Kaito kid and shinichi kudo relationship

kaito kid and shinichi kudo relationship

He is the current Kaitou Kid and the childhood friend and the . At that time, Kid implied that he may be a family relation of the In The Lost Ship in the Sky, it's revealed that Kaito knew Conan's real identity of Shinichi Kudo. Notes: Shinichi and Kaito are aware of each other's secret identities. in the morning when someone knocked on the door of the Kudo Mansion. . he and Kaitou Kid had some secret relationship going on behind the scenes. Do You Think Kaito Is Shinchi's Cousin I mean they look like twin. Touichi referred to Shinichi as his 'brother' when he was leaving the message for his father. Since Kaitou's father looks like Kudo's father,I'm guessing they.

Meitantei-san's disappearance and Tantei-kun's appearance, which both had happened around the same time, the similar looks, Tantei-kun's smartness and adult like behaviour.

But how had Meitantei-san become Tantei-kun? Why was he involved with the BO? Had they anything to do with Tantei-kun's or was it Meitantei-san? Kaito had started to call him Meitantei-kun from then on. After the operation he had done some investigation and found out about APTX and its effect.

He had been relieved that Meitantei-kun belonged to the 0. Kaito's thoughts turned back to the operation. Conan adjusted some of the blueprints for everyone to see. He explained the layout of the BO headquarters and pointed out some important rooms. Kaito noticed that he had the air of an experienced agent. He wondered what Meitantei-kun had gone through to give off such a vibe. Conan's voice pulled him back to reality.

We will be in contact with each other at any time given. We are going to move in three-man teams. Only kill if there is no other way to ensure your survival.

I'll go with Jodie-san and Shuichi-san —the woman on his right side and the man to his left nodded—. Now, check your equipment, make sure you have everything, build your teams —he looked at the team leaders— and have a quick discussion with your team members. We will head out in thirty minutes.

One part of the operators went to check the equipment allowing the remaining operators a break. Conan, Jodie and Shuichi were still standing where they had been during the briefing. Only, Conan was now sitting on the table. Kaito stayed close enough to be able to hear their conversation. It has to," he added after a short pause with a determined voice.

The remaining time was used to organise the teams and finish the final preparations. After that everything happened very fast. Kaito had never felt so anxious before. He had wanted to follow Meitantei-kun, but he knew he would only be in the way. He glanced at the clock the whole time, counting the minutes, which had passed since the operation had started To Kaito it felt like hours until the teams came back to the warehouse with handcuffed members of the BO.

It had actually only been two hours. Kaito felt his heart sink when he didn't see his Meitantei-kun's team. He started to panic inwardly when all teams had returned and Meitantei-kun's still wasn't back. Suddenly Jodie ran past him and threw the blueprints from the table. An agent brought what she had requested. Kaito hoped that it wasn't the detective, who had got hurt.

However, that hope was destroyed mercilessly when Shuichi rushed in with Conan in his arms. There were a few drops of blood on the boy's left cheek. Shuichi put him onto the table and adjusted Jodie's jacket in order for it to serve as a pillow. Jodie took her pocket knife out and cut open Conan's shirt. She ripped it away.

The shirt ended up on the floor. At least we don't have to take out a bullet," Jodie sighed with relieve. She quickly cleaned the wound, which was located on the left side of his chest. It was barely above his heart. Kaito thought it was a miracle that his legs still supported him.

Jodie had finished cleaning the wound and Shuichi was bandaging it. Conan hadn't said a single thing since they had come back but he was conscious.

Shuichi raised an eyebrow. It's better if only we know," Conan stated and received a nod from the man. None of them knew what had happened after Conan, Jodie and Shuichi had parted ways for better surveillance.

The question got Kaito's attention. He caught me off guard and shot me. I was lucky that there was a metallic vase nearby. I used it to knock him out. After that I told Jodie-san and Shuichi-san where I was," the boy told them. Three weeks later Shinichi had attended Kid's heists with his old body, which caused an overjoyed Kaitou. Not that he had shown his happiness to Meitantei-kun.

Due to Shinichi's return he had scheduled a heist every week. Just so he could see him. Kaito started planning on what to do in order for Meitantei-kun to see that he had been serious. With a last glance towards the sleeping detective he took of completely ignoring Aoko and his classmates. Saguru and Shinichi were sitting in the Kudo library reading Holmes Novels. Akako was currently in the kitchen as it was her turn to cook dinner. They didn't know how it had happened, but Saguru and Akako had moved in with him after the BO's destruction.

To his surprise and relieve they hadn't turned their backs on him. The three had become even closer. The boys put away their books and joined the witch in the kitchen. Dinner passed as usual. They talked about school, cases and witchcraft. After dinner Shinichi cleaned up while the other two sat at the table. Suddenly the doorbell rang. Akako nodded and left the kitchen as Shinichi put away the dishes. Then he sat down at the table as well.

