Miss parker and jarod relationship trust

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miss parker and jarod relationship trust

First of all, Jarod and Miss Parker are NOT, NOT, definely NOT brother and sister Sure, they've different relationships: Jarod (with the park ranger, Zoe, Rachel. Miss Parker trusts him a little too much in the beginning but we see her trust in at The Centre with Jarod complicates the simple 'hunter-hunted' relationship the. This is an article for a list of some of the main and notable characters that appear (or have Following his escapes, Jarod enjoys sparring with Miss Parker over the . Kyle learned of this connection and targeted Tashman to learn more about his .. For reasons unclear, Catherine Parker places her trust in Mr. Raines when .

miss parker and jarod relationship trust

During one simulation, Jarod is tricked by Raines into pouring acid on Kyle's right hand, leaving a permanent scar between his thumb and forefinger. Jarod apologizes as Kyle is taken away and the two don't see each other again during their time at the Centre. The Centre officially releases Kyle from its facility. But in truth, Dr. Raines secretly keeps Kyle in sub-level 27 of the Centre facility. Kyle is told that Jarod is dead and is forbidden to have contact with others.

He is forced to live in SL 27 while Raines uses negative reinforcement to warp him into a sociopathic personality. Kyle it taught to believe in the mantra: As an adult, Kyle leaves the Centre years before Jarod does the same. As he later explains, his "brain was mush" by this time and his only purpose became to learn about his parents.

During his travels, Kyle stalks and psychologically torments several people, though he never kills them. His quest for answers leads him to a former nun named Harriet Tashman and he kidnaps her.

However, Tashman is able to escape and this leads to Kyle being arrested.

Miss Parker

His identity unknown, he is imprisoned simply as "John Doe. Jarod who only left the Centre himself less than a year earlierlearns of Kyle's escape on the news and recognizes him as the boy he burned with acid years before.

Jarod & Miss Parker - A Little Trust

Posing as an FBI agent named Jarod Ness, he examines Kyle's cell and finds a journal that has "I decide who lives or dies" written repeatedly on every page. Kyle is captured while Jarod escapes. Jarod only then discovers from Harriet Tashman that she briefly knew his parents and that Kyle is actually his brother. Tashman assumes that Jarod and Kyle did not remember they had a sibling, or the faces of their parents, due to memory repression bought on by the trauma of kidnapping and the experiments of the Centre.

While a nun, Jarod's parents came to the convent where Tashman lived. Kyle learned of this connection and targeted Tashman to learn more about his parents. Tashman also informs Jarod that his parents had a daughter named Emily some time after he and Kyle were kidnapped.

Jarod breaks into the Centre and, with help, is frees Kyle. Jarod convinces Kyle that he is the same boy who befriended him years ago and that they are brothers. Kyle is initially suspicious but comes to realizes the truth. Jarod helps Kyle remember more of his past and reveals that he has learned they have a sister. Despite Kyle's crimes, Jarod accepts him and asks that they work together the learn more about their past.

miss parker and jarod relationship trust

Tashman joins Kyle and Jarod, bringing a lead that their parents are in Boston. As the FBI arrives, the three attempt to escape in a van but crash after they're fired upon. Injured, Kyle tells Jarod to continue without him: Don't tell them what I became. The van explodes and Jarod is forced to continue in his quest alone.

Later on, Jarod calls Sydney and asks where his brother is buried, only to be told that the van burned for a long time and that no remains were found. The boy is in need of a heart transplant, but his condition is more difficult to fix since he has the same rare blood type that Kyle and Jarod have. Events lead to Jarod being imprisoned by an enemy but then Kyle arrives and frees him. Michael Patrick - Miss Parker's college mate and fencing partner, who reconnects with her when she is chasing Jarod.

Raines to try and catch Jarod. Thomas Gates - Her one great love was Thomas who was brutally murdered at her apartment presumably because he was going to take her away from The Centre. Thomas knew Jarod, and it is Jarod who set up their first meeting although Miss Parker does not discover this until after Thomas' death. Education Miss Parker has spoken of her college education, albeit flippantly, so it is clear that she has a college degree.

Quotes Upon hearing her putative familial ties to Mr. I think I'm going to vomit. Famous for answering the phone with a cryptic: You run, I chase. Her toast to the hurricane in Keys - To women, hell hath no fury. Nice Dorian Grey reference: Graveyard full of Parkers burned to death by their father. Same year that my great grandfather arrived alone and founded the Centre.

Generation after generation that evil has been passed on to me" Jarod: And with every new revelation in my life my family portrait becomes a more hideous picture. The only one who terrorizes him is me. Be invisible and we'll get along just fine. Or lock you in the Bates Motel with Sydney and Broots. Thanks Syd, but I'll leave the mental masturbation to someone else.

Be a scientist or a mommy. You can't be both. And they would yearn, howl, desire, and rage at their connection thanks to the cruel manipulations of the Centre.

If Miss Parker had been trained to listen to her Inner Sense as her mother planned, she might have heard the sounds of Catherine Parker weeping over the state of their relationship. From a wonderful and beautiful childhood friendship to the haunted and hunted relationship the now grownup Jarod and Parker shared.

But Miss Parker was denied the opportunity and both she and Jarod were trapped in a hell that the Centre created and controlled.

