Hashirama and madara relationship trust

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hashirama and madara relationship trust

Hashirama Senju and Mito Uzumaki did have an offspring. It mainly focused on the relationship Tsunade and Hashirama had between them. Sep 15, Explore Kyoko-Red Night's board "Hashirama and Madara" on See more ideas about Boruto, Madara uchiha and Naruto shippuden. Naruto Couples and Pairings in so far, im used to make video about .. Don't Trust. It wasn't until Hashirama and Madara fell asleep on the grass one day, And this trust is what allowed them to confide in the other about a secret that how she would affect the relationship between Madara and Hashirama.

Injuries were quickly bandaged and hidden, no suspicion casted the next day. Any changes in their normal behavior were effortlessly lied about. How wrong he was. She was stunning, beauty and intelligence and strength radiating from her like the sun. Her wit and wisdom made her enjoyable company. Stories of Uzushiogakure were weaved to bright eyed children easily, effortlessly.

Before he could stop it if it could be stopped at allshe became part of his world, his universe, standing proudly and equally next to Hashirama. He fell in love with Uzumaki Mito, while still loving his brother. There was a point where Tobirama and Izuna worried about how she would affect the relationship between Madara and Hashirama. The older Uchiha and the Uzumaki had an easy, respectful relationship, any roughness smoothed away long before the trio arrived back to Konahagakure. Izuna lost his virginity to Tobirama, and vise verse, on the night of Uzumaki- now Senju- Mito's and Senju Hashirama's wedding.

It was bright and glorious event- singing and dancing and lights spilling into the night sky. The two of them did not drink; weary from the crowd, tired from their heart ache. The day that Tobirama told him about his love for Mito that burned just as bright as his love for Hashirama was the first day that they were looped arms around each other's shoulders in the closest thing to a hug.

All the other times they had done it, the other was injured and bleeding. It was sight of Madara, Mito, and Hashirama standing in a close circle, smiles on all their faces, that made Izuna's heart squeeze painfully in his chest. They were perfect, mystical, the things that legends are made out of. And what was Izuna? His brother's shadow, a man who loved his brother more than he should. A hand on his shoulder brought him out of his thoughts.

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He looked at Tobirama, red eyes staring at the trio enviously, before he turned and walked away. Izuna followed; there were no need for words. The crowds, the lights, the sounds- they swallowed the two of them until they made it to a training clearing, far enough away that it would take a little bit for their loves to find them.

Pent up emotions finally spilled out of the two men. Kisses and touches were traded roughly. Clothes and armor and weapons were dropped gracelessly to the grass. Their bodies met in a desperate, primal dance, their voices low as they fucked outside like animals were they animals? What kind of human would fall for a sibling? They fucked long and hard, into the night that was still lit by the festival, until they just couldn't pretend anymore and stopped.

They dressed themselves in silence and walked back to the wedding, never speaking about what just occurred. What was there to be said? They both knew who the other was imagining on that field. Aren't they just sick men? Hashirama and Mito were expected to have children, and the Uchiha clan heads have been vocal as of late about Madara's lack of interest in finding a wife. Koharu, Homura, and Hiruzen were brilliant, good children. Their teamwork was shaky as times as to be expected of their age group but they never failed to watch out for each other.

That applied to their teachers too- whenever someone usually clan heads were making sly, disrespectful remarks about them, it wouldn't be long after when they would be screaming because of something the trio whipped up, and they couldn't claim that the older men did it because they were off training with their students. They claimed innocence; Izuna and Tobirama knew better- they could be vicious if they wanted.

Though, it was surprising that no one has caught on yet since it was clockwork. It was one of the older Uchihas, long since banished from the clan for reasons unrelated to their desire for blood. They, controlling the Nine Tail Fox, attacked the village one night suddenly. Madara and Hashirama, sparing a moment to bark out orders to get everyone to safety, rushed to face the beast and madman on.

As Tobirama passed an elderly woman to Hiruzen to take, Izuna shoved him and pointed to a streak of red that was hopping across the top of buildings; only one person could possibly have that shade of red.

