Life with derek casey and relationship goals

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life with derek casey and relationship goals

Casey McDonald (Ashley Leggat) is the oldest of the McDonald kids and the second Mostly blond (Vacation With Derek) Relationships with others Edit. Rated: Fiction M - English - Angst/Romance - Casey M., Derek V. Relationship: Dasey He rather liked it, even if it somewhat cramped the life of a college student. . There were a few guys who were a little faster than him, or made a goal or two more than he did, but he was going to beat them in the end. This is the character sheet for Life with Derek. When comparing in the families, Casey would be the red oni to Lizzie's blue and Derek the red oni to Edwin's.

She had finally accepted Marti's weird behavior and the small girl was likely her favorite of the Venturi family, since she openly lied about her feelings towards Derek. Sometimes Marti even went with Lizzie to spend the weekend with Casey, who would take them shopping or rent movies for them to watch and paint their nails.

She was working at a highly known Bridal shop, making a killing off of her commission. Leaning back into the couch farther, Derek tried to rid his mind of the unrequited feelings, and thought a little more about the plays he was supposed to be memorizing for the big hockey game Sunday night.

While he wasn't the captain of the team, being new and all, he was slowly making his way up the chain to being the best player. There were a few guys who were a little faster than him, or made a goal or two more than he did, but he was going to beat them in the end. Because he is Derek Venturi, and there is no other guy who knows the game of hockey like he does. The phone rang, pulling him out of his thoughts. Smiling, he reached for the receiver; it was likely his dad, too tired to walk upstairs and get his daughter.

He'd called from the parking lot before, asking Derek to bring Marti down for him and put her in the van so they could go home. It wasn't until recently that they started making more family plans; Thursday nights with Lizzie and Edwin and Sunday mornings with Marti. Probably because he and Casey fought too much for anyone to enjoy an outing.

life with derek casey and relationship goals

Derek felt a shudder run through him; sitting up straight, his face drained of emotion. I have some very upsetting news," he went on. Derek's eyes glazed over and his mouth fell open.

life with derek casey and relationship goals

The phone was slipping from his hands, but he clearly heard the words, "accident," "all those involved," and "died. His eyes were burning while hot tears streamed down his face.

A sob was stuck in the back of his throat, while his hands ran up into his hair tugging on it fiercely. Suddenly it seemed like he couldn't breath at all, he kept inhaling but his lungs continued to burn for more. And my brother, Ed? Maybe it wasn't there van, m-m-maybe you got the plates confused.

The driver of the opposite vehicle is in ICU, he was impaired and returning from a party at one of the nearby college's," he explained, slowly. Such as confirmation of the bodies," he added. The officer paused for a moment, before adding, "I'm really, very sorry for your loss. Lifting from the floor, he slowly walked to the bathroom. Standing over the sink, he stared at himself for a moment, taking in his pale, drawn exterior.

A moment later, he felt his stomach turn and everything launched up from his stomach, spilling into the bottomless hole of the sink. After a few moments, he ran the cold water and splashed it over his face. Taking some of it in his mouth and rinsing it of the awful taste. Walking to his room, he stared down at a peacefully sleeping Marti, feeling the hot sting of tears rolling down his cheeks.

She was all he had left; the only member of his family that cared in the very least. But he needed someone to talk to, he needed someone who was going to understand this grief that was suddenly consuming him so painfully. Swallowing, he crossed the room and carefully lifted his little sister into his arms. Carrying her out of the apartment, he locked it up before dashing to his car and buckling her in.

It was shortly after eleven when he pulled up in front of her apartment building, he was lucky enough not to have to buzz in as a man saw him and held the door open while he ran over, cradling a sleeping Marti in his arms.

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He was surprised she hadn't woken up yet, but she was a pretty heavy sleeper. Taking the steps two at a time, without enough patience for the elevator, he found himself on the third floor, banging on her apartment door.

It took a moment, but suddenly the door opened and a very tired, angry Casey stood in front of him. Shaking his head, he brushed past her and dropped Marti in her bedroom before walking back out to meet her confused face. He knew how bad he looked, he knew his face was still white and his eyes were rimmed red and his clothes were rumpled from bunching them up and wiping his shirt over his wet face.

She closed the door, locking it and stood waiting for an explanation. Her foot was tapping while her arms were crossed. She was her old self again, with the annoyed set of her mouth and a furrowed brow. She was waiting for him to tell her what stupid thing he had done, and for a moment he didn't want to take that away from her. He didn't want her to feel the overwhelming grief he was covered in. He wanted her to stay like this; angry and annoyed with him for no reason except that he woke her up at 11 at night.

His hands clenched and released beside his legs, he simply stared at her. Watching her face turn from one of annoyance to that of confusion and finally to worry. He could feel the tears again, making their way down his face, no wonder she was concerned. He never cried; not unless it was for one helluva reason. Her hand reached out to him, wrapping around his forearm.

Feeling like he couldn't hold back, he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around her. Burying his face in her neck, he sobbed. His father was gone, along with his little brother. No more Venturi family, just two caskets, a sobbing boy, and a little girl who wouldn't understand what happened. His father would never use that tone of voice when he's trying to tell him to be more respectful.

He'd never be sitting in the front row of his hockey games, cheering and shouting, "That's my son! And Edwin wouldn't be calling to ask advice about girls anymore. He wouldn't need special expertise from his dude of a brother. He wouldn't be admiring his brother for his power and cool reputation, hanging off of every word he said like he was some sort of God. His step mother was never going to call him and tell him to eat more vegetables, or to separate the whites from the dark's.

She wasn't going to make him her special scrambled eggs, that melted in his mouth. Or lecture him on how to treat women while she tugged on his ear and read him the rights of all women alike. Lizzie wasn't going to be stopping by and proposing a solution to whatever problem he and Casey were having that week.

