Nameless and wahu relationship tips

Wahu and Nameless marriage life and latest gossip ▷

nameless and wahu relationship tips

Elizabeth Irungu, former KBC presenter has declared Nameless and Wahu will divorce soon. The petite girl had early predicted that Betty and. Singing couple Nameless and his wife Wahu dated for eight years before getting married. And after a total of 20 years together, the love is still. Songbird Wahu and her husband Nameless got married in making it 13 years of marriage till are without a doubt the longest.

Nameless has a acre forehead as the photo below can confirm. If Wahu can love Nameless with that forehead, who are you not to love bae for who they are? That was just testing…testing…one…. Nameless and Wahu have dodged many of the pitfalls of celebrity romance, by keeping their love out of the spotlight as much as possible. Aside from what they choose to show the world, for the most part, Wahu and Nameless have kept most of their fifteen plus year union pretty quiet.

Keeping the important parts of your relationship private can prevent any unnecessary drama and insight from creeping in. The more people know about your relationship, the more power they have to affect it or affect your view of it.

Wahu and Nameless Will divorce Soon, Their Marriage is Dead. See Shocking Details

Never stop doing the playful things. A recent video emerged showing Wahu grinding on nameless in a bathroom. Pretty impressive for people who have been together for so long.

A post shared by Nameless namelesskenya on Jul 5, at He always dances suggestively with girls on stage.

Relationship Goals! Nameless and Wahu Inspire Netizens with HOT Dance Video – Watch

Have you ever heard Wahu complaining? We are also going to discuss something more about their love story and marriage life. They are famous as top artists and among the best couples. Chano8 Magazine had an interview and told them to share some special stories about their love life.

nameless and wahu relationship tips

They asked many questions about their personal love life as well as married life. Here are some of the questions and answers: How did you meet? He replied that they "met at a University function through a mutual friend. Wahu replied that, "his dedication towards family, his sensitive nature, his easy going temperament, his sense of leadership and his good looks!

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  • Wahu and Nameless marriage life and latest gossip

She replied that, "we both enjoy music. He contributes to my creative process, so do I to his. Nameless and Wahu wedding Nameless and Wahu are not only famous as entertainers but also they are one of the most beautiful couples.

7 Love Lessons We Can Learn From Nameless And Wahu’s Relationship

Inthey got married but, before marriage they have successfully completed their 8 years relationship. They were also studying in the same university that is the University of Nairobi.

Wahu dances seductively to Nameless new song Inspire, Relationship Goals!

They once said that, "we are creating a close relationship with each other and we respect each other". They have already completed 11 years of marriage and they always try to keep their relationship like a newly started love story. Nameless said that he always tries to balance their positive and negative sides and he managed everything by discussing with one other and not by showing off in public.

They are the real example of a beautiful couple in Kenya.

nameless and wahu relationship tips

Some Wahu and Nameless wedding photos are given below: They manage every situation in their life by discussing with one other; they never show their personal issues in front of the public. Whereas, they even share their love life, about their children, family and house photo on social media platform. Their good understanding and love made their married life a successful one.

We Kenyans, often feel that these music artists might have issues with their respective music career paths. However, being stars of the entertainment world they have never given up respecting one another. Nameless expressed that, "Wahu has no problem with it she knows about the industry and she never complains".