Janet jackson and michael relationship with his kids

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janet jackson and michael relationship with his kids

Granddaughter Paris Jackson and daughter Janet Jackson (pictured) have Michael Jackson's father Joe has died aged 89, just days. Meanwhile, the year-old Janet 'still had a terrible relationship with him, though it. "You call me Joseph,'" Janet Jackson recalled her father telling her once Michael Jackson credited his father with making sure his children. Only in the s — after The Jackson 5 split from his management and Michael rose to fame, with sister Janet on his heels — did the abuse.

Grandson Taj Jackson, son of Tito Jackson, also urged the public to let the family grieve without hearing disparaging comments about his grandfather.

janet jackson and michael relationship with his kids

Please don't just regurgitate what you were spoon fed by the press. Let us grieve without the nastiness. He was the eldest of four children to a high school teacher and a house wife.

When he was 12, his parents split and he moved with his father to Oakland, California. At 18, he moved to Indiana to live near his mother in East Chicago.

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It was in Indiana that he met and married Katherine Scruse, with whom he settled in Gary. He worked as a welder and crane operator, sometimes holding as many as three jobs at a time to support his family.

He abandoned his musical ambitions in part because of his burgeoning brood, which would eventually swell to include nine children — Rebbie, Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, La Toya, Marlon, Michael, Randy and youngest sister Janet -- all living in a three-room house in Gary.

A 10th child, Brandon, was stillborn. He kept his guitar -- but made it clear it was off limits to anyone but him. His children didn't listen. One day, the older brothers broke a string on the beloved guitar, as Michael Jackson described in his autobiography "Moonwalk.

janet jackson and michael relationship with his kids

And a musical group was born. Michael joined the group at age 8, and was its showstopper from the beginning. A bundle of energy with a high-pitched voice, amazing dance moves and a smile that wouldn't quit, he quickly became the lead singer. His father invested in professional equipment for the children, booked tour dates and became their manager.

That eventually led to a contract with Motown Records for his five oldest boys, a deal that launched them into superstardom with their bubble-gum pop-soul sound.

Years later, he helped maneuver their exit from Motown to Epic Records when he felt that the legendary label was stifling his sons' creativity.

They eventually wrote their own music, leading to Michael Jackson's growth as a singer-songwriter. Michael Jackson credited his father with making sure his children weren't cheated by industry vultures, and noted that unlike some child stars, his parents didn't take their children's money to enrich themselves.

My father set all these up for us," Jackson wrote in his autobiography.

Joe Jackson was one of the most monstrous fathers in pop

He's still a mystery to me and may always be one. Janet Jackson said in a CNN interview in that she rarely spoke to her father, and by adulthood, they had severed ties with Jackson as their manager. Michael Jackson reportedly grew closer with his father after he had his own three children, but when he died of an overdose of the anesthetic propofol inhe had been estranged from his father, and his bodyguards recall not allowing Joe Jackson in when he attempted to see the superstar at his estate.

Joe was not mentioned in Michael's will.

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Jackson only provided for his three children and mother Katherine, who was named as the children's guardian. That led Joe Jackson to wage a fruitless legal war seeking compensation from various entities.

In his own autobiography, Jackson acknowledged being a stern parent, saying he believed it was the only way to prepare his children for the tough world of show business. But he denied many of the claims of physical abuse. He was once quoted as saying of Michael's accusations, "I never beat him. I never beat him. Several times, their mum Katherine had to intervene when Jackson attacked one of his sons with a belt.

With his musical sons in Image: And the abuse was not confined to his sons — daughters Rebbie, Janet and La Toya were also subject to his outbursts.

Janet once recalled him striking her when she was getting out of the bath as a little girl. In her memoir, La Toya, 62, wrote that in addition to beating his children, he molested her and Rebbie. But when interviewed later for a planned book of her own, she said: WireImage Read More Janet Jackson opens up about her battle with depression and how her son has changed her life Jackson moved to be with her at 18 and trained to be a boxer. He wed Katherine Scruse inhaving annulled a previous marriage to be with her.

They went on to have 10 children together. Noticing the musical talent of many of his offspring, Jackson became a manager for them. But the family were riven for decades by internal strife, legal battles, jealousies, arguments over cash and estrangements.

janet jackson and michael relationship with his kids

She filed for divorce in but it was later rescinded. Katherine would file for divorce a second time, although she never legally went through with the split and they instead opted to lead separate lives. With young star Michael and wife Katherine Image: With no real income, Jackson began scrounging for cash, once even selling perfume at a shopping mall in Vegas.