him thank her liege, Whose form and voice had been strange to her ever since their parting -- Since happiness had ended at the Court of the Bright Sun, And moons and dawns had become long in Fairy-Mountain Palace.

But when she turned her face and looked down toward the earth And tried to see the capital, there were only fog and dust. So she took out, with emotion, the pledges he had given And, through his envoy, sent him back a shell box and gold hairpin, But kept one branch of the hairpin and one side of the box, Breaking the gold of the hairpin, breaking the shell of the box; "Our souls belong together," she said, " like this gold and this shell -- Somewhere, sometime, on earth or in heaven, we shall surely And she sent him, by his messenger, a sentence reminding him Of vows which had been known only to their two hearts: In the summer of the next year I was seeing a friend leave Penpu and heard in the midnight from a neighbouring boat a guitar played in the manner of the capital.

Upon inquiry, I found that the player had formerly been a dancing-girl there and in her maturity had been married to a merchant. I invited her to my boat to have her play for us.

She told me her story, heyday and then unhappiness. Since my departure from the capital I had not felt sad; but that night, after I left her, I began to realize my banishment.

And I wrote this long poem -- six hundred and twelve characters. I was bidding a guest farewell, at night on the Xunyang River, Where maple-leaves and full-grown rushes rustled in the autumn. I, the host, had dismounted, my guest had boarded his boat, And we raised our cups and wished to drink-but, alas, there was no music. For all we had drunk we felt no joy and were parting from each other, When the river widened mysteriously toward the full moon -- We had heard a sudden sound, a guitar across the water.

The expressions on the faces of the officers here did little to assuage her worry. They were terrified, their faces masks of shock and horror as they whispered frantically amongst themselves. Something horrible must have happened, and from what little she could make out, it involved Lightning and Fang.

But how could something have happened? Lightning and Fang were the best there was, and they hadn't been on their own either.

Vanille had been with them. Between the three of them, they should have been able to handle anything. You know those two — they can handle anything. She wanted — needed — to believe Snow. But despite the reassuring smile on his face, he couldn't hide the worry in his eyes. They both knew something was wrong.

Vanille wouldn't have called them in unless it was something serious. Finally, they reached the room where Lightning and Fang were.

FINAL FANTASY XIII - Fang and Lightning cutscene

Vanille was outside the door, and she stopped them before they could go inside. Her eyes had a faraway look in them, the look of someone who'd seen something truly terrible. I — well — you have to see it for yourself. Snow's hand dropped from her shoulder. Then she stared some more and rubbed at her eyes. No, what this was definitely real.

Lightning was draped across Fang's lap on one of the beds, her arms wrapped around the taller woman's neck as she ran her fingers through Fang's hair.

fang and lightning relationship poems

The pair rubbed noses, their expressions mirror images of unabashed warmth and affection. How could I scowl with you around? That can't be Fang, and there's no way that's Lightning.

The pair seemed completely oblivious to everyone else in the room as they continued to cuddle and exchange loving gibberish. She had to agree with Snow. This didn't seem real. She knew Lightning, and her sister would never act like that and — had Lightning made an origami flower out of her medical chart to put in Fang's hair?

Fang had tucked the origami flower into her hair and had grabbed her own medical chart to make one for Lightning. Normally, she would have expected the two women to roll their medical charts up and engage in an impromptu sword fight. Vanille buried her face in Serah's shoulder and latched onto Snow as soon as the big man came over to hug them. At times like this, they needed to stick together. It was the only way they'd make it through. Her eyes were repeatedly drawn to the couple on the bed.

Lightning had begun to feed Fang some of the infirmary's food. The dark-haired woman accepted the bland food like it was a gift from the gods and kissed the tips of each of Lightning's fingers after every bite. And they giggled, both of them, every time Lightning went back for more food.

The tale that Vanille wove was a tragic one. She, Lightning, and Fang had gone out on patrol after one of the Guardian Corps' frontier scouts reported a Cie'th not far away.

They had expected something easy, but they'd gotten something out of a nightmare. The Cie'th was ancient, a monster of unparalleled evil and malice that had once been worshipped by several dark cults during the War of Transgression.

They'd gone after the Cie'th together. However, their early success soon turned into abject failure when the monster managed to strike both Lightning and Fang with its enchanted arrows.

