Heero and duo relationship

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heero and duo relationship

The Relationship of Heero and Relena is not canon. Well, not Like I said, the ambiguousness of relationships of Gundam Wing makes it up to the . Ground Zero has some Heero/Duo moments, so maybe the fan fiction authors all read that?. In Endless Waltz, Heero all but admits that Duo is the better pilot of the two when they are piloting a shuttle to the X colony. Duo's specialty in MS combat. DVD covers show the pilots in the order Heero, Duo then the others. Heero and Relena are the main characters, and the DVD's are not in 'pilot order' either.

What Wufei needs is someone to blast a Gundam-sized opening in his life after he knocks on the King of Sanque's door.

heero and duo relationship

The Accessory by Dyna Dee reviews Heero's newest accessory causes a stir amongst his friends. Male pairings, fluff and humor intended. N reviews Quatre breaks up with Trowa when he learns he's sick from an unknown disease.

heero and duo relationship

To protect Trowa from watching him get sicker, he ends their relationship and deals with the pain alone. K - English - Romance - Chapters: What will happen when he finally works up the nerve to speak to the other man?

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N reviews Quatre is the son of an ailing Duke, and while he is out retrieving medicine for his father, he catches the eye of a bride scout for the Prince of Barton. Wufei ponders what his lovers mean to him. T - English - Romance - Chapters: Humans feared what they do not understand. And no human had ever really understood him. After being chased out of town, there is no room for another in Quatre's heart, or in his bed, but a Minstrel is determined to open his eyes and force his way in.

Baby It's Cold Outside by Anaki Starsong reviews Heero's power is out and Duo is stuck staying over and without heat they have to improvise to subdue the chill from without and from within.

Gundam Wing

More if you want to see it. His suit still damaged during re-entry, Heero used components from Duo's Deathscythe to repair his Gundam overnight and flew off to complete a mission the next morning. This information leaked by OZ leader Treize Khushrenada proved to be false as the meeting was actually attended by Alliance pacifists, led by Field Marshal Noventa. The Gundam pilots' attack on the base ended with Heero destroying a shuttle carrying Noventa and the Alliance's other top officials who were seeking peace and Duo would meet the other three Gundam pilots: The God of Death then enrolled in school with Heero as civilian cover until a mission called for them to destroy Taurus mobile suits being transported to a Siberian base.

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OZ proved more than ready for the Gundams and Lady Une threatened the colonies if they did not surrender and hand over their mobile suits. The two avoided detection from OZ until the organization began freeing the colonies from the Alliance's control prompting all the Gundam pilots to return to space.

Heero was able to break into his cell with the intent to kill Duo but helped him escape to another colony instead. Soon after that, Duo watched in horror as Deathscythe was destroyed in a military exercise by Trowa who was posing as a colony volunteer soldier for OZ.

Duo then attempted to destroy the Lunar Base after hearing of the volunteer work there but was captured by volunteer Hilde Schbeiker.

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He quickly broke loose not before talking Hilde into re-thinking her decision to join OZ during an interrogation and made it to the Lunar Base where he was captured again after witnessing his and Wufei's Gundams being rebuilt. He remained imprisoned and almost died from a lack of oxygen when the Romefeller Foundation 's chief engineer Tubarov shut off the air to the cells.

Lady Une released him, Wufei and the Gundam engineers in time and Duo escaped, taking the incomplete Deathscythe Hell with him. Later, Duo encountered an amnesiac Trowa while visiting the circus with Hilde Trowa was believed dead after a Quatre went on a rampage with Wing Zero while Duo was imprisoned and informed Quatre of this soon afterward.

After the colony rebel group White Fang approached him to join them and he turned them down, Duo left the colony, not wanting the colony or Hilde to get involved. Eventually, he saved Trowa, Quatre, and Lucrezia Noin from an OZ attack and the group met up with Duo's Sweeper friend Howard, who was now in space and commanding the spaceship Peacemillion.

Denouncing the prototypes as dolls, Duo swiftly destroyed them both. In the final battle between the Earth Sphere Unified Nation and White Fang, Duo found the five Gundam Scientists within Libra and flew them to Peacemillion which had rammed into Libra and was hurtling toward Earth so they could ignite its engines and send it away from Earth-an act that cost the scientists their lives, but killed White Fang leader Quinze as well.

Duo, alongside his Gundam comrades and the Maganac Corpsfinally helped destroy a final block of Libra before it entered Earth's atmosphere, bringing an end to the Eve Wars. Endless Waltz After working with Quatre to send four of the Gundams into the Sun, Duo accompanied Heero in his attempt to rescue Relena after she was captured by Mariemaia Khushrenada the illegitimate daughter of Treize. During their entrance to the colony, he captured a Leo and fought Trowa who had infiltrated the Mariemaia Army in a Serpent briefly before escaping.

Duo eventually helped Heero and Trowa prevent Colony X from being dropped onto Earth and was captured to allow Heero to escape. He was able to quickly break out of a brig, met Sally Po and Trowa on a shuttle, and rendezvoused with Quatre who had returned with the Gundams in space. He then descended to Earth with Trowa and Quatre and fought alongside Zechs and Noin in Brussels, disabling numerous Serpent suits of the Mariemaia Army without killing any pilots.

After Dekim Barton shot Mariemaia and was shot and killed by a Treize loyalist, the conflict ended and Duo, along with Quatre and Trowa, self-detonated Deathscythe Hell and their suits.

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Duo was last seen eating lunch with Hilde on one of the colonies. Getting into a terrible motorbike accident in MC, most of his limbs are fractured, however he is aided by Trowa Barton.

Once out of the hospital, saddled with debts, he meets Hilde again, who has become a librarian in the Lanigreen Republic.

heero and duo relationship

After moving in with her, he begins to work to earn money to fix his motorbike, and proposes to Hilde. The two are married in MC, and he cuts his braid off. However, he soon leaves again, taking off into the Martian wilderness.