It didn't take long to catch up with Mito. Her plan was insane- sealing the beast inside of herself- but she refused to back down, claiming that it had to be done.

Izuna was impressed by her stubbornness- Madara and Hashirama picked a good woman. But that didn't mean he and Tobirama would leave her alone. So as Madara and Hashirama, having long since killed the crazed Uchiha he could already hear the whispers of distrust that would come from the civiliansbattled the Fox, Izuna distracted the beast away from the men and to him. With Madara's screams "what the Hell are you doing here?!

And with a swirl of orange and red, roars shaking the earth like thunder, the beast was gone, sucked into the seal on Mito's belly. Madara came running up, fear in his eyes. Seeing that he was still breathing, he tightly embraced Izuna, murmuring "idiot. From the corner of his eye, the younger brother watched the exact same scene be played out with Hashirama, Tobirama, and Mito.

Tobirama and Izuna were sent on a mission that Hashirama, Madara, and Mito had concerns about. They faced the concerns with "it has to be done for the good of the village" and "we'll be alright". That only made the concerns not as vocal- much to Tobirama's and Izuna's embarrassment and to their little trio of hellions' amusementthe trio waved them off from the front gate, completely ignoring their protests.

The mission should have only taken two weeks to complete, with a week of travel back. And they did complete the mission on time; it was the way back that everything went to Hell. They were ambushed only two days away from the village- vastly outnumbered and still recovering from the mission, Izuna and Tobirama were taken.

For what couldn't be more than three days if they were even a minutes late, Hashirama and Madara would send out search parties; even Mito, with all her behind the scene power, wouldn't stop themthey were tortured, an attempt to pull weaknesses and secrets about the village- about their brothers- from them. They remained silent, making the fire of hatred burn even brighter.

It was just as one of the ninjas, tired of the silence and glares, tried to dig out one of Izuna's eyes that the wall behind them exploded, stone and dust and air violently shoving their capturers aside. When their world finally stopped spinning, when darkness began to slowly creep into their vision, Tobirama and Izuna found themselves being cradled by their brothers, their names and pleads falling endlessly from their mouths. Blood was filling up their lungs, their mouths, their hearts slowing down, everything starting to shut down- the two men were dying.

Grabbing their pleading elders' shirts, they pulled them down to whisper pleads for forgiveness "Forgive me". Whisper the biggest secrets that they have been keeping "I love you, Nii-san, with everything I have. But that is not the end. Izuna groans as lights hits his eyelids, disturbing his sleep. His eyes flutter open, hazy with sleep. Memories began to slowly return to him, as he slowly sat up, pain stabbing at him.

He takes in the bandages that are wrapped around him, the room around him that he knows belongs to Madara. His confession finally went through his brain, causing a violent blush to cover his cheeks as he buried his face in his hands.

Oh God, what happens now?

hashirama and madara relationship trust

At that moment, the door slid open and, before he could look up, Izuna was pulled into a tight hug, head tucked a sharp chin. Izuna's heart started to beat faster in his chest, the blush on his face a dark pink.

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This is to be expected when I'm related to you- happened often enough. His thoughts in a mess, he tried to damage control, "It's alright now, I'm home! So don't worry-" He would have continued if broad hands hadn't cup his face, if a slightly chapped mouth didn't capture his in strong kiss. With shaking hands, he grabbed onto Madara's arms, trying to find a grasp to reality as he kissed his brother back.

The kiss lasted no more a minute, but it seemed like forever. That happened to be the case that day, as Madara was demanding answers. Trying to stay calm and take hold of the situation, Hashirama spoke.

However, he knew that would cause more problems than solutions. Your clan is fierce Madara," He should not have said that. As Hokage, I have to satisfy the needs of the population and well, villagers felt threatened by It would've been easier for him to lie. The rumors are starting up again.

hashirama vs madara

Don't you think I try to convince them that you're not a threat? You don't do a good job at clarifying my argument, especially with your secretive personality. I mean, what did you expect me to do? Maybe you could have asked me yourself instead of going behind me back! Hashirama thought, getting up and chasing after Madara.