A few minutes later Akako came back with a small package. The detective opened it carefully. It contained a red rose and a silver ring.

kaito kid and shinichi kudo relationship

Inside the ring was an engraving. The letter 'k' was engraved two times opposite to each other. Now they noticed a card beneath the items.

kaito kid and shinichi kudo relationship

Shinichi picked it up. The red which signifies love Shall lead my way to what I desire When the big hand is at its peak The small one two spots to its left And the day is one before the month The light shall shine upon the sorrow's liquid Kaitou Kid doodle "That's the first time he's added a gift to your heist invitation," Saguru commented as he eyes the ring.

He picked it up carefully and examined it. Akako bend down onto the table to get a better look at the back of the heist notice.

I hope you enjoy the present, my dear Meitantei-kun. Shinichi sighed and got a small vase made of glass from the cupboards. He filled it with water and put the rose into it. The ring was put back into the box. Then Shinichi disappeared with the items and came back a few minutes later. Since my body changed back. He found out my little secret.

He was disguised as an operator the day we brought down the BO," Shinichi explained causing Saguru to sigh in exasperation. How's your wound doing? They talked for a while longer deciding to solve the heist notice tomorrow. Then they headed to bed.

The next evening found the trio sitting in the Kudo library with ice cream. Akako had chocolate, Saguru's was vanilla and Shinichi had decided on strawberry. The other detective was curious as well. They had noticed that Shinichi had been brooding over the notice whenever he had been able to. I figured out the target, the day and the direction he will be coming from," Shinichi stated taking a bite from his ice cream.

A gem which is currently displayed at Beika Museum. The next date which fits this requirement is the fourth of May. Therefore in two days on Saturday. As for his entrance. He will come from east. The museum's entrance is in the west. Pink rose beds are northern, white ones southern and red ones eastern," Shinichi explained. They tried to figure out the time. They knew that the clock hands were meant by 'hands'. Shinichi gave a sigh after they had tried to find out to figure it out for over an hour.

He took a look at his wrist watch. He stared at it for a while. His eyes widened as realisation dawned on him.

His watch was one, which only had spots for the hours but not for the minutes. How could he have missed the obvious. Saguru and Akako hurried over from their respective spots. They looked at him expectantly. Two spots to left is the number ten. So the heist will be at ten pm," Shinichi explained with a grin. The half-British detective left the library to phone the aforementioned inspector. Saguru and I won't be able to attend the heist with you. Saguru is going to meet his father and since it's rare that his dad has time and it's been a while since they have last met he will be going to spend time with his father," Akako mentioned after Saguru had left the room.

Shinichi nodded to show her that she could continue. Both of us will be back on Sunday morning," the witch said. Shinichi looked at The Golden Tear.

It was a tear shaped, transparent gem. It would easily fit into his closed hand. It was said to have golden glint when held under the light of the full moon. Though, hardly anyone knew that. It was nearly time for the start of the heist. Shinichi sighed slightly as he wondered if the thief would flirt with him again. A small blush crept onto his cheeks at the thought.

Two weeks ago he had admitted that he liked the attention the white clad thief gave him. He assumed he had fallen in love with the elusive Kaitou during his time as Conan. He had only realised it after the first heist he had attended after regaining his original body.

He hadn't told his siblings-in-all-but-blood yet.

kaito kid and shinichi kudo relationship

He knew they would accept it, but he just wasn't ready to tell them yet. However, he was also scarred. He may have admitted to himself that he loved the Kaitou but he wasn't sure whatever Kid was only playing with him.

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That was what had kept him up most nights for the past two weeks. He could continue to brood over it after the heist. Kid smiled as he dropped the smoke bomb. He could Nakamori's angry screams as he made his way to the roof top. Meitantei-kun wasn't far behind him. It got Kid excited. It didn't take him long to get to the roof. Now he only had to wait for the detective. Then he could start his little plan.

The door to the roof banged open to reveal the detective. Kid noticed his panting and the sweat trailing down the side of his face. The detective's face was slightly flushed. Hot, was all Kid could think. It made him even more eager to put his plan into action. The famous Kid smirk made its way onto his face. There was no real answer. The detective just bowed his head in embarrassment.

Kid pouted slightly and decided to start with his plan. However, Shinichi had heard it causing him to lift his head. A surprised look was on his face. Suddenly they heard footsteps and angry screams. Let's continue this conversation elsewhere," Kid smirked, grabbing the detective and picked him up bridal style. Shinichi squeaked slightly and wrapped his arms around the thief's neck to secure himself and buried his face in Kid's shoulder.

A cursing Nakamori was left behind with a stunned task force. Shinichi was just glad that Kid's hang glider was able to support them both. Kid gracefully landed on a balcony of the Kudo mansion. Shinichi lifted his head to look around as Kid walked through the corridors. Soon they reached the detective's room. By now their eyes had got used to darkness and they could the outlines of their surroundings and each other.

