Gintoki and kagura relationship tips

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gintoki and kagura relationship tips

Exploring the relationship dynamics (platonic or romantic) of Sorachi Hideaki's Gintama. Fanarts, fanfics, graphics, quotes, videos and metas are welcome. hajime-nii · Gintama relationships: Tae and Kagura. "An underwear. Important Relationships ☂Sakata Gintoki - Kagura and Gintoki share a up Gintoki's habits, such as picking her nose, and also repeats what he says as advice. Over the course of fifteen weeks, Kagura fell in love with Okita Sougo. . saying or doing something that would tip off the sadist as to how she.

Her question was answered when they came within range of a mud puddle, only for Kagura to cry out in fury and dismay when she saw the recognizable wrapper become airborne as it left Sougo's hand and flew directly towards it. It was a good thing the Yato cared little for public decency, because the next thing she knew she was careening towards the ground in a desperate attempt at saving her beloved snack—only to be stopped mid-flight by the constriction of her neck and torso.

Glancing downwards as the wind was knocked out of her, Kagura saw the torso of her qipao tighten around her chest, and a brief backwards glance saw her staring right into the red eyes of evil incarnate—in other words, Okita Sougo. His hand held onto the collar of her qipao, his mouth twisted upwards into a mocking grin as his free hand held…her sukonbu?! At her angry and incredulous glance, he merely remarked, "A decoy.

You really have to start coming up with better insults, China girl. Maybe you should come up with better nicknames! Stealing a poor girl's food is just low, yep! Is that any way to thank someone who just saved you from getting covered in mud?! Not like I'd care, anyway. I can just wear Gin-chan's clothes if all of mine get dirty.

There's being nice, and then there's just indecent. But it was gone as soon as it came, leaving Kagura to wonder if she had only imagined it. You've got your sukonbu, and I've got a bruised shin. In the front of her dress, a large tear displayed a sizable portion of her chest and cleavage, along with a fair amount of undergarments. A vein threatened to pop in her forehead, but before she had time to turn around and kick the sadist halfway back to the Shinsengumi compound, he had already vanished.

The next few days saw a decided shift in Kagura's perception of the sadist she so often sparred with—not in any tangible way, since the two of them still fought whenever they happened across each other and the collateral damage, if anything, only seemed to have escalated, but in such a way that the young woman could only classify as bizarre.

For example, she found herself more conscious of his body when they fought—not in a perverted way, she denied with a blush—almost as if she were worried about hurting him. Though she never used her full Yato strength to spar, she was well aware that even the smallest slip of her finger could have dire consequences for humans, both civilians and idiotic cops alike. And, to her disgust, she noticed that she tended to make more eye contact with him when they weren't fighting—and, for the first time in the five long years they had known each other, Kagura found that she actually liked the look of his blood-red eyes, especially when he matched them with that fevered grin he always sported during their matches.

She wondered idly what he would look like if he were actually smiling, not because of his latest sadistic trick, but because he really meant it; would he ever look at her in that way?

Or would he— She cut off that train of thought before it could even fully articulate, her face heating with embarrassment despite being totally alone in her closet in the Yorozuya.

Yep, she was in trouble, all right. One week later… "Sis, please calm down! Kondo-san didn't mean it—" "Oi, Shinpachi, you call that 'not meaning it? That's typical pervert move number three. Gin-chan and Shinpachi were trying in vain to calm down a raging anego, who stood towering over the Chief of the Shinsengumi from where he had collapsed on the sidewalk outside of the Shimuras' dojo. Though she hadn't been there when the fight broke out one-sided though it looked to be Kagura could glean what had happened from Gin-chan's blunt observation, anego's rage, and the gorilla's guilty expression.

Well, he deserves whatever he gets, the pervy gorilla. She's going to bring down the whole city! What are you gonna do about this, you guys?! Both of them sported characteristically un-amused looks, though the former's was tinged with blatant frustration. How does it look to the people of Edo when their own Chief of police can't follow the laws?

