Kyohei and sunako relationship poems

The Wallflower, Vol. 1 (The Wallflower, #1) by Tomoko Hayakawa

kyohei and sunako relationship poems

And we get to know more about her relationship with Sunako-chan I think it is an the cursed diamond (so drama!) plus lots of Sunako + Kyohei awkwardness. This is a list of fictional characters, main characters as well as some supporting characters from The Wallflower, a Japanese manga that was also adapted into an anime series and a live-action drama. The manga's plot focuses on Sunako Nakahara, a girl who was called ugly Her relationship with Kyohei is somewhat unclear, as despite saying that she. Sunako always describes Kyohei as a "dazzling creature of light" or a "radiant creature." However, she and Kyohei seem to develop a romantic relationship as.

Allow me to pimp out one of my favorites series of all time. There is no love triangle, despite the reverse-harem premise. Manga is read right to left: Four absolutely gorgeous young men have got the opportunity of a lifetime.

They're going to get to live in a gorgeous mansion free, for three years It sounds pretty easy, after all, these guys are some seriously skilled guys. They're handsome, they're popular, they've got young women swooning at their feet. What could be easier? Well, as they say No sense of fashion. A love for the dark and supernatural there's a skeleton in her room. Needless to say, the guys are absolutely fucking horrified at their challenge. Sunako's not exactly happy about sharing her home with these Sunako just wants to be left alone in her darkness with her skeletons.

kyohei and sunako relationship poems

She can't even eat outside of her room now. The guys are nice, well, most of them. There's Kyohei, Takenaga, Yuki, and Ranmaru.

They're bent on charming Sunako Sunako's not happy about this, she doesn't want to be transformed, she even tries to run away And, the apparently heartless Sunako is capable of an apology. Actually, a lot of work and polishing. Underneath all the grime, she's fairly presentable. But does Sunako want to change? Why is she so resistant?

Kyohei/Sunako // time is running out (Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge MV)

It's an impossible task, but if anyone's up to it, it's these four. She is obsessed with death and murder. XD If you have suggestions on what you want to see, I'd love to hear them! Just put them in a review, and I'll see if I can put them in somewhere. I got 3 more reviews! And 2 new reviewers! Thanks blackcat and DarkVirginiaAngel! Remember, as always, I don't own Wallflower!

Chapter 11 "What are you two doing together? You each went separate ways. Did you eat anything when you were out? Did something happen to make you stay out late? I guess it took longer than I thought to find my way back. I can make some dinner now, if you want. I'm starving, let's eat!

The Wallflower, Vol. 18 (The Wallflower, #18) by Tomoko Hayakawa

Sunako slipped into the kitchen and made dinner for the hungry boys. As she sliced, chopped, and fried, she overheard their conversation and was surprised at how well Kyohei was deflecting the onslaught of questions. She also realized that they would have to step up their game if they didn't want to found out before they got their answer. At least he's getting shrimp, and I'm not putting any carrots in either. Thankfully, just as Kyohei was about to admit defeat, Sunako called them in for dinner.

I'll have to ask her tonight while we're watching a movie. At least I hope I can tell her tonight. I wonder if he noticed; maybe I'll find out when we watch a movie tonight.

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After they finished eating, Sunako cleared and washed the dishes, then announced that she was going to watch a movie. She got halfway through the first movie before Kyohei even showed up at her door. Did you call us in on purpose? I had to skip out on one of the side dishes I wanted to make, but I think it was worth it.

Did you like what I made for dinner tonight? I almost gave in and told them something they shouldn't know right now. And yeah, it was delicious! There weren't any carrots in it this time, right?

I figured making fried shrimp would just add to their suspicions, so I made a different shrimp meal, without carrots. You never know when there's someone listening to your private conversations.

Do you want a chocolate? One of your precious little sweets you only get on Valentine's Day? You just surprised me, that's all. You never offer anyone chocolate.

kyohei and sunako relationship poems

His hand froze in the air as he thought, "What should it tell me? What does she mean by that? But her lips look really cute right now; slightly separated, and ready to eat the chocolate she just offered me. This in turn shocked both Kyohei and Sunako to the point where Sunako had a nosebleed, and Kyohei just sat there, stunned at what he realized he just did. The excessive amount of blood covering his face didn't even break him from his trance.

Did I just kiss Sunako? But it was a really intimate feeling kiss. Wait, do I have her chocolate in my mouth? So that really did happen! What do I do now?

The Wallflower, Vol. 18

This just makes things more complicated…aarrgghh! As soon as Sunako finished bleeding, she collapsed onto Kyohei's bloodstained chest. That certainly woke him up. At first he was shocked that Sunako had her head buried in his chest, then he saw the copious amounts of blood and realized that he had just caused her to have a massive nosebleed.

His brain still hazy from the kiss they shared, he picked up Sunako in his arms and placed her under her covers. Oh well, tonight's been eventful enough. I should let her recover so she'll be okay tomorrow. Wow, I've never noticed how soft her lips looked before. They're like flower petals just waiting to be caressed.