Kyuhyun and sungmin relationship quotes

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kyuhyun and sungmin relationship quotes

Siwon, Leeteuk, Heechul, K Quotes, Super Junior, Shinee, Deep Thoughts Is Super Junior's Siwon In A Relationship. You Won't Believe. LeeTeuk hyung is handsome too only EunHyuk hyung is not like that. Their relationship was really like brothers, their friendship has only. Kind of reminds me of TOP and Seungri's relationship. So then after Eunhyuk and Heechul pitched up the tent, they were to make a mission.

Maybe you were a chicken in your past life MC to Hankyung: Who is your Ideal woman? To come to Music Space has been my dream since young Kangin: But this show started not long ago Even though this show is quite new, I knew in my heart all along that this show would be created. Is he really doing good? He is he is. It really doesn't look like he's doing that great. I better put on my seat belt. Where do you get your confidence from? I think we should be careful about what we wish for.

Hello, we are Eunhae! What are you talking about? I just shortened things. Eunhyuk, Donghae, so Eunhae. Have you seen a ghost before? My father, went to a prayer meeting to pray one time, a long time ago. Then one person suddenly collapsed, he was shaking and had foam in his mouth and said, "you did this to me" in a low voice.

kyuhyun and sungmin relationship quotes

Then the pastor went to him and prayed and he got better like nothing happened. To believe in God. If you believe in God, you will have a blessed life. Heechul who is an atheist: Then you are saying I'm living a curse life? Didn't we just say that God is very fair? I have the good looks, the brain and the knowledge Super Junior is poisoned by E. Our strong troops, that we should hold in tight forever. I feel like I won't be able to do anything without E.

They are like the heart which is the most necessary thing while I live. Even after I get old, I want to sing for them. F don't exist, I would just be an empty shell. If there were no E.

kyuhyun and sungmin relationship quotes

F, Super Junior wouldn't exist. They are like the shelter that I can rely upon. Thank you for making me to shine. F exist, Super Junior is Eternal. All the more important E. Thank you so much and I love you.

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Everlasting, reliable defender E. So the manager says, Heechul, change out of those pants, Eunhyuk said it doesn't look right. Plus when they were eating together, Eunhyuk used informal language and said, Heechul hyung, I'm going to eat a spoon of your kimchi fried rice! Then Heechul was shocked at his informal speech and ignored him while Eunhyuk ate the egg The egg is the highlight of the kimchi fried rice.

So then after Eunhyuk and Heechul pitched up the tent, they were to make a mission for Sungmin and Kangin and so Heechul said they should hug each other while laying down and say the things they have been sorry about.

Then the receiving person will say "It's okay" while looking at each other. Then when the members say to Heechul and Eunhyuk that they are also targets of the Intimate Note, Heechul says, "There was no reason for me to come unless I was the main! Then when the members were screaming stuff to Heechul and Eunhyuk, when it was Hankyung's turn, the MC said, Oh now your korean is good? And Hankyung said "Oh, it's perfect! And Hankyung said to Heechul, "You are so bothersome!

I cook ramen for you all the time. I cooked for you then you ate it and went back to your room! I was waiting for a bite the whole time but I never got any! And his accent was perfect! And he knew a way to say mean that I just learned, because I hadn't known it. But he ended with an "It's okay, I love you! Kyuhyun also said to Eunhyuk "I like how you are a backstabber! And then Kyuhyun said "YUP! I guess he is the straightforward type: Then Hankyung blurted out "Heechul!

Don't teach me cusswords! Then Leeteuk said that he never saw them holding hands, to which Heechul replied, men don't hold hands! Then Sungmin blurted out "But you said lets kiss! Then he says sorry and Heechul is supposed to say It's okay but he says Then give it to me now.

Then Eunhyuk says I don't have it so Heechul says it's okay.

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Then Eunhyuk confesses to telling on him when he was wearing red pants while everyone else was wearing black pants and Heechul says It was you huh and says I still didn't change and so Eunhyuk says Sorry, Wear whatever you want from now on.

Then Heechul says that because Eunhyuk complained to the manager, he got angry and he yelled at Eunhyuk so that the manager said "If Heechul changes pants, I don't think we will ever see Eunhyuk again in our lives" so Eunhyuk cried then too so he says sorry. Then Eunhyuk says the last thing I apologize for is that I still don't know your number. So Heechul says lets apologize for the same thing because I don't know your number either.

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But twice they failed because Eunhyuk jokingly called Heechul a "babo" idiot and then again because he went in the tent and Heechul shook the tent and both times Eunhyuk tripped while running away from Heechul from fear. Then Heechul catches Eunhyuk and they hug and twirl but Heechul lets go and Eunhyuk falls again!

Then when they were saying things they had only thought in their minds, Heechul said he left the Super Junior fancafe because Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Leeteuk, Kyuhyun's fans all cussed at him.

Oh my gosh the fun never ends. Then the members are supposed to stand behind either Eunhyuk or Heechul, for whoever they think is the worser person. Eunhyuk says that he will humbly accept those who stand behind him, while Heechul says that although the filming for this show ends today, your life with me starts after filming ends.

kyuhyun and sungmin relationship quotes

So then the scared members chant Milky skin, Kim Heechul! We love you, Kim Heechul!

So Sungmin and Hankyung stand behind Heechul and the rest Eunhyuk. Leeteuk said it was because Heechul holds grudges, and Kangin nodded when he said that. And Kangin because Heechul had said life starts after shooting ends. Then Kangin said that Hankyung had said "Where. To this Hankyung replies, "Was I supposed to stand behind the bad person?