It took a bit more prodding, but eventually the gorilla resigned himself to hanging his head in shame before being led away by Hijikata. Shinpachi, meanwhile, returned to the Herculean task of calming down his elder sister. Kagura had already turned away from the scene, and had just gotten her dango from the street vendor when she heard a grunt from behind her. I actually wanted to ask you something, if you're not too busy choking to death on your dango.

She silently begged him to interfere, to put a stop to this situation before she ended up saying or doing something that would tip off the sadist as to how she actually— "Wanna go on a date with me?

The second was that several chunks of it flew out of her mouth and into Sougo's face, causing the man to stare blankly at the young woman.

The third was that Gintoki absolutely freaked out. His disbelieving stare was shared between the both of them. What's going on here, Soichiro?! I thought you two hated each other's guts! You probably just can't tell, danna, since hardly anyone understands the subtleties of my behavior. Her face burned, and her mouth hung open in a wordless stutter that refused to obey her no matter how much she tried to say anything in response.

Gin-chan resumed his incoherent rambling, the gist of it from what she could tell being that she was far too young though nineteen was really well past the acceptable age, and he knew it and on top of that, she hated Sougo's guts.

In her own mind, however, Kagura knew that the latter statement was unequivocally false; she didn't hate the sadist, and on some level she wondered if she ever actually had.


She certainly found him physically attractive though it made her blush to admit it and as of late she had found her thoughts preoccupied by him more and more, and in a non-homicidal way to boot. So, in the midst of Gin-chan's fabricated excuses on her behalf, Kagura stood up straight, looked the expectant young man in the eyes, and said: Where are we going? But not by much.

To his credit, the sadist really seemed as though he were trying not to be a prick on their date—or "friendly outing," as Gin-chan insisted on calling it. They had decided on meeting at the diner a few blocks away from the Yorozuya; Sougo most likely believed that she would be most comfortable there.

It would also require the least amount of effort on his part, coincidentally, but Kagura was just glad that he was actually acting like a normal person for once. She arrived at their arranged location a few minutes early, nervously twirling her umbrella as she entered the establishment, and looked down at her clothes. She had elected to wear the same qipao she normally did, beside herself with the temptation to act as though this were just a normal meet-up between friends.

Yeah, right, she thought sarcastically. As if we've ever just hung out as friends before, either. Once again, she worried over the fact that this date would go horribly wrong, and she would somehow end up outing herself as having a pre-existing crush on the sadist.

She had already accepted the fact, but was still loathe in allowing any inkling of her feelings to be divulged to the sandy-haired man. She snapped out of her reverie when she noticed a familiar hand waving at her from the other side of the restaurant, and paled when she saw that it was indeed attached to Sougo. Not one to run away from her fears, she held her head high and approached the table, taking a seat without so much as allowing eye contact until she sat down.

You're going to make this awkward, China. I only came here cause I wanted to give you a chance. And how am I doing so far? But then again, aren't you in the same position as him?

I regularly beat the crap out of you, too. We both beat the crap out of each other. It's like a choreographed dance. I'm always right, China girl. Your skull's just too thick most of the time. Kagura, in typical fashion, ordered nearly half the menu under the presumption that Sougo would be the one paying for it "You're the one who asked me out, aren't you?

The longest moment of silence between them was when their food arrived, as the vermillion-haired girl immediately set to work on devouring all of the edible matter placed in front of her. In contrast, Sougo took his time on his steak, allocating time to cut it into bite-sized pieces rather than shoving the entirety of the mass into his mouth as the girl across from him did.

Ironically though not surprisinglyshe ended up finishing her food before him, and sat for a few minutes in post-digestive silence while watching her "date" finish his own portion. When he had only a few bites left of his meal, Kagura found it appropriate to break the silence. I mean, apart from the obvious answer…" He glanced up at her with a mouth full of food, swallowing it before setting down his silverware.

