Melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship questions

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melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship questions

Aftermath Of BBA8: Beverly, Melvin Talk Success, Stardom, Sex Airtel hosted, Beverly Osu and Melvin Oduah, Nigeria's representative and finalists at the they did things that made us cringe and they braved relationships that had us rooting for . Namibian Star and Big Brother evicted housemates, Maria Nepembe has. Maria Nepembe represented Namibia at the Big Brother Africa reality TV show tagged 'The Chase', and later she kicked off a relationship with Nigeria's Melvin Oduah. Also, Beverly Related Topics: Mojisola Delano. Melvin Oduah is an actor and a model. He opened up on his relationship with Maria Nepembe, who was one of the female contestants in.

True to their resolve, they kept coming back to the show and the beauty gave them plenty to look at. If viewers across Africa could only scream from their phones and on social networks about how they were head-over-heels with the beauty of Dillish, Tanzanian housemate Ammynando, upped the ante. He wasn't prepared to fantasise about his feelings for the model. He told me [that] he just wants to bang me," Dillish told Diamond housemates in a tell-it-as-it-is session.

It was brash and uncouth of the fair-skinned Tanzanian, especially because straight-up the reigning Miss University Africa First Princess disclosed earlier on the show that she had a serious relationship with her boyfriend, Steven Gaeseb, outside the house.


But if many thought her man would make her hold back a lot from viewers, they were wrong. She played just every naughty game housemates introduced all in a bid to spice things up. Whether it was truth-or-dare or take-it-off, Dillish participated and gave many viewers what they wanted to see-at a close range. She had to share a kiss with Hakeem, sat back and endured a Nando kiss-down, and 'took them all off'.

She only had the Airtel covers to hold on to in a raunchy take-it-off game.

melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship questions

Dillish did give some viewers of Big Bother Africa's VIP section plenty to upload to their blogs as her shower hour sessions in June were a big hit with 'fans'. When Dillish had plenty of alcohol in her system to deal with, viewers were assured of non-stop entertainment.

From princess stories, to endless songs and naughty games, she kept up her own brand of entertainment. Her princess stories did stand her out, as well as her role-plays.

If you thought humping was the exclusive preserve of wild girls, Dillish would make you stomach your thoughts. She humped when she wanted to, without looking back.

melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship questions

Would you advice your siblings to go for BBA? As long as you know what you are going there for, why not? People have made a lot of money by participating in the show. You have to know what you want to achieve. So, go there and do what you have to do. After the show, there was news that you were dating Maria from Namibia, are you still together? But we are cool. What can you say about the movie industry in Nigeria?

We have improved in script writing and delivery as well. And now we are partnering Hollywood.


AY featured many Hollywood artistes in his movie, 30 Days in Atlanta. Do you see yourself getting involved in the music industry in future? As a musician, never.

melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship questions

But I can own a music label where I will manage artistes. So, how do you relate with your female fans? I relate well with them. Of course, you have to be nice to them. If they want picture, you pose for them to snap. What do you dislike about fame?

Everything about you is out there. What do you consider your biggest success? I would say being in Big Brother Africa. I was in entertainment doing well, but thanks to BBA, I am doing far better and I hope to get bigger and better with many endorsements. Which African country do you like aside Nigeria? Also the Northern part. I hope to be there also. Tell us about your educational background.

I went to primary school in Agidingbi, Ikeja. I still intend to go further with my education.

melvin oduah and maria nepembe relationship questions

Did you plan to be in entertainment with all these qualifications? It seems your journey into entertainment was an accident?

I acted when I was in primary three.


My dad was transferred to Oshogbo, I was attending the staff school. There was a time we were doing a drama in the school and the boy that was acting was not getting it and I kept correcting him.

They noticed and I was the only Igbo boy Delta there and they decided to give the role to me. Even in secondary school, I danced and acted. The opportunity came and I took it. And I love it because nothing beats making money from what you enjoy doing.

How is your relationship with Beverly Osu, there was a rumour that you had issues? We are still close. She is like a sister to me, she is my personal person. When we heard about that rumour, we laughed because there was nothing like that. Even if we have issue, we resolve it immediately. We did two movies together, one in Lagos, the other in Enugu.