She wouldn't be politely asking him to stop making Casey crazy. And she wouldn't be begging him to play soccer with her in the back yard; a worthy opponent is what she considered him.

His body shook painfully as he clutched at Casey's back and let himself completely break in her arms. This would be the one and only time. He would fully let this out now, and there would be no encore in the future. While the wound was fresh and bleeding, he would ask her to cradle him, in need of support. He had no father to help him through it, no step mother to tell him it would be okay. And his mother would do nothing to help him in the future.

All he had was Casey; her and Marti. He hadn't even told her yet, but she still rubbed his back and held him tightly. His hands ran down through her hair, his fingers tangling in it and holding it tightly. His arms were around her in such a strong embrace that he was worried she might not be able to breath.

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She didn't complain though, or squirm or wince. She simply let him cry, for whatever reason she didn't know, and waited for his tears to subside and his body to relax. After a few minutes, Derek finally pulled back from her enough and opened his mouth. Inhaling a deep, shaky breath, he let it out slowly.

Turning back to her, he stared into her eyes, slowly they were coming to realize what he was saying. Her head was shaking back and forth now as her hand lifted to her mouth. Walking to her, he wrapped his arms around her waist as she began to fall. Nodding slowly, Derek slipped to the ground, cradling her in his arms. Crying painfully, she pressed her face against his neck and inhaled deep breaths of air, making a sharp hiccuping noise as she did.

She curled up into a ball, leaning against his chest and sobbing openly for a long time. He simply held her, his tears now falling silently. They rocked back and forth, clutching at each other for some kind of help through their grief.

She must've cried for hours before she finally drifted off against him. Lifting her up from the floor, he brought her into the room where Marti was sleeping in. Lifting the covers, he wrapped them around her tightly. Seeing them there, the only surviving people that he loved, he decided he couldn't leave them, even for a moment. Walking to the other side of the bed, he slipped in beside Marti and closed his eyes.

All he saw was the face's of his father and brother, causing his eyes to burst back open.

life with derek casey and relationship goals

Turning onto his back, he stared blankly at the dark roof. His body ached, his head throbbed with a migraine, his eyes still wept, and his face felt cold. Blinking his burning eyes, he swallowed, wishing the ball of pent up hurt would leave his throat. Derek couldn't do this; he couldn't be strong and help Marti and Casey through all of their pain. He couldn't handle his own pain without running to Casey for her understanding nature.

How was he supposed to explain to his little sister that she was never going to see her dad or brother again? That her step mother and step sister weren't alive any longer? And what would happen to her now? Their mother certainly didn't want her and wasn't qualified to take care of her. She was a horrible mother, always making him feel less adequate than he was.

Did Nora and his dad have a will? Who would take Marti? He rather wanted it to be him. He didn't want her growing up with a stranger. He wanted her to be part of his life, always. He'd raise her well; he hoped. But he wasn't able to be a father figure was he?

He quickly covers her mouth with his own and changes the position so her shoulders and head is the only thing touching the door. He quickly pumps into her and brings her to climax once more with his name on her lips. Derek muscles begin to quiver from the constant strain he has in order to bring rapture for Casey in the throes of having sex.

He feels his body over heating but his goal is to give Casey two more orgasm before he selfishly takes his own. Casey is slowly conscious of what going on around with the constant pressure in her nether region with Derek pumping in and out of her repeatedly. She feels and rejoices of having Derek inside her, but she soon realize that when he was giving unselfish pleasure to her, he hasn't took any for himself. Casey wraps her thighs more securely around his waist and lifts her hips with every thrust inward.

She can feel the coming storm again, but tries to fight it. Derek realizes that and begins to change the tempo again. He shoves Casey firmly against the wall and lowers his mouth against her shirt to her nipples making her shirt wet. He then begins to suckle them while thrusting hard in her but slowly he drags his penis out until an inch is inside of her before he shoves himself in her again but harder.

Casey tightens her vaginal walls around him hard and makes Derek gasp as she goes into climax once more. Derek soon decides to takes his turn with the intentions of coming outside of her since he doesn't have any kind of protection on.

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Derek tempo quickens dramatically with an even harder thrusts. Casey can't seem to catch her breath with each pound. She realizes that Derek is finally taking his turn and keens his name repeatedly.

Her slick juices mixes with Derek desire and sweat to create a blissful ambiance of hard sex. The pain of the constant hard hammering inside of her meshes with a complete gratification to create a seventh heaven unknown like any other sounds cliche: Casey looks at Derek eyes and sees that his eyes are glazed up and lost, but lost inside of her. She reveals that he's lost to the world because he's solely focused inside of her. She wraps her arms more firmly around his neck and strokes his hard ridge muscular back.

She thanks the constant hockey practice to provide a hard and beautiful back to cling to and strong muscular tights to keep holding her up high. Casey begins to reach orgasm once more and feels Derek tensing up too. She wraps her tights even more firmly around him since he was trying to pry them off and throws back her head has she wails his name between each hard gasp.

Derek slumps against her, he slowly lowers his head to her shoulder, and pants against her neck. Casey wraps her arms around him more firmly and slowly strokes his hair back while she too tires to catch her breath.

Derek slowly lifts up his head and stares down at Casey. Casey stares back up at his eyes without saying a word and softly kisses his lips. Derek continues to stare down at her with her lips against his own. He slowly parts his lips and Casey leisurely strokes the inside of his mouth with her tongue, he soon takes the lead.

Casey begins to moan once more. Derek wrenches his mouth away from her and begins to pant again while gazing at her. Derek chuckles softly and fingers her cheek and nose. He lowers his head and kisses her nose.