Lee bo young and jong suk relationship advice

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lee bo young and jong suk relationship advice

The Best Couple Race: Lee Bo Young, Lee Sang Yoon. TVSubtitles and Closed .. Secret Love Affair: Lee Jong Suk, Lee Sae Young, Park Bo Young June 18, - One Percent's Recommendation, Part 1: The Best Race. Jung Hye. As a child, Ha-Myeong (Lee Jong-Suk) grew up in a family with his firefighter . Hyun-Joo (cameo); Lee Bo-Young - Dal-Po's taxi navigation voice (cameo). RUMOR: Park Se Young and Lee Jong Suk Are Dating? Korean StarKorean . Lee Jong Suk and Park Bo Young - Campus Magazine. Tiffany Y .. Suki · kdrama · Lee Jong Suk ^ ^ #Park Hoon #Doctor Stranger Body Fitness, Fitness Tips.

Lots of melted puddles of toast. Every time he smiled see aboveit felt like my screen was exploding with rainbows and unicorns. And raining kittens and puppies and sparkles and cupcakes too.

I was smitten with his Soo Ha right from episode 1. When Soo Ha smiled or laughed, I practically wanted to explode from the cute.

And when Soo Ha cried, man, my heart basically broke for him. That level of engagement is largely to do with Lee Jong Suk.

He has this way of sucking you into his character and holding you there, with his sensitive, unreserved, vulnerable delivery. You not only start to root for him real fast, you start to intensely, badly, with-all-your-heart-and-from-the-bottom-of-your-belly want Puppy to be unhurt, safe and happy. Talk about being a superhero under cover, right?

Lee Bo Young, Ji Sung Get Married — All the Details

You start to feel for him right away too, that he went through something so traumatic when he was just 8 years old. When I see you again, I will protect you. I will protect you. Plus, that he writes that amid all the judo practice, which is basically to prepare himself to protect her?

At the same time, we get to see Soo Ha being a hero. Early on, we see Soo Ha use his superpower several times to save others, with selfless spontaneity, such as this scene in episode 2 where he saves despondent classmate Sung Bin Kim Ga Eun from throwing herself in front of an oncoming train: And again in episode 3, when he saves Hye Sung from a group of bullies: What strikes me the most, though, is that at the heart of it all, after peeling away the layers of his superhero abilities and outward strength, Soo Ha really is all alone in the world.

He has no family around him, nor any friends who truly know and understand him. Scenes of Soo Ha, alone, are sprinkled through the episodes, and the sight of him waiting, pondering and just being alone are heartbreakingly poignant.

And that is just such poignant, wonderful stuff. The only person that had any passing resemblance to the boobalicious and lip-luscious American movie star was Lee JongSuk. Obviously because of his poofy lips, people!

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This was a gold part for an actress. When one takes on a law procedural show, the dialogue heavy aspect of script-memorizing must be a pain in the ass. In this one, at least there was a balance between pages and pages of nonsense legal mumbo jumbo with pages and pages of things like: I feel like every other drama I tackle these days has some variation of an age gap affair going on.

More likely so that he was no longer jailbait to her.

lee bo young and jong suk relationship advice

Basically, everyone adored it. But you argue most kdrama kisses are awkwardly stiff ventures? Still, these felt weird to me.

lee bo young and jong suk relationship advice

I always thought Lucy and Charlie Brown would be a cute couple. Despite my personal preference of wanting the loveline to have gone a different way, the romance between this age gap couple was pretty watchable. Many factors worked in their favor. Well, if my Peanuts comparison is developed further, Lee JongSuk was the puppy.

His nonchalance and complete enjoyment and contentment with skinship was very wooing.

Lee Bo Young Lee Sang Yoon Dating

He made skinship scenes with BoYoung feel fairly natural and not too awkward. Gotta love that kind of maturity.

lee bo young and jong suk relationship advice

Maybe a one episode extension and a drama special might have sufficed. The last episode felt like the neverending epilogue.

lee bo young and jong suk relationship advice

In due course, this daughter grows up to become the woman who will prosecute her natural father for the attempted murder of his dead wife. In the meantime, the wrongly convicted father finds himself sharing a prison cell with Min and tells him the story of the left hand.

In due course, Min copies this case to frame Park. The softer emotions also kill the tension as the deranged killer goes into hiding for whole episodes. We then have the final epilogue episode which spends the entire hour tying up all the loose ends. Min Joon-Kook Jung Woong-In This last set of episodes drags because the series was originally scheduled for a run of sixteen episodes but, when it proved such a success up to episode 10, the television channel insisted on two more.

This slows everything down with far too many flashbacks. This shows up particularly in the last episode which works quite well on the stabbing, but is otherwise fairly redundant. This is a terrific performance from start to finish.