Long term relationship problems and solutions

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long term relationship problems and solutions

The only way to begin transforming your problems into solutions is to take full Be honest and set boundaries that will serve everyone in the long run. All couples run into relationship issues. Hear what 7 Solutions That Can Save a Relationship . Decide upon short-term and long-term goals. Find common relationship problems and solutions from our Relate Counsellors. be hard to know whether our relationship is going to make it in the long term.

Perhaps that was the problem.

The most common relationship problems and how to fix them before it’s too late

They lived in parallel, and ostensibly supported one another, but Brittany wondered if there was more to be had—maybe, with someone else. She was starting to surprise herself, ramping up the flirtation with her regular supermarket cashier. In their early days, John had impressed her with his integrity, sparkling wit, and arresting jawline.

Although it had been a long time ago, her attraction to John had been deep and promising like no other relationship. She wanted to be certain of the situation before making a decision. Brittany was experiencing a couple of common long-term relationship problems.

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All long-term relationships will invariably ebb and flow after the initial ardor wears off, but some will dead-end in dissatisfaction. The crisis before Brittany was determining if her troubles were the symptom of a fundamentally broken partnership, or just a warning sign. Brittany had never worked with a spiritual advisor before, but when she reached out to me for insight, a few key issues in her story jumped to the forefront of my mind.

No matter how devastatingly attractive your partner is, your cerebrum inevitably tires of holding a parade every time they come around. The good news is, if your relationship boredom is all about missing the thrill, you can trick your brain with exciting activities and novel situations. New mutual hobbies including those in the bedroom can also breathe life into a weary partnership.

Sit down with your lover and have patience with them as they open up. Even if you cannot offer solid life advice, you can give them your shoulder to rest upon. You or they feel misunderstood. This reaction usually triggers detachment in the other, leaving you even more hopeless and consumed. Instead, tell your partner how you feel. Learn to express yourself — the rest will follow.

Remember that you are blessed and that you are important, strong, and authentic in everything you experience. You argue over money. Money quarrels usually go wrong, but the thing is, they happen to everyone sooner rather than later. Try to detect the underlying issue: If so, is that problematic for you? If yes, in which ways?

long term relationship problems and solutions

Write down your answers and think for a moment what was different about your spending behaviours vs. Who can blame you? Some would joke here: Talk to your partner and try to reach an agreement. If you can have an open conversation with your partner about the amount of time they invest in your relationship, remember to address the common effort that has to be made to keep any union going.

If it feels unhealthy and you are stuck in a rut, consider the alternate, and ultimately leave the relationship. There are people out there who would kill for someone as intuitive as you.

The sex is missing in action. This is only natural — once the hormonal levels that make you jump on your boo non stop in the first couple weeks or month lower, you easily discover the comfort of just being cute together in your shared nest. You cannot receive what you don't give. Erhart tolle, A New Earth Being happy together takes work, patience, empathy, kindness and a willingness to challenge yourself to become a better you.

long term relationship problems and solutions

Are unrealistic expectations causing your relationship problems? Being overly dependent on each other often leads to relationship or marriage problems too.

7 Problems Every Couple Inevitably Faces, According To Therapists

Unrealistic expectations can lead to disappointment and resentment. I appreciate you may find this difficult - after all, it could be that your partner has deliberately hurt you. Obviously, you're not here to be told that you've got to check yourself, and that certainly isn't my intention.

The thing is - you can't change him or her! Not found what you're looking for? Maybe you haven't found anything relating to your particular relationship problem in any of the above.