Layfon and nina relationship help

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layfon and nina relationship help

Chrome Shelled Regios is an anime adapted from the light novel series of the same title by Nina introduces Layfon to the members of the 17th Platoon, and fights Layfon in a With Felli's help, Layfon locates the nest and destroys the queen Much of Layfon's past is revealed, including his relationship with Leerin. "Morning, Fon-Fon" she replied, Layfon was about to kiss her when she ordered the captain, Nina Antalk "We only have one month until our. Embed Tweet. Usui and Misaki relationship is godly ❤ #animecouples lol I will be your Layfon Alseif is you're my Nina Antalk. #animecouples - Chrome.

He lives in the quarter of the city for the wielders however he has an old apartment he does not clean as the Queen used to send maids, but since they all asked to go somewhere else she decided to come with a vacuum cleaner, which greatly annoys Lintens. Lintens taught Layfon to test him, because he was curious of his capacity to learn. In spite of being very serious and anti-social to the point of hostility, Lintens acknowledged Layfon as his only apprentice and taught him how to use his steel threads technique.

It seems he was impressed by Layfon's ability to learn kei-related techniques simply through observing them. Rapier The Heaven's Blade wielder with dark, long hair, purple eyes, and a veil over her face. She is most often seen with Queen Alsheyra.

layfon and nina relationship help

Whenever Queen Alsheyra leaves the palace, Kanaris is left to act for her by transforming into her appearance. She continuously begs for Alsheyra to come back but to no avail.

She has a very careful and serious nature. While Alsheyra does appreciate this fact, it also can anger her.

Nina Antalk

For example, Kanaris researched the connection between Leerin and Alsheyra and was nearly strangled to death by Alsheyra for doing so. Her Heaven's Blade is a rapier. Barmeleen Swattis Norne Voiced by: Gun The Gothic member of the Heaven's Blades. Her Heaven's Blade is a gun that can also transform into a cannon-like weapon.

She was seen fighting off the Wolfmask Mob with Dickserio, though she thought he was the intruder at first and didn't really fight with him, not even answering his question about her Heaven's Blade. And she was also present in the battle with a large Filth Monster and of Layfon's return as a Heaven's Blade wielder. She complained about how her appearance was late. In the novel, it is stated she talks like an old woman to people.

Kauntia Valmon Farnes Voiced by: Guan Dao The long, pale-haired Heaven's Blade wielder. Her weapon of choice is shown to be something of a pole-bladed halberd similar to a Guan Dao in the opening of the show. In the first episode, she reprimands another Heaven's Blade wielder for giving Layfon weak advice.

She states that the only thing you need to do with Pollutant Beasts is dash in and slash them, apparently finding a battle with them easy.

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Queen Alsheyra responds with even higher standards for Layfon. She didn't want Layfon to be the only one to show off in the filth monster battle. In the novel, she is the companion of the Heaven's Blade Receiver Reverse. It is said that in battle, she focuses solely on attacking, completely disregarding all defense. Her halberd boasts ultimate attacking power, and paired with Reverse's ultimate defence, they form a formidable duo.

She is not from Glendan. Troyat Gavanest Filandeen Voiced by: Cane He is the purple haired man that was sent with Lintens, Cauntia and Reverse to fight the dying slave.

In the novels, Troiatte is able to change the density of the atmosphere to focus sunlight and literally burn down his opponents.

He is flirty and only thinking of women while quite keen on what happens in the castle.

layfon and nina relationship help

Delbone Quantis Myuura Voiced by: Toshiko Sawada Heaven's Blade Format: Psychokinesis Staff She is an old woman with a veil on a rolling chair. She is very old, over one hundred years and stays in hospital. She is the only psychokinesis user among the Heaven's Blade Receivers, making information gathering and combat support her primary task.

Though psychokinesis is a support-oriented ability, for her to achieve a position among the warriors of ultimate fighting power speaks volumes of the level of her talent in it. For example, she can detect any filth monster no less than a week before they are able to reach Glendan.

She dies in the 14th Novel in the fight against the filth monster after suffering a mental attack, passing on her Heaven's Blade and title to Felmouse, or Elsmau, her granddaughter. Ball and Chain Wearing a samurai-like armor, he fought against the Wolfmask Mob in the maze.

In the novels, Ruimei is described as possessing extremely destructive attacks. When he fights without restraint, it is possible to destroy an entire city alone.