He grabbed the other man's wrist and was somewhat shocked by how thin it was. What I did was wrong! And thank you for not getting to angry at me. To at least make up for what he did, Hashirama softly kissed Madara's cheek. The Uchiha didn't expect it at first, but his lips slowly curled to a smile, it was barely there. Hashirama continued until Madara's smile was completely visible.

That made the the tan skinned Senju happy. Let's do something nice! I obviously lack the free time you're blessed with. A simple kiss wouldn't fix it. The village has nothing to do with my love life! Too much Uzumaki pride. It was the groan, from the man on the floor that caused him to react. Two hours hadn't even gone by, before Hashirama was heading into his second argument. Shodai had barely gotten back to his office with a box of scrolls in his arms, before he saw his annoying little brother standing there.

Or was it the other way around? This prompted Hashirama to attempt to ignore him, as he placed a few scrolls on his desk and began to organize them. Tobirama crossed his arms, and started to tap his fingers vigrously. He didn't take well to being ignore. All the while, Tobirama continued. Hashirama only returned to his scroll sorting, until he came upon a strange one. He placed that one aside. I'm sorry, but if you haven't noticed I mean, come on, he forgave you for nearly killing his brother Trust me, I'll keep a close eye on him.

The Binding scroll, it's self explanatory.

hashirama and madara relationship trust

I assumed it would be an automatic break up. It was that kind of smile that Madara hated, but loved at the same time. I admit, what you did in the past was kinda If you keep living in the past, then you'll just destroy yourself from the inside.

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At that moment, he went into deeper thought, mainly centered around Izuna who was presently the head of the clan, or the second Head. Still, he was more trusted than Madara would ever be by his clan and somehow, Izuna managed to stay on good terms with Tobirama. It was a good thing that Izuna actually survived the war or else, after Madara's betrayal, the clan would most likely be exterminated.

You just got here. And plus, it gets lonely when you're not here I hate living by myself. And please stay for a while Madara thought, but Izuna read his face. See, they even cut my hair for me! He just sat back in his chair, and listened as his brother continued his talk about his dream. Hashirama should've known that his younger brother had it out for him, and he fell perfectly into his trap.

The meeting was going nowhere and Hashirama was more than pressed for time. Every time he heard the ticking of the second hand, he forced himself to look at the clock, and mentally cursed. It was already nine thirty, and he could tell that this meeting was nowhere close to being finished. He couldn't rush the Lords, so he just had to sit there and listen while they joked with one another eventually, completely forgetting about Hashirama. He's gonna kill me for real this time.

Hashirama thought, glaring at the clock once again. This time it was ten o'clock, but the restaurant he wanted to go to closed at midnight, so he still had some time. He could've left two hours earlier, and they would not have noticed. He left that building quickly without looking back and quickly, broke into a sprint to the Kage tower. People stared at him strange, but he ignored it. He only prayed that Madara waited there, and wouldn't get too angry at him.

Madara didn't even know why he bothered to show up. He had a feeling something like this was going to happen and he was angry. No, he wasn't angry at Hashirama but at himself.

He was angry at himself for believing that the two could actually have a loving relationship. There were just too many factors that pulled them apart and Madara had to face it sooner or later. It didn't matter how many gifts, how many kisses or hugs Hashirama gave him, nothing could change what Madara was. He was a criminal, and no matter how anyone looked at it that's what he was. In addition to that, he was out of place.

He was in a village that hated him, and a clan that was wary of him. He was basically taking a woman's place, being Hashirama's lover and the more he thought about it, the more he hated it. Perhaps, it would just be easy to end it all. Eventually, someone else would do it for him, so why not just make it quicker? It would be a favor to the village, for him to leave the Earth, permanently. Nobody would care, and Hashirama would He'd have the support of the village.

Madara sighed and looked at Hashirama's office for what he thought would be the last time before quietly walking out the door. He hadn't made it halfway down the hall when he bumped into a running man, causing both of them to fall over. For some reason, Madara wasn't surprised when he saw Hashirama in front of him, standing up.