Ghost hunt mai and naru relationship test

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ghost hunt mai and naru relationship test

Most fans of GhostHunt favour Naru and Mai as a ship, and so why do you As for John and Mai's relationship, John displays himself to be nothing the tests, and in the later cases, knowing about Mai's abilities, Naru makes. Naru always acts like he doesn't care or Mai's annoying but I she's ever in Ghost Hunt Photo: Naru and Mai Kazuya Shibuya and Mai Taniyama anime; So. As the SPR team goes overseas to help with the case, Naru and Mai's relationship is put to the test when an old friend of Naru's comes back.

And no time to edit, oh-hoo… forgive my laziness. Well, I hope you enjoy it… Disclaimer: I don't own Ghost Hunt, of course. Deception Part 1 Mai rose from her lying position. She watched her sons in adore as one of them stirred in his sleep. She took a deep breath, and let her mind wandering. Yes, it's almost three years since she left this city. Mai closed her eyes tightly.

The memory about that time was still too painful to remember, but she couldn't help it since the memory was permanently transplanted in her brain. Mai left the bed and opened the door wide to let a middle aged woman entered. I guess it would be harder to send them to sleep after this long trip. But you manage to do it. Really, I have a headache to nap them today. They cried over almost about everything.

We can't blame them, though. They must be really tired but still too excited to explore their new home. Mai took a glance at her sons before followed her to the kitchen. We must cancel all these arranging things until they wake up. You did anything for me. We have a great life in Chiba. But Mai, you must think about your future. You have to continue your education. I know you can, you've ever passed the exam once.

It had been a busy day for them. After a long trip from Chiba to Tokyo, they also had to put and arrange their things in their new home.

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The twins were the additional work for them. Almost reached their 2nd age, they are very-very excited about their new surrounding, made Mai and Hamada-san had to put the extra sensitive radar inside their own head to ensure the twins' safety between those scattered box of their clothes and toys and books and everything.

To put more to the other two woman's dizziness, they refused to take a day rest even though they were already tired. Cries could be heard from the room where Mai was fighting to nap them.

Hamada-san put her cup inside the sink and left to take a rest in her own room and advised Mai to do so. Mai nodded, but didn't move an inch from her seat. Instead, she walked and sat on the chair in front of the window and watched the street below.

Years ago, she also lived in this city. After a painful tragedy of her mother's accident that left her as an orphan, she lived with her teacher. A normal life, if someone could say so. She attended a high school and supported her own life with her scholarship and her job. She found a family there. Hooshoo Takigawa, the monk that just like her father. Ayako Matsuzaki, the miko that was representing as her mother. A kind hearted priest, John Brown as an elder brother.

The memory itself seemed to be refreshed after she returned to this city. A week before, she was accepted to work in a fashion magazine.

So, she had to move to its headquarters in Tokyo. But the biggest reason of her return was because Hamada-san insisted her to continue her education. Hamada-san even had already prepared the fund despite of Mai's protest.

All of that Mai's commotion begun when Hamada-san wanted to open a certain account for the twin's education fund, and Mai objected. So she gave Mai two choices. One, Mai had to let her participate on the twin's financial needs. Or two, Mai had to get a degree from a good university so she could have a good job and able to finance their own life.

Hamada-san also threatened her that if Mai didn't choose, she would make Mai her heiress. Those options should be a blessing for most of the people, but Mai felt different.

Because she didn't want to hurt her guardian's feeling, Mai chose the second option. Hamada-san knew that Mai had passed the entrance exam of Tokyo University, the prestigious university in this country, but did not enter it. She suggested Mai to retake that exam. So, they move back to Tokyo, and Mai tried to struggle with her past.

Mai wiped the tears that already fallen to her cheeks. She still remembered that time like it just had happened yesterday; Mai started to go out with Naru since her last year of high school. She was his girlfriend, something she wanted since long before. She loved him and he loved her back. Naru was already at his 2nd years of Tokyo University, so Mai worked really hard to pass the exams to the same university.

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Yes, she succeeded, so they planned to live together in Naru's apartment. The two often bicker, with Mai teasing Ayako about her age and lack of talent, and Ayako mocking Mai for her inexperience and coarse behavior. Mai comes to look up to Ayako as an older sister or mother figure, similar to how she views Bou-san. Ayako also teaches her how to defend herself, in the form of the Nine cuts.

She is often shown taking care of Mai after Mai goes though incidents. Edit Mai and Lin have very little interaction in the first several volumes, and they generally don't speak. Lin appears to harbor some animosity towards her, probably in response to the fact that she injured him during their first meeting, but it isn't until the sixth volume that this animosity is addressed.

Lin reveals that he doesn't like Japanese people because of Japan's past injustices towards China. Mai responds by telling Lin that he shouldn't hate her because she is Japanese, or because she is an orphan; this makes Lin laugh, as someone revealed in the novels to be Eugene Davis once told him the same thing.

Their relationship thaws somewhat after that, and the two become respectful, if not particularly close.

Mai Taniyama

Lin offers to guard Mai in the Bloodstained Labyrinth case, until he realizes that doing so would leave Naru unprotected. They work well together on their very first case, and on several occasions afterward.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship test

Mai respects John's talent as an exorcist. John is one of the few who does not tease her about her latent sensitivity, and instead trusts her intuition almost instantaneously. It is possible he has a crush on Mai, which is shown when he collapses after Yasuhara implies he himself likes her.

John's possible feelings are also implied by the fact that Mai catches him looking at her frequently. Yasuhara is extremely helpful towards Mai during Volumes 4 and 5, where he often helps her with administrative or equipment duties. His respect and friendliness is a welcome change to Mai, who had previously been the least experienced and often belittled, however jokingly, by her coworkers.

In return, Mai is very impressed with Yasuhara's research skills and intelligence. Edit Throughout the series Eugene acts as Mai's spiritual guide and helps her through her psychic visions. Mai confuses Gene with Naru, which leads to Naru later questioning Mai if she's in love with him or Gene.

Eugene is very warm towards Mai smiling at her and holding her handand seems to have her best intentions at heart. In the light novels, Madoka states Mai and Eugene are very similar, despite Gene being much quieter. Trouble- Gene helps Mai and Oliver when they are in trouble. When she learns she has cancer, she tells Naru since he is her employer. Little did she know that it would be the start of something tragically beautiful.

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Mai's powers are beginning to get out of control. Two years away from Naru, and things have only gotten worse. Waking up to herself screaming is fine, but destroying an entire house and causing mass poltergeists?

So what do her friends do? They reluctantly ship her off to England where a less than enthusiastic Naru waits to train her. There she meets two handsome twins. What will happen upon meeting them?

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And what will happen once she goes back to Japan, after developing a deep friendship with one and a possible romance with the other? It has been four years since Mai started working for SPR. Naru has to go back to England for the holidays and his mother pressures him to bring Mai with him.

A relationship begins to grow between the two. Naru is a little OOC at times, but mostly stays the same. Rated T just in case T - English - Chapters: Adventures in England by Ishval reviews Revamped. Mai's leaving for England where more adventures await. Sequel to Haruhi is Haunted. Sixth in my Mai and Naru series. It has since then been two and a half years and Mai is now going to college in England.

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship test

It cant possibly be the same place that Naru is could it? Takes place after the Manga. I don't own Ghost Hunt! Will anything come of it or will Naru forever be clueless to his own feelings, or the feelings of others?

ghost hunt mai and naru relationship test