Do I have to come right out and say it? No matter how much she tried to stop it, Kagura couldn't hold back the obvious rush of blood to her cheeks. Damn her for being young and having a crush on such a bastard! Why did she have to react to everything he said while he never seemed affected?! Maybe a few months? I've never been good at distinguishing hating from liking. I'm not a normal guy. Anyway, since we're done with our food, you wanna head over to my place?

I just recently moved out of the Shinsengumi compound, and my new place has a backyard that's perfect for sparring. I've been missing our fights lately.

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I'll wipe the floor with you! With a clipped reply of "G'night," she slipped into her sleeping quarters and shut the door in the older man's face, sighing as she folded her arms beneath her head. All in all, the date wasn't nearly as catastrophic as she had feared. As a matter of fact, she had actually had fun both during and after, when they sparred back at Sougo's place; her butterflies had mostly receded by then, and she had allowed herself to go wild against the young man in a way she hadn't had the luxury of doing lately.

And, at the end of the night, he had asked her out again—and without hesitation, she had said yes. Kagura wondered if this meant they were dating now, or if they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

gintoki and kagura relationship tips

The thought put a weird feeling in her gut—she never would've thought her and the sadist would end up dating under any circumstances—but it wasn't necessarily bad. Surely they would be if this kept up, and she had no qualms with continuing it.

gintoki and kagura relationship tips

In fact, she couldn't wait to see what the next few weeks would bring. That night, the young woman fell asleep with a smile on her face. The next two months saw a steady progression of the pair's relationship if it could so be called in the form of a series of subsequent dates and outings. They returned to the restaurant frequently, but on top of that and all the times they ran into each other in the course of business her for the Yorozuya, him for the Shinsengumithey also went other places.

One time they went to a festival in another district, but they eventually got kicked out after causing both minor physical and emotional trauma to the man who ran one of the game booths. The samurai lost, leading to the Amanto co-existing with the humans on Earth.

Gintoki lost his metal sword due to the new ban on blades, being forced to take up a wooden one he bought on a field trip to Lake Toya instead.

gintoki and kagura relationship tips

On the other hand, Kagura is one of those Amanto that decided to come to Earth, finding the planet more prosperous than her own planet. At first, their relationship is nothing special. Kagura, who has no home, lives at the office with Gintoki though her bed is in the closet. Everything is fairly normal. Like any normal person, Gintoki wanted this monstrosity of nature out of his house, much to the despair of his roommate.

It seemed like the perfect chance to get rid of the dog when the animal-loving alien Prince Hata tried to kidnap him to put him in his menagerie. Let me just say this first: He will beat the crap out of you if you take away his dessert, will always make cheeky quips, and will do anything for money. However, he cares about his comrades. Gintoki stared at them with horror filled face and then took out his wooden sword and charged at Okita.

What do you mean? Sougo wrapped his arms around her waist pulling her closer, putting his leg in between her thighs, he lifted her up as his one hand caressed her leg, reaching under the kimono and making her shudder at the feeling when his fingers went under her underwear. With his hand around her waist he lifted her up shifted, turning away from the blade that came at them and pushed her back against a wall pinning her to it by his body.

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Kagura also decided to ignore her guardian's voice calling to her and a pain radiating when her back hit the wall, she was too into the kiss and she was enjoying this so why bother with other staff. Everyone else in the room also stopped what they were doing at the moment to look at the perm head who was indeed fully awake from his drunken state and was attacking the two who were making out while, Sougo kept lifting Kagura and dancing away from the blade while still kissing her.

gintoki and kagura relationship tips

Nobume lifted her cold eyes from the phone, looked at the two and then returned to writing something. Toushi and Tatsuma also were staring that the Sadistic couple and silver samurai, but then Sakamato laughed saying that "Being young is so great! Sougo picked her up bridal style and carried her towards the hall where the bedrooms were.

