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You are also allowed to romance multiple females at the same time like we're in an Every chance the game got there's a Kanji x Naoto scene. Results 1 - of I turn now to the image of Kanji and Naoto in Persona 4 as an example of Naoto and Kanji are my favourtie couple of all in persona 4:D . Let's just say I constantly put Teddie in his quiz costume and Naoto in a. Just like real life, you can enter Intimate Relationships with the girls in Inaba. After obtaining a high enough Social Link with each girl, you will.

They're both laughing cheerily, and the dream will make MC feel close to Yosuke and gain points toward their Slink. While doing homework, the MC can start thinking about Yosuke and get flustered. In regards to Yu x Yosuke, Persona 4: Dancing All Night is not shy about this trope at all. Various characters make reference to their special and intense relationship. During fever time, Nanako states that their relationship is like a "bromance.

In the main story, Yu is always concerned about Yosuke even for trivial things and is generally considerate towards him. Yosuke had been planned as a romantic option early in the game's development.

Obviously, this didn't make it into the finished version, but they left all the subtext in. Fellow AthletesDaisuke and Kou.

Dear God Persona 4 Golden is

Daisuke's complete disinterest in women is rather suspicious Sure, it's explained later he broke up with some girl but still, even then the specific break-up conversation manages to be riddled with implications that Daisuke is gay.

Whatever, girls are a pain in the ass! Tally it up with Kanji's. Kou's not much better. In his Level 1 Social Link, he gets stuck putting away the basketballs the team was using, and will snarkily comment "While they go to their parties, I get to stay here and play with balls. I looove them balls. Then there's his "What are we to you? Taking the Celibate Hero options, such as stating a lack of interest in the Miss Yasogami beauty pageant and telling Yosuke that you have no romantic interest in either Chie or Yukiko, usually leads one of the party members to make a not-so-subtle crack about the Protagonist's sexuality.

Not helped by how they start referring to each other in a First-Name Basis. Teddie is totally gay for you. Talk to him before you leave Inaba and you'll get a conversation in which Teddie offers to take off his outfit for you.

The suggestion is quickly declined by Yosuke. If you don't max out Yosuke's Social Link, you get this conversation instead. It is not any less homoerotic. In Golden, a bunch of new scenes are added including a Ship Tease the Dojimas barge in just as the two are inches from each other The closeup is capped off by "Muscle Blues" Shadow Kanji 's theme.

In Golden, if you win the final Midnight Channel Trivia Quiz, aside from getting the trophy which is what most players would go for, the grand prize is Teddie smooching the protagonist.

Again, Muscle Blues plays in the background. All the female party members feeling up Naoto in the bathhouse. Again, the anime keeps it. The Golden version of the game adds Marie taking the bath with the girls impressed, watching her with sparkling eyes.

Also, Naoto receives love letters from female classmates even after going public about her cross-dressing. And wins a majority of the female votes during the beauty pageant though that may be due to her refusal to appear in a bikini like the others.

Even the Girls Want Her indeed. The cabin scenes added in just before the bonus dungeon if you've maxed Marie's Social Link. Everything is so, so gay.

First, the guys consider stuffing themselves inside Teddie's bear suit to keep warm "I'm like a newborn in here! Rise's reactions when the girls barge in are just the icing on the homoeroticism cake. Do you want us to come back later? So, got this game for Christmas, saved it for after I played some of my other games. I keep looking at it thinking: My backlog is starting to pile up.

Yosuke Hanamura

This game has everything I could ask for in an RPG and more! A tight narrative with well written characters, a fun battle system, a great soundtrack, you name it. The way the game handles all these things though really clicks with me however. When I initially started, the whole social aspect of the game reminded me of those weird dating flash games where you only had a specific amount of time to get one of the girls to bone you.

And I wasn't a very big fan of those kinds of games. The way this game does it though, I feel rewarded to putting up with all the stressful things in life. Studying for a big test, working late at night at a hospital, eating really spicy food in order to work up the courage to confess to a girl you like. Practically all the characters, at least the main ones are really likable and relatable.

They each have their own little character arc that you can choose to pursue. So I actually WANT to spend time so I can learn more about them, grow with them, and strengthen their resolve to solving the case. The battle system is also fantastic. In addition to being able to create more and more powerful Persona for yourself, you also need to mix and match your party so that they can cover for your weaknesses. So many RPG's I played never seem to make them all that good. Also, the moments where you need to go into the TV and face the shadows happen often enough so that the battle system never feels underdeveloped, while at the same time, happens infrequently enough so that these major events feel significant.