Jacob and laban relationship quiz

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jacob and laban relationship quiz

Jacob. What did Esau sell to Jacob? (). Esau's birthright. Esau was called Rebekah's true relationship? (). He saw them. Isaac sent Jacob away to Laban's house to find a bride for himself, warning him to stay away from A. Genesis = Jacob had a tough life, relationship-wise. Laban - Bible Characters, Bible Quiz. Laban went out to meet Abraham's servant who had come to take his sister to be a What relation was Laban to Jacob?.

Several days go by before Laban even finds out about this.

Jacob's Recessing Goats

It takes him a whole week to catch up. It means he is not to prosecute him in any way; he can still be upset, but he is limited in his response. Nonetheless, he accuses Jacob of duplicity and of carrying off his daughters like captives in a war.

Isaac and Jacob Bible Quiz

It is not clear what he intends to do. After all, it has been twenty years. First, Jacob defends his actions. He has taken leave without saying goodbye because he thought Laban might have tried to prevent his daughters from going with him. Her untimely death on the journey is then seen as fulfillment of this oath. Others disagree, saying that more than likely it has to do with patriarchal justice. Be that as it may, Jacob has placed Rachel in jeopardy.

Jacob tells Laban to search wherever he wants. Needless to say, Laban wastes no time in searching each tent. She, however, is sweetly sitting, and chooses not to arise as would be expected. Laban is supposed to understand this and foregoes the requirement that she should rise in his presence. He leaves her tent without comment -- and without his household gods. The question remains, however, why does Rachel steal those gods and what kind of gods are they?

Several options have been put forth. Or perhaps it is an attempt to legitimize his position as head of the family unit. For his part, Jacob does not seem to be concerned about any of these issues; his only thought is to get as far away from Laban, in as short a time as possible. There is another possibility to consider. Rachel, as we know, is furious with her father. She has had good reason to be upset with him for the past twenty years.

She can never confront her father. She cannot express her years of outrage at being dispossessed. So she steals the teraphim. Rachel, then, has accomplished several things. She has used the purity laws against her father and has successfully deceived him. There is no way of knowing whether she really is having her period, or if the whole notion is a ruse. But because she is female, she does not have the traditional avenues of legal recourse against her father.

Last and not to be overlooked is the fact that she is sitting on her inheritance. Given her social position and her muted voice throughout the text, this is one example where the story about Rachel tells a lot about her. Why did God resent having made man? How does God propose to rectify his mistake?

Why is Noah chosen as the man to survive? What is the principle of selection for who and what goes on to the ark? How does Noah determine that the waters have gone down so that he and those with him in the ark may descend to dry land? What is Noah's first act upon emerging from the ark?

What decision does God make after the flood concerning the future of mankind? What covenant does he make? How is this covenant symbolized? Is the God described here more like the God of the first creation or the second? Noah places a curse on Canaan, son of Ham. Ham had peeked into his father's tent at the wrong time. What do you make of this story? Tower of Babel 1.

What does this story, myth or not, attempt to explain? What is the plan and purpose of the Babel-builders? In this story, the people who were of one language wanted to build a city, and make a name for themselves lest they be scattered around the face of the earth.

Was God afraid of their power? Abraham and Sarah 1. The Abraham cycle begins with Abraham migrating. What does God promise him? Why does the fulfillment of God's covenant seem impossible? What makes Sarah laugh? What plan does Sarah have to resolve the dilemma of her childlessness? What results from this plan? About how old were Sarah and Abraham when Isaac was born?

Quite apart from whether the story is historically accurate or such a birth biologically possible, what is the intent of presenting this "miracle"? Who interferes with Abraham's sacrifice?

Why was Abraham willing to sacrifice his son? What is the significance of the substitution? As the covenant is renewed after the sacrifice, what is God's part of the deal and what is Abraham's responsibility? Sodom and Gomorrah and Lot's backward-glancing wife are common allusions among people who may not associate them with the legend of Abraham, but the story of Lot is an important part of the literary structure of the Abraham story.

What is its point? What sequence of events leads to Lot's residence in the city of Sodom? Why does Lot's wife turn into a pillar of salt? What happens between Lot and his daughters and why?

jacob and laban relationship quiz

Isaac and Rebekah 1. As this segment begins, what does Abraham require of his trusted servant? Does Isaac have anything to say about this marriage?

Where is Rebekah from? Who is Rebekah's brother, and how does he respond to the emissary of Abraham? On what basis do the members of the family finally decide to let Rebekah marry? Why does Rebekah cover herself with a veil before meeting Isaac?

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What is significant about Isaac's taking a bride from his father's homeland? Jacob and Esau 1. Describe the birth of Jacob and Esau. In the family feud, who was on whose side? For what did Esau sell his birthright? What was a birthright? Why did his parents dislike Esau's choice of a wife? What was the blessing Jacob stole? How would you describe Jacob's character?

How did Isaac react when he discovered he had been deceived? Why did Jacob flee? Where did he go? Jacob and Rachel 1. What did Jacob see in his dream at Bethel? What did the Lord God of Abraham promise to Jacob and his descendants in the dream?

jacob and laban relationship quiz

After the dream, what did Jacob vow? When he comes to the house of Uncle Laban, who does Jacob want to marry? What deal does Laban set up for Jacob? In this somewhat dysfunctional family, who gives birth to Jacob's sons? Jacob has to leave Laban's house in a hurry.

On his perilous journey back to meet Esau in Canaan, Jacob has another bad night. What happens, and with whom does he get into a wrestling match? Jacob won the match and gets a name change. The only daughter, Dinah, is raped, and the family is naturally upset.

What did the brothers do to get revenge?

jacob and laban relationship quiz

Joseph and his Brothers 1. Joseph is obviously the pampered son. What does his father give him? Are our sympathies early in the story with Joseph or with the brothers? What was Joseph's first dream that he told his brothers? How did his brothers interpret the dream? What did the dream prophesy for the future? What was Joseph's second dream? How did the second dream reinforce the prophecy of the first?

Why didn't the brothers slay Joseph? How did the brothers finally dispose of Joseph? What did they tell their father? How does this part of the tale provide a set-up for what follows? Judah and Tamar 1. The Joseph saga is interrupted by this tale. What is its purpose? What happens to Judah's first two sons?

Bible Study - Jacob and Laban

Who was married to the first? Why does Onan spill his seed on the ground? Tamar is rather crafty. We have another story of deception.

How does she get even with Judah? Who is the father? One of the sons becomes a progenitor of Jesse, the father of David. Why is this significant? Did the significant descendants who were later important in Israel's history come through Joseph? Why, then, is so much time devoted to his tale? Joseph in Egypt 1. Why was Joseph made overseer over his master's house? What reasons does Joseph give for ignoring the demands of Potiphar's wife?

What were these demands? How does Potiphar's wife explain to her husband why she has Joseph's garment in her possession? What happens to Joseph as a result of this deception? What evidence do we have in this episode that the Lord is with Joseph?

What meaning does Joseph give to the dreams of the butler and the baker? After saying that interpretations of dreams belongs to God, why does Joseph then proceed to explain the meanings of the dreams? What does he request of the butler when his dream is fulfilled?

jacob and laban relationship quiz

Is the request granted? What are Pharaoh's dreams? How does Joseph interpret them? How does Joseph advise Pharaoh to plan for bad days ahead? How does this work to Joseph's advantage? Why does Jacob send his sons to Egypt?

With what does Joseph charge his brothers?