Gossip girl blair and louis relationship

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gossip girl blair and louis relationship

Gossip Girl, about a bunch of rich Upper East Siders and their insanely The relationship between Serena and Blair with all its ups, downs and field When Prince Louis' (Hugo Becker) sister Beatrice was obviously gunning. fan-favorite relationship between Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass and Blair After failing to win back Blair from Prince Louis, Chuck found himself. Season Five is the fifth season of Gossip Girl, the American teen drama based Dan and Blair begin a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Blair and Louis return to New York from Monaco after spending the summer planning their wedding.

Barnes' office for her, along with a check for what he owes her. He reveals that he is paying her to turn Chuck back into the monster he was to ensure Blair will never fall for him again. She goes to meet with Chuck at his suite at the Empire, under the guise that their last appointment ended too abruptly. She brings up Blair, and asks if Chuck is angry that she is marrying somebody else.

He replies that he let Blair go and that's the end of the story. She presses on, saying Blair is the source of his suffering, and that there's no way he can't not be angry. She tells Chuck that he has to accept that he didn't let Blair go, he lost her to someone else. He gives the engagement ring he bought for Blair to Dr. Barnes and asks her to get rid of it, and she takes it and leaves.

In the elevator, she texts Louis that she can't do it anymore. Later, Louis surprises Dr. Barnes at the dog park. She tells him once again that she can't destroy a man who is doing everything he can to heal himself.

Louis asks about their deal, and she returns the check.

Blair–Nate relationship

Unbeknownst to the two, Chuck is also at the park and overhears their entire conversation. Barnes and tells her that he thinks he's in trouble and asks her to meet him later that night. Barnes to reveal confidential information about him. Blair demands to know why he's doing this and Chuck tells her to ask a very guilty looking Louis. Blair and Louis step outside of the party and she asks him why he felt the need to pay Chuck's therapist for information. He tells Blair that he found the paternity test she had done.

Blair explains that she had the test done so they could both have peace at mind, but Louis thinks the test was proof she still felt she had a choice to make between him and Chuck, and he needed her to see that Chuck will always be the wrong choice. Blair reassures him that her and Chuck will never be able to work, as he destroys everything in his life and it's scaring her that he is turning into Chuck.

At the end of the episode, Blair tells Louis that he should go on the trip he was planning, as a little space would be good for them. He overhears a conversation between Serena and Nate, where he finds out Serena has access to all of Gossip Girl's sources.

He posts them to The Spectator and goes with Blair to their engagement party, which Serena has planned with a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme, which is Blair's favorite movie.

However, the sources come out at the party and Blair finds out Louis released them to prove his point. Upset, she tells him she needs to think about the future of their relationship and asks him to leave. Blair's pregnancy is causing her fingers to swell and her engagement ring no longer fits. Dorota tells her that it's normal, but Blair is concerned the paparazzi will take the ring absence to have a deeper meaning. Dorota says that maybe it does, since Louis has been back in New York for a week and Blair still hasn't seen him yet.

Blair informs her that she will see Louis when she figures out what to do. Dorota reminds her that Chuck told her that to make Louis a good man again, she has to reassure him he won't lose her.

gossip girl blair and louis relationship

Blair confesses that she isn't sure she can honestly promise Louis she will never leave him. Dorota asks what is stopping her, since the handsome prince who is also the father of her baby truly loves her and that it's really the thought of Chuck that is stopping her.

Blair denies it, saying that while Chuck has changed for the better, her decision has to do with Louis. She tells Dorota that until she decides what to do or her finger swelling goes down, they are not leaving the building. After getting invaded by a photographer, Blair decides to stay in Brooklyn with Dan for awhile.

At the loft, Dan asks Blair if everything is okay. She replies that everything is horrible because she needs to tell Louis he will never lose her but something is stopping her. Dan says it must be her feelings for Chuck, and Blair again denies it. However, she eventually admits that he is right, but now Chuck has become the man she always wanted him to be and she knows how to make Louis a good man again, so she's trapped and has to choose.

She says no at first, but then decides to try. She says that a pro for Chuck is he's finally become a good man, and Dan says as a con that he's slept with everyone in Manhattan. For Louis, he's a prince, but Dan adds he's only the prince of Monaco. She lists how he's the father of her child, and the fact is that that will always have to come first and the only ending to her fairy tale.

She calls Chuck, who tells her that marrying the father of her child can't be a mistake. Blair, devastated, hangs up. Louis tells Serena how he's going crazy from not hearing from Blair. Serena offers to help, and Louis is confused as to why Serena would want to help him, but Serena insists that he is the only one who can make all of Blair's dreams come true.

She makes Louis promise not to scheme anymore before telling him where Blair is. Serena asks what he's doing, and Nate says it looks like he's helping Blair and Chuck finally be together. Nate mentions to Charlie that he hopes the paparazzi don't find out Blair is here, or they could ruin the party by trying to get a photo.

Charlie asks if they really could ruin the party, and Nate says yes before going to warn security about Max. She sends a tip to Gossip Girl about Blair being there. Inside, Chuck tells Blair that he had it wrong, that just because Louis is the father, that doesn't mean Blair needs to pick him.

She asks what he means, and Chuck replies that he will love her baby as much as he loves her and that it would have been selfish to break up her family. The two leave the party, and in the car, Blair reveals to Chuck that she is ready to leave Louis to be with Chuck. Before she can end it, the car crashes, leaving Blair and Chuck badly injured. Blair and Louis are still together and have returned from Europe, unbeknownst to Chuck.