Before leaving he turned a sadistic smile towards Gintoki. He will do it! He will definitely do it. They thought in unison. After the two left looked down his bangs covering his eyes as he silently whimpered. Toushi hand him the sake cup, but instead Gintoki took the whole bottle drinking.

Gintoki then looked at Hijikata and said. Gintoki sat holding his head and a gloomy aura above him. You should join us too, Mayorin-kun. Vein popping out Toushi snapped.

gintoki and kagura relationship tips

Are that all you're caring about? And here you made everyone believe that you're actually worried about your so called 'daughter', idiot yorozuya. Honestly go kill yourself, bastard, that sadistic captain is getting it on while you're still a virgin. Silver samurai gave him a troll smile.

You should be called a virgin vice-commander. Stop making up lies, you dumb piece of junk. Toushi draw his sword charging at yorozuya. Stop calling me that, you psychopath poor excuse for a main character! As soon as they entered the room, Sougo kicked the door closed, it was on auto lock, so he didn't bothered locking since the only way to open it, is by the special card key or from the inside by turning the lock. Okita put Kagura down on bed and came on top of her kissing her again, starting slowly but then it once again turned into the passionate one.

His hands moved down working on her yukata's belt as Kagura's hands went up his chest and pushed him away slightly stopping him. I don't want it like this. Sougo arched a brow. In the previous chapters, that you're not doing anything without a profit and that I should… pay you…. With… with… My body. Yato female moaned a little at the feeling of pain and pleasure on her neck. But this has crossed that deal a long time ago.

I had to travel the space, fight your brother and save you twice. I think only one night is not enough anymore. I don't have anything more valuable than that, unless you want my sukonbu.

He moved down her body, slowly kissing her chin, then licking her neck and going down towards her breasts while leaving many love marks on her body that looked so beautiful against her pale skin. So all the others will wait. She moved the hem of the yukata opening it and moved her hands over his bandaged chest with worried look on her face. He could have died. She thought as she leaned over and kissed his chest gently. Sougo groaned from a slight pain and pleasure of her action, he pushed her down and returned to his work.

You said it's the first thing you will do. I'm being so nice as to keep under control my sadistic nature because this is your first time, but I'm at my limit. If you keep interrupting me, then I'll bind you to this bed and rape you anyway I want, whether you want it or not.

Otae, Shinpachi, Kyuubei, Elizabeth, Zura dressed as Captain KatsuraKondo with the rest of the Shinsengumi and Sadaharu stood in front of the gate 2 where as they were informed, two days ago, would be arriving Kahietai's ship with their friends. After their memories all of a sudden returned and they realized how they treated their dear Kagura-chan and that in what kind of trouble those two kids with their two no good, sweet-freak and mayo-freak guardians would be because of that actually worried them, but hopefully everything was okay.

The light bulb above the big 'Gate 2' sign turned red informing them that the ship has arrived, all of them moved closer expecting for them to come out soon, when instead Sakamoto Tatsuma came out laughing and scratching his head. He was beaten up the next second. After him Gintoki and Toushi came out, silver perm head as always with his dead fish eyes moving towards his friends as all of them surrounded him and kept asking about his injuries and Kagura, and everything that happened.

It was same on the other side, Toushi with a cigarette in his mouth moved towards the Shinsengumi officers all of them surrounding their beloved vir- Erm. Hijikata looked at the camera with the look saying, 'Don't you dare to mention that name. Through all the commotion, Kagura and Sougo stepped out of the gates slowly, so that they won't be jumped all of a sudden.

As they exited Kagura was thinking. Damn that Sadist, I mean I did say challenge, but he went overboard doing it for two days straight with only a little brake for a shower that they also took together and food that he only let her have a little amount off, same amount that the normal human girls will have. Oh, well I am back to Edo and since I'm actually living with yorozuya he will probably not be able to do it much in here. Kagura looked at him shocked, did that bastard learned to read her mind.

Just by looking at you I can guess. Okita catches her arm, twisting her over towards himself. She waved her hand with tears. Good-bye my freedom, I don't need you anymore!