His second wife, Lucia, was once a resident of the orphanage Layfon grew up in and is the Mother of his only child. Bow and Arrow He looks like a monk, shaved with a long white beard and he is seen fighting against the Wolfmask Mob to protect the secret room under Glendan's palace. He dies during the fight in the 14th Novel after his Kei Vein suffers too much damage, and after he pushes Barmelin out of the way of the filth monster's attack, being buried under stone there after.

Shield He is the one in armor that was at first advising Layfon not to be nervous on his first battle as a Heaven's Blade Wielder. Cauntia stated he has always spirited word, comparing the dying slave to an onion.

In the novel, his face is seen, round. He is Cauntia's companion and they fight together as a team, complementing each other through their abilities.

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He has mastered a skill called "Kongoukei", which can block any enemy attack and cause them to be rebound. This skill is the reason Reverse was able to become a Heaven's Blade Receiver. Said to have the ultimate defense out of all Heaven's Blades.

He is not from Glendan. Layfon Wolfstein Alseif Voiced by: Sword As stated in his main article above, Layfon was previously a Heaven's Blade wielder until he was exiled from Glendan.

His Heaven's Blade was in the form of a long Sword, with gold design on it, made with a white DITE [30] that he received when he was 10, being the youngest Heaven's Blade successor. As a child, Layfon was particularly adapt at understanding and using Kei skills of all kinds by observation, including special techniques gleaned from almost all of Glendan's different dojos.

In retaliation, during the match, Layfon attacked and cut off Gahard's arm as recompense, though he was aiming for a lethal attack. Seeing this Queen Alsheira ordered the capture and, later, the exile of Layfon. In the anime when confronted by Savaris, who was possessed by the Haikizoku, the Heaven's Blade came back to Layfon when Savaris was about to kill him and eventually merged with his Saiharden katana, becoming a mix of katana and sword, and big enough to let Layfon fly on it like a board.

Later on, the sword was returned to Glendan, but it is unknown if it remained a sword or a katana. Nina and the rest of her group go out to find him.

layfon and nina relationship help

They find him injured in a cave and he does not wake up for a long time. Nina gets some alone time with him. But what if he had a different background, a darker background. But no one else has found out, not even she. What will happen when its effect will be too dangerous for her?

And how will Nina and Layfon will manage to save Zuellni and the whole world from the upcoming threat? Find out more about this story inside!

Minna check it out ; Rated: Meant to be English Covers, but sadly due to my lack of confidence in my singing voice, I decided to just post this. All of those lives would be on his head for the rest of his own life. He would remember Nina's brief lecture about the need for the use of power. Felli kicks someone or something every time she's angry.

She works part time at a cafe, which Sharnid Elipton recommended, where the waitresses dress up as maids. She is shown not having culinary skills. She kicks Layfon Wolfstein Alseif in the leg every time he does something wrong and will also hit her brother whenever he's being too noisy. She also has taken a liking to Layfon in a romantic sense, showing clear signs of jealousy by copying Shante Laite 's little act by riding on Layfon's shoulders and blushing while Layfon teaches her how to swim.

When she discovers Leerin Marfes ' letter, she shows slight jealousy and attempted to press the matter but was to reluctant in the end.

Additionally, after Layfon is hospitalized, Felli comes with flowers.

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She ends up keeping them because she spots flowers already delivered by Nina Antalkmaking Felli react in a childish and jealous manner. Felli is described as one of the most talented Nen-I operators. Her DITE is a wand which holds many petal shaped pieces that are grey when inactive and are pink when active.

These petals are utilized to send out telepathic messages to others. They can also transform into offensive daggers, if necessary. Felli is also capable of synchronizing with other people's pins to make up for distances she cannot cover. She, like Layfon, dislikes fighting and almost never tries when it comes to combat.

However, when the order was given to retrieve Nina before the Kei-Ra Cannon fired again, her brother wanted her to stay. In contrast to her past actions, Felli nearly attacked her brother to force him to let her go.

With the display of her newly-found will to protect the city, Felli showed that she had grown after meeting Layfon. At one time, Felli cooperated with Sharnid's father, Elrad, in the dealing with a filth monster. Layfon is also one of the few that has seen Felli smile, though she did drive her heel into his shin for seeing it.

As the series progresses, Felli develops a rather obvious crush on Layfon, to the point of making excuses during swimming lesson simply so she can continue to hold his hand.