After a chance meeting on a walk, Chuck ends up at the Waldorf's with Louis. While he goes off for a second, he runs into Blair, who leaves immediately. Louis admits to Chuck that Blair keeps going on late night excursions and he has no idea where she's going or what she's doing.

He says he wants to hire a private investigator to find out; but Chuck says he has a better idea. He decides to hire Dan, who grudgingly agrees. Later at a dress fitting, Dan tries to tell Blair she shouldn't go through with the wedding but she thinks she should. He calls Chuck and tells him Blair is doing nothing secretive, but Chuck follows them to a private residence where they enter together.

He takes pictures and uses them to prove to Louis that Blair and Dan are having an affair. They tell Serena, who doesn't believe them.

Gossip girl 4x21 - Blair and Louis conversation: "Blair dark side and engagement" - Shattered Bass

Still, Chuck and Louis want evidence, so they ask Serena to hand over her laptop; she's been getting all the blasts that would previously have gone to the currently defunct Gossip Girl site. They find photos of Dan and Blair together and decide to confront them at the Spectator's New Year's Eve party that night.

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Later, Serena is over their conspiracy theories and decides to ask Blair herself. Being pretty sure, Louis adds a photo of the two together with the caption "Most Secret Affair" to the end of the year slideshow.

Meanwhile, Blair tells Serena the truth. In a flashback, we see her learning that she's lost the baby and that it's not looking good for Chuck. She ends up praying in the chapel, promising God that she'll stick to her vow and marry Louis if He saves Chuck, who ends up surviving.

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In another flashback, it's revealed Blair is actually visiting a church with Dan and talking with a priest. You see, she's intent on taking the Spectator back from our Nate and isn't above using or, you know, causing problems in his relationship with Lola to get the job done. Nate neglects to inform Lola of his personal relationship with Diana, which she soon finds out about thanks to Google Lola turns to cousin Serena for help, but the new Gossip Girl uses the situation to her advantage, setting Lola up to be the new It girl so she can finally be free of Gossip Girl's invasive shackles.

There are certain shades of limelight than can wreck a girl's complexion. At least that's what Holly Golightly said.

Too bad Lola is pulling a double-cross! Obviously, Serena feels so betrayed by this development. I hope we could still be friends," Lola says to an unmoved Serena, who completely forgets the fact that she was using her cousin.

So what lesson did S learn from all of this? She likes being the It girl See, you can have your cake and eat it, too We all know Bart Bass is set to return at the end of this season, but is Chuck's padre returning in flashback form or as a ghost?

You'll have to wait and see," Josh Safran teases. While the girls' current feud over Dan Penn Badgley is sure to put some attention back on their core dynamic, ignoring the central friendship of the series for nearly the entire season has made the show less enjoyable to watch.

The Magically Disappearing S The series began with Serena's return from boarding school and throughout Gossip Girl's run the blonde and brunette society girls have traded off the narrative lead.

While things were more equitable in the first season, there have been times when either Blair or Serena has stolen the plot limelight. I can't remember any time, however, when Serena's story has been so thin. This year, Serena's character has consistently been used as a prop to lend importance to the show's guest star storyline of the moment.

She briefly worked in the film industry, although mostly this turn of events worked to forward Dan's book storyline. Making Serena once again an accessory to the ongoing Ivy plot. Then Serena decided to take down Gossip Girl with Nate's Chace Crawford help, which lasted about the thirty seconds it took Serena to utter that declaration of war. Shortly after Serena began working at Nate's gossip site, once again playing a minor role in Nate's storyline while having no momentum of her own.

In terms of her love life, which is one of the central devices of the series, Serena has spent most of the season pining for the emotionally unavailable Dan. This mostly just positions her as an obstacle to the burgeoning Blair and Dan romance. Serena has been present to service everyone else's storylines this season without having any kind of character arc herself.

Blair-Louis Relationship

The answer is that she's usually acting as a plot device in whatever storyline the writers need moved forward. As one of arguably the two main characters of the show see above Serena should have her own character arc. Her character shouldn't be used to prop up guest stars or make already crowded love triangles more dramatic. It's time to give Serena a real storyline that starts and ends with her.

The writing for Blair has been possibly even more troubling than the lack of any kind of story for Serena. Unlike Serena, Blair has received a lion's share of the plot this season.

Unfortunately, this narrative prominence has done her character no favors. Throughout the run of the show, Blair has been an underdog, a striver and above all a schemer.

This season, Blair has put away her Queen B crown in favor of a pretty princess tiara. In her quest to become the princess of Monaco, she has barely schemed once all season. When Prince Louis' Hugo Becker sister Beatrice was obviously gunning for her, she didn't even notice. Even Serena, one of the more trusting and naive people on the show currently being convinced a complete stranger is her cousin, could see Beatrice was bad news.

Did Blair find out her plan or scheme to take her down? Nope, she just sat passively by and did nothing. In fact, sitting passively by and doing nothing appears to be Blair's lot in life now.

gossip girl blair and louis relationship

The issues with Blair's characterization might be the most troubling of the season. Blair has gone from an active character, constantly engaged in a fight with the world around her, to a passive victim.

When things used to go wrong for Blair Waldorf she would wipe her tears and plot revenge. This season, when times get tough Blair literally runs away from her problems. Whether that's to cry on Dan's shoulder in Brooklyn or run away to the Dominican Republic, Blair has become a classic damsel-in-distress. It's hard to imagine Blair reacting to threats with anything other than a good take-down, but this season she has barely schemed at all.

She doesn't fight for herself. She used to routinely try to destroy people for sometimes no apparent reason at all. This season she has become the perpetual victim of other people's plots. I miss the strong, tough Blair Waldorf who always had a backup plan, even if they often or always went awry.