The soulless men and women of the Centre and their masters at the Triumvirate thought everything was going splendidly according to their plans except for the unfortunate escape of Jarod but even his escape didn't stopped their goals or plans. But they were wrong. They overlooked one variable. Jarod and Miss Parker together. He stared at her house. His heart was beating like there was no tomorrow. Jarod felt like he was on the verge of hyperventilating.

His feet felt both like lead and light as a feather. How, he vaguely thought, could he feel both scared and hopeful at the same time? The adult Jarod, the one that escaped from the Centre, wanted to run as far from this house as possible but the lonely little boy, befriended by a warm, caring little girl, promised to be there for her no matter what.

The lonely boy made the grown up man stay. But the grown up man made sure that the little boy was safe as much as possible.

miss parker and jarod relationship trust

Jarod scanned the neighborhood earlier by posing as a gas meter reader. There were no sweepers waiting to capture him. He also tricked the surveillance devices that had Miss Parker under observation ever since he escaped.

The Centre never forgot their childhood friendship. It was now or never, he thought as he emerged from his hiding place and crossed the street. He stopped before her front door and rang the doorbell. The wait wasn't very long. The door opened quickly and there she was looking at him with pain and hate in her eyes. Dressed in jeans and a blue silk shirt, she gave the impression that she was having a relaxing night but he observed with a sharp gaze that she had her 9mm pistol pointing straight at him unwaveringly.

Her eyes were red from crying.

miss parker and jarod relationship trust

What, no fancy comeback, labrat? His pretender skills were useless now. Where she was concerned he could never pretend with her. The silence stretched between them as Jarod tried to gather his jumbled thoughts but Parker, with her trademark impatience, seized him and dragged him into the house. What was to transpire between them she wanted no one to see. Enraged that Jarod was not responding to her, she hit him across the mouth with her pistol.

Parker was perversely happy to see him with a split lip that was oozing blood down his chin. Now he can literally taste just a bit of her overwhelming pain. Finally, she heard him speak. But what she heard threw ice water on her grief and anger. He continued to speak to her. Pointing to his head and his heart, he told her, "To make sure that I'm dead, Miss Parker, you have to shoot me in the head or the heart but I recommend that you shoot me in both spots to ensure that your mother is avenged.

She wouldn't let the grown up woman kill her best friend. The grown up Parker wanted to unleash her pent up anger, grief, hate and disappointments onto the only person the Center allowed her to target, to hate, and to hunt.

To make Jarod feel the humiliation she had to endured as she relentlessly pursued him over the last two years. The practical jokes, the gifts, and the late night phone calls that made her angry, his attempts to break through her icy walls, she wanted to pay him back in spades.

Her skills and training, courtesy of Mr.

miss parker and jarod relationship trust

Parker and the Centre, made her the best and brightest among the denizens of the Centre. Even Jarod knew it. The one person who was as good at excelling anything he set his mind to. That was why chasing Jarod was so intoxicating and thrilling.

The Promise, a pretender fanfic | FanFiction

There was no other man who could get her competitive juices going, no other man who pushed her to her limits and beyond, and no other man who captured her heart like Jarod. Together, they would have made a formidable and unstoppable team.

That was the sole reason why the Centre and the Triumvirate went to such extremes to keep them apart. Miss Parker's faith and trust in Jarod was shaken when she saw the DSA of his father murdering her mother. That was why she shot at him as Mr. Fenigore's revelation sunk in after the initial shock.

The woman who shot at Jarod had none of the little girl's warm-hearted spirit but only what the Centre created. A cold, remorseless puppet whose strings were pulled by dark and merciless specters. Parker in a shocked tone. She was thinking that she was hearing things, hoping it was the effect of all the scotch she consumed since the discovery of who was her mother's murderer. That is what you desire, right? Parker shifted her stance into a more stable firing position.

The heartless Centre creation within her was already thinking of the phrase "not looking a gift horse in the mouth". She was already fantasizing about dragging Jarod's body through the lobby of the Centre. No more snide comments, stifled laughter, mocking remarks about her not catching Jarod from Lyle, Raines, and Daddy.

But the little girl was frightened for Jarod. She needed to know why he would commit such a suicidal act. Jarod could see the struggle in her eyes as well as feel it through his connection with her. No lies, no deceptions. Peace descended onto his tormented soul. For a bullet or for… The adult woman and the little girl saw and felt the sense of peace and calm enveloping Jarod. The struggle within Parker was more violent and lasted much longer, years in fact, than the battle between the boy Jarod and the man Jarod.

But tonight both of them knew their dilemma would end one way or another. To be together like Catherine dreamed of or be forever torn apart like Daddy, the Centre, and the Triumvirate desired. Raised by a cold and indifferent father, whose affections she desperately sought after her mother's death, she allowed herself to be molded by her father and, by extension, the Centre.

This creation of the Centre was threatened by Jarod's words. But for the little Miss Parker, happiness and joy radiated outward. He remembered, she exulted. The warmth and light was starting to melt the icy walls entombing the Centre's creature.

It was losing the fight. But it would not leave quietly. Parker stepped forward until her gun made contact with Jarod's body.

The gun was pointing right at his heart. Just like he suggested. She looked at him. His eyes, she wondered as she looked at them. Always had been since she first met him. Those warm, caring brown eyes that she found so captivating. She didn't know that their first meeting was a Centre experiment. She vividly remembered that day as if it was yesterday.