The detective took it and put it into the vase, which was on his bed side table and contained the other rose. Suddenly Shinichi felt strong arms wrap around his waist. His hears sped up its pace a little. Shinichi gasped at the sensation. He wasn't sure what to do. What if this relationship didn't work out? He had realised that he had never loved Ran more than a sister.

Thus this was the first time he really loved someone. He was scarred of having his heart broken. Shinichi started to squirm intensely in the thief's arms. Shinichi stopped abruptly as he felt the thief's hardness press against him, letting out another gasp, almost a moan.

I love you," Kid whispered huskily, his hot breath tickling on Shinichi's neck. He could feel his resolve weaken.

Kid knew why Shinichi was asking him and he couldn't really blame him. The thief was known for rarely being serious, though he never played with feelings of people. He just teased them. Kid turned the boy in his arms around and stared straight into his eyes. This is getting too overwhelming for the detective. Shinchi thought he had learned his lesson from his failed relationship with Ran.

What was that lesson? Don't fall in love again. But right now, he was the very reluctant assistant of today's great performer, Kaito Kuroba. Can someone take a picture of them please? The bunny's ears twitched cutely. When the smoke disappeared, everyone cooed. Shinichi realized that the cloth had been taken off so he was faced with the dazzled eyes of the children.

He didn't feel any different but he felt something twitch on top of his head. Shinichi raised his hand to stroke his hair and felt — Bunny ears? He was definitely not in love with this guy.

When Shinichi finished his last case for the day, he dropped his head on one of the desks at the police station and sighed.

Mouri-san has reported to me about how lonely you've been. It was definitely an uncomfortable subject for him. You can't surround yourself with dead bodies all the time. I don't want the whole police force to join in too. He must be really tired. I hope you don't mind if I carry him back home! You can ask Inspector Nakamori about me!

I'm friends with his daughter! Kaito had somehow brought him back home and had ended up sleeping with him. His friends have been bugging him about the stupid magician and the whole Police department from the Tokyo and the Osaka District he blamed Heiji for that one was on his case now! They were always subtly pointing out everything Kaito did for him. That's so sweet of him! Who's that guy I saw you hanging out with at Ekoda?

You're going to assist Kuroba-kun with his performance later, aren't you? You guys would look cute together! Shinichi kept everything that happened between him and Kaito to himself. He didn't even tell Ran about it. Her partner in crime was really pushing him for gossip too.

Sonoko had visited his mansion and had squealed at the sight of the roses. Kaito now left a variety of colorful flowers all over the house but he loyally stuck to giving blue roses whenever he sent heist notes.

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This was getting out of hand. His chest was feeling really tight and it felt like he was going to lose his breath soon. Shinichi had to get a grip on himself.

He practically felt like crying his heart out with how overwhelming his feelings were for the magician.

He was a smart guy so he should know that many things could go wrong if they were to have a relationship. Kaito was a thief that taunted the police at every single opportunity he had. He was also a rising magician who would probably become really busy with performing in the future. Shinichi himself would be thrown at cases left and right when he graduates.

kaito kid and shinichi kudo relationship

Busy people like them wouldn't last long in a relationship but Damn it, logic wasn't swaying his heart at all. Shinichi sat down on the couch in the living room before catching sight of a blue rose that he had probably forgotten to place in a vase. He picked it up and couldn't help but smile at it.

Despite all the odds, the detective just couldn't help himself but feel happy around the magician. At least out loud…" Shinichi felt like allowing himself some leeway. Locking all those feelings was going to backfire at him sooner or later. He picked up the beautiful flower and stared at it longingly. Shinichi stared at him in shock before blushing brightly.

He dropped the rose and stood up to get away but a hand grabbed his own to keep him from getting any further. And Shinichi was dressed up in black pajamas that had Kaitou Kid's signature drawing printed all over. Inspector Nakamori didn't have the capacity to yell at the teen because Shinichi himself looked angry. The officers quivered at the thought of having the second coming of Nakamori.

That's my only clean set for tomorrow's classes! No, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure those are Kaito-kun's. Why did he and Kaito switch clothes?

I should ask Shinichi instead! The crowd cheered as the thief smirked victoriously. They were also admiring the criminal's figure for it was the first time they ever saw him without his cape bellowing behind him.

Is Kaitou Kid related to Kudo Shinichi?

I know you're taken. Sonoko fumed as she watched the scene unfold. That stupid Shinichi is getting all the good guys! Mentally, she wondered just how the thief knew that the detective already had a boyfriend. Was he watching Shinichi? Kaito was definitely going to get jealous when he hears about this. She stared at the familiar polka dotted pajamas that the other was wearing warily.

You look a lot better than Sonoko and those girls over there. They were mumbling something about how lucky the detective was for catching Kaitou Kid's attention.