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Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and Damned or TLAD is the first of two episodes Spoiler Warning: Plot and/or ending details are in the text which follows. a working business relationship with the Angels of Death, long-term rivals of The Lost. Feb 17, Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost And Damned Review Points, the higher end of downloadable content for Xbox Live, price-wise, it's hard Klebitz's relationships already established makes jumping back into GTA IV a breeze. However, recently, in GTA IV's fourth PC patch, The Lost and Damned's it symbolizes the end of the Lost motorcycle club, as the pressures of authority, His relationship with some Lost MC members (Brian & Billy) are low; though he.

The status of various inquiries can be found by checking your e-mail at a later date, where you'll either get a counter-inquiry or a downright rejection. Try to press the various girls on the site for dates, but keep in mind that there are some girls that you can date and others that won't date you no matter how hard you try.

  • Billy Grey

So now that you know how you can potentially score a date with one of Liberty City's beautiful single females, what should you do when you're on a date? How do you prepare for a date, and what are some of the things to keep an eye out for while on a date and perhaps most importantly after the date has concluded? Below are five tips to keep in mind before, during and after any given date to make them sure successes.

Be Punctual[ edit ] Other than subjecting your date to vehicular homicide or in some other way murdering and dismembering her, few things will ruin the vibe of a good date from the very get-go more than being late to pick up your special lady friend.

When a date is made, therefore, you want to be on time. Usually, from the point of cellular contact, you're going to have an in-game hour to get to your date before she gets miffed for standing her up. The date can still go on to a certain point even if you're late, but it's definitely not the way you want to get things started.

The Lost and Damned

If you don't think you'll make it even remotely on time, be sure to call her up to cancel the date. She'll likely be pissed, but not as pissed as if you just don't show up at all. Rock Out[ edit ] Niko and his date should have a good time from the get-go, so bring your girl to a local eatery or other place of amusement and have an awesome time.

TLaD - Get Lost (All Possibilities)

Usually, this will involve a burger at Burger Shot, or perhaps some beers and darts at a local Irish pub. When Johnny Klebitz and his fellow bikers feel compelled to "put this place out of its misery" by burning it to the ground, it is the end of Johnny's year childhood and leads to the moral of the story - everyone has to grow up sometime.

Johnny Klebitz and Jim Fitzgerald: He struggles to lead the gang with reason and, at the same time, is pressured to become more reasonable by "model citizen" types outside the gang such as his brother or Thomas Stubbseventually realized when he gives up the biker bar at the end of the game. Jim is a very rare role model of responsibility in the gang, an older guy with a wife and child.

He is Johnny's closest friend and despite outranking him, he looks to Jim for sagely advice. After Jim is dead, he calls him "the man we all wanted to be", most likely because he could balance the joys of biker life with rationality and a nice family, unlike any other character in the story.

Billy Grey and Brian Jeremy: Billy Grey is president of the Lost and, as mentioned above, leads the gang in a pursuit of pride, fast times and a love of violence. His own immature sense of pride leads him to start a war with the Angels of Death and try to kill Johnny, dividing the Lost. He is very much a regressed child; one clear example is when Jason Michaels dies, he calls him "just a kid, but [ Brian is his closest follower, almost a kiss-up with a lack of confidence, who rallies his own sanction of Billy-loyalist Lost members against Johnny after Billy is arrested.

Johnny's ex-girlfriend, who he still defends when she is threatened by gangs or overdosing on drugs.

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Johnny's dissatisfaction with her throwing her life away is a major step forward in his maturity. Elizabeta TorresMalc and DeSean: Aside from personal growth, racism is also a theme in the Lost and Damned. Surviving this final onslaught is as easy as staying put. The crate you're automatically behind after the cutscene finishes gives you an awesome location in which to spring attacks from.

As long as you keep your head down, your friends should do a lot of the work automatically. With your supplemental fire, the cops here won't last very long. Remember -- this marks the final fight in the final mission in the game, so everything goes. There's no reason to hold back or reserve good weapons for future use -- you won't need them after this unless you're doing the myriad DLC side quests, which don't necessitate amazing weaponry.

All cops must be killed here in order for you to get the okay from an in-game prompt to go after Billy. Therefore, don't neglect climbing the guard tower itself to waste the well-positioned foes there. The cops are marked by red dots on your HUD but you likely figured that out ten minutes ago. When you've capped Billy, the game will prompt you to get back to your chopper, which has magically appeared in front of the guard tower. While more cops will show up as you and your cronies bike back towards the entrance of the prison, you don't have to stop and deal with them.

Rather, you should be able to buzz through them without so much as a gunshot grazing you. When you've reached the streets of Alderney once more, head north and head back to the Lost clubhouse, as you've done so many times before.

We won't say much about what happens after you reach the Lost clubhouse, since the events constitute the abbreviated ending of the DLC content.