The two women had been turned into helpless paragons of disgustingly cute love. With her two companions more interested in gazing into each other's eyes than fighting, Vanille had been forced to beat a hasty retreat. She'd managed to get Lightning and Fang back to the infirmary but nothing, magical or otherwise, had been able to cure them of their affliction.

She'd called Serah after the pair had busted out of the infirmary to roll through a bed of flowers outside. The Guardian Corps officers had been convinced that the world was about to end. Why else would Captain Farron act like a besotted teenager? Fang, of course, was not to be outdone. She stuck one finger into the chocolate pudding and pressed it against Lightning's mouth.

The pink-haired woman held Fang's gaze as her tongue darted out to clean up the pudding. It was so out of character that Serah wanted to scream. The only ones who didn't know how crazy Fang and Lightning were for each other were the two women involved. But how else could anyone explain the way that Lightning chased off anyone who so much as looked at Fang twice.

The soldier had staked her claim, even if she hadn't quite realised it.

fang and lightning relationship poems

And Fang was hardly any better. The huntress spent as much time with Lightning as she could. If she wasn't at Lightning's office, then she was either out with the other woman on patrol or training with her. Anyone who tried to work their way into Lightning's schedule was met with a smirk and a not so subtle jab of Fang's spear. And that wasn't all. Lightning and Fang already shared a house — albeit with Vanille — but there were times when the pair sparred when Serah couldn't believe that the two weren't already together.

Vanille even had a counter to keep track of all the heated looks the pair shared each day. So, yes, she believed Lightning and Fang were in love. They were made for each other. But she couldn't let this go on.

Translated Chinese Poetry: Tang Poems

Whatever this was, it wasn't honest. Lightning and Fang weren't themselves, and the longer this went on, the worse it would be once it wore off.

They needed to form a real relationship, not one based on a Cie'th's magic. Another glance at Lightning and Fang only hardened her resolve. Lightning had taken a slip of paper and had begun to write a poem that compared Fang's beauty to everything from the flowers, the sun, the moon, the stars, and even the ocean.

It was touching — but it was nothing like her sister. Vanille, what can we do? Lightning and Fang had started to undress each other. They were out for at least a few hours. Get them over here. We need someone to watch these two that we can trust. The three of us are going to go after the Cie'th. Vanille shook her head. Sazh is teaching Hope how to pilot a ship properly. Along the way, she explained things in more detail. If that person is Snow, well, you'll end up like Fang and Lightning.

If that person is me… it'll be awkward.

Oerba Yun Fang

It would definitely be awkward. I think we're —" An arrow made of glowing pink energy slammed into the hood the car. The vehicle lurched to one side, and Vanille fought to keep it on the road.

She failed, and the car rolled off the edge of the road. It thumped its way down a steep embankment before it finally came to a rest against a large rock. The big man squirmed through and then darted over to Serah's side to help her out as well. In the meantime, Vanille wriggled out of her seat and through the driver's side window. There was no sign of the Cie'th yet, but it couldn't be far. And now they could see the Cie'th. It stood on the edge of the road above them.

It was twice the size of Snow and vaguely humanoid, its body made of black, rock-like material. Two white, metallic wings jutted out of its shoulders. And in its deformed, claw-like hands, it held a large, metal bow. How many other Cie'th could there be that walked around with energy bows? There were several large boulders nearby, and at least there the Cie'th wouldn't be able to fire almost directly down on them.

There was almost a second between each of the first few arrows, but it wasn't long before the Cie'th picked up the pace. By the time they reached the boulders, the Cie'th was up to several arrows a second.

The rock had begun to crack beneath the assault. We have to help Lightning and Fang. At this distance, she could put an arrow through the Cie'th's eye if she wanted to. Once it's down here, I can hit it with my magic. And trust me, it won't get up. I won't let it. The big man zigzagged away from them beneath a storm of pink arrows. A few came within inches of hitting him, but he seemed to know exactly when to twist away.

Serah bit back a smile. She was sure Lightning had something to do with that. The older Farron's idea of agility training was to shoot an assortment of painful, but non-lethal, blank ammunition at Snow on a regular basis.

Serah waited until she was certain that the Cie'th was focused on Snow before she pushed out from behind her boulder and raised her bow. Her arrow had a thundaga wrapped around it, and the Cie'th gave a high-pitched wail as the projectile dug deep into its right eye.

Its body thrashed, and its wings flailed, before it lurched forward and rolled down the embankment toward them. It smashed through their overturned car and came to a stop a dozen yards away.