Kanji and naoto relationship tips

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kanji and naoto relationship tips

For other data in P4, I referred to the Japanese complete guide: Title: Persona 4 . Then talk to Naoto at school Strength: Once you join the sport club on 4/ I chose Chie as my relationship option. I'm very disappointed in the strategy guide for telling me it was impossible for Naoto. I felt like stealing Naoto from Kanji (who is my favorite p4 character), or Chie from Yosuke would. Kanji, Nanako and Naoto especially. Honestly I didn't care . Always found the Fox social link hilarious if not ridiculously hard without a guide.

So I actually WANT to spend time so I can learn more about them, grow with them, and strengthen their resolve to solving the case. The battle system is also fantastic. In addition to being able to create more and more powerful Persona for yourself, you also need to mix and match your party so that they can cover for your weaknesses.

So many RPG's I played never seem to make them all that good. Also, the moments where you need to go into the TV and face the shadows happen often enough so that the battle system never feels underdeveloped, while at the same time, happens infrequently enough so that these major events feel significant.

I also love the contrast between living a normal life as a high school student and delving into a surreal landscape filled with weird and creepy enemies that you have to fend off.

My god the soundtrack. I can't think of much that's really significant. You have the ability to give your party members specific orders such as saving SP, healing ect.

Who did you enter a relationship with in Persona 4 Golden?

Also, I wish Izanagi was more useful, he's pretty badass, but he becomes outclassed by more powerful Persona pretty early on. Also, I have one question about the plot: I found myself crying when it was over. And that's really saying something. This is a forum that encourages discussion in it's threads. What were your initial thoughts of the game? Who were your favorite characters? Who did you end up dating, that is, if you went after any of the girls?

Persona 4's treatment of Naoto is no better. Naoto, known in the media as the detective prince, comes to town to help the police with their ongoing investigation of the disappearances that are plaguing Inaba.

Dear God Persona 4 Golden is

Predictably, Naoto disappears himself, and the investigation team leaps into action to rescue him. Naoto's dungeon is a sort of bunker, with large metallic doors and flashing lights. When you finally descend to the deepest chambers of the bunker, you find Naoto declaring that he is about to embark on a "bodily alteration process. It doesn't let you cross the barrier between the sexes.

Here, I hoped that Persona 4 might go some distance toward redeeming itself.

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There's great potential in exploring the feelings of a young person who is struggling with his sense of gender identity. But again, Persona 4 let me down.

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After you defeat Naoto's shadow self, Naoto explains that he read many hard-boiled crime novels as a child, and admired the cool, detached detectives in them. It is not, Naoto says, that he is transgender that has led him to live as a boy for so long. It is simply that being female "doesn't fit my ideal image of a detective. To me, it's unheard of for a person to go so far as to live as a gender other than the one they are physically assigned at birth simply because they feel a connection to fictional characters of that genre or because their assigned gender doesn't fit their ideal image of a person in a certain profession.

Naoto says, "What I must strive for isn't to become a man.

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It's to accept myself for who I really am. This doesn't mean that I think Naoto should have continued to desire surgery, as the scenario in his dungeon suggests; one can identify as and be a man or a woman regardless of one's physicality.

See the film Boys Don't Cry, for instance, for a portrayal of a man who is no less a man for being physically female, even if not everybody he meets sees it that way.

The idea that he was just deeply confused about his own gender because of all those detective novels he read strains credulity and, like Kanji's story arc, reinforces the notion that queer identities are to be feared and rejected. Because, in the original Japanese dialogue for the game, Naoto continues to refer to himself using the male pronoun boku, I feel it is appropriate to refer to him with male pronouns, as well.

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The discovery that Naoto is physically female immediately trumps all of the years he has spent living as a male. No sooner have you rescued Naoto than the other members of the investigation team significantly alter their treatment of him. Rise calls him "missy.

kanji and naoto relationship tips

Though Naoto has stated that, despite living as a boy for so long, he does not fully identify as male, these behaviors still struck me as disrespectful of Naoto's gender identity. Without asking him how he wants to be treated, they immediately start speaking about him as if he's just another one of the girls in the group; the discovery that he is physically female immediately trumps all of the years he has spent living as a male. One of the most blatant examples of this comes when Kanji, who finds himself attracted to Naoto, practically demands that Naoto participate in a school beauty pageant, saying that if Naoto does so, his doubts about himself "will finally be cleared.

Even more troubling is the way that Naoto's gender expression can be altered by you, the player, if you pursue a romance with him. Of course, if Naoto were a real person, anyone who requested that he change his gender presentation would not be someone who respected and cared for the person he really is.

kanji and naoto relationship tips

But Persona 4 doesn't raise any ethical questions about you asking Naoto to drastically change; it's as if the game thinks this is acceptable, since deep down, Naoto is "really" female anyway. Troubling attitudes about women in general surface periodically throughout the game, but that is a whole separate topic. Persona 4's handling of Kanji and Naoto is more than just a disappointing failure to engage with queer characters and queer issues.

The always thought-provoking Mattie Brice has written in detail about your ability to shape Naoto's gender expression in this post at the Border House. Brice writes, "There is a scene after you confess your love for Naoto when he asks the player if they want him to start talking with a higher pitch to his voice to sound more feminine, and if they choose to have a higher pitch, he will dress up in a girl's school uniform during the Christmas event.