Gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship goals

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gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship goals

I first knew her through The Greatest Love where she starred with Cha Seung Won. GONG HYO JIN AND JO IN SUNG'S CHEMISTRY IS GOLD. I know that Hyo Jin opened up about her relationship with Lee Jin Wook two years ago and so did Jo In Sung KWANG SOO'S HEIGHT IS SUCH A GOAL. introverted bossyeon woo jinpark hye soogong seung yeonyoon parkmy stuff kdrama*introverted boss*ywj*phs*yp*gsy*will i ever love a man as The SONGSONG couple are getting married IRL? . Yoo Ah In & Kim Hye Soo - 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards Squad goals, though. “I'm fifty-one percent won over. The romantic comedy stars Gong Hyo-jin as Gu Ae Jung, a former member of an a contract relationship with movie star Dokko Jin (played by Cha Seung-won).

I have a new couple to ship! Of course, the list is going to be my rants and crazy thoughts. I have no patient anymore! I have always been interested in psychology thing. It just matches my believe. Before watching the drama, I have been in love for a long time to Hyo Jin unnie. She is just that lovely. Just like what happened to Misaeng. For some reasons, I do think that her acting is… just average, always with the same expressions and act.

Which is kind of hurting me. I mean, people were either pushing or pulling opinions on D. I have been in awe on how Hyo Jin could pull off an outdated look, even at some points, weird fashion.

I just envy her. She looks good in every clothes. Ah… She is just great at it. I had seen In Sung in 1N2D and articles. But not even once in drama.

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When he did a surprise appearance in 1N2D that is still a freaking silly episode and how they accidentally brought him still makes me speechlesseveryone went crazy. He has this charm and face that you can not ever ignore.

I have always been a fool of handsome faces. I would faint if I ever got to meet him.

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I love how their music and songs are repetitive but always on point and fit perfectly to each scene. Or how the songs expressed their emotions better than their lines. Moo Won, seeing her qualifications and against the advice of his staff, hires Eun Seol.

When Eun Seol sees Ji Heon, she immediately remembers him from the lounge.

gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship goals

However, Ji Heon upon seeing Eun Seol only states that he hates her poopy head hairstyle half up half down, with funky bun directly on top of head. Ji Heon says that it reminds him of the girl that got him into trouble at the nightclub. Ji Heon father wants to prove to the the board that Ji Heon would be fit successor. If Ji Heon did not clean up his act, the role would go up to his cousin Moo Won irritating his father.

As Ji Heon begins to admire her, he gives her more responsibility, including finding the lady with poopy hair that got him into the fight at the lounge. Ji Heon discovers the special relationship and becomes jealous of Moo Won. Ji Heon wants Eun Seol all for himself and become more mature to attain her.

Moo Won is in love with Na Yoon, but ultimately she rejects him, because she wants to be the heir of the corporation, not the cousin. However, Eun Seol also has feelings for the man that gave her a chance in the first place, Moo Won.

gong hyo jin and cha seung weon relationship goals

Questions to be answered: Who will be the next leader of the corporation? Why does Ji Heon have so many hiccups?

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Will Moo Won break free from his mother? Will Na Yoon stop acting so self-involved? How many times can I see Eun Seol dominating her opponents?

Lorde, Gong Li, Cha Seung Won, Gong Hyo Jin and more attend Italian fashion brand event

Do you like white collar crime? By the end of episode 3, I was is in full on drama watching mode. This drama was good, left me with memories, and made me connect emotionally. A few episodes prior to the finale were rough, but if I watch this drama again I could seriously see myself overlooking this and giving it a higher rating.

Top 5 Reasons to Watch: Choi Kang Hee does a great job at playing a strong tough girl that guys can easily fall in love with.

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The role of Eun Seol is well balanced, vulnerability eludes her, but somehow she still come across as soft. Kang Hee did a great job at making Kang Hee cute, hard, endearing, and fun fit in one character.

The concept of three girls living in a loft apartment, bonding over their love lives, and singing songs was adorable. It may have been a bit too cheesy for some, but I liked it. Let me explain, the kiss scenes were okay. I am still not sure, why you kiss on the step with a rail in between, seemed really awkward. Moving on, the more I watched them together the more I liked them. It was like the romance that I would have dreamed of in middle school.

This was probably due to the fact that at first Ji Heon seemed like an annoying little kind at first, but became a man that Eun Seol could depend on. Their love blossomed as each character became more mature.