Natsu and lisanna relationship trust

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natsu and lisanna relationship trust

(Remember the time she jumped off the Phantom Lord tower only on trust that he' d all of that relationship as well has been driven by Lisanna and not Natsu. Natsu's speech about why he's rescuing Macao and how he feels about his than in the manga the relationship that Natsu and Lisanna had when they were younger. That says a lot of things about how much they trust Lucy's judgement. Natsu arrived at the spot him and Lisanna used to spend most of their time, .. blonde, or the sexy snow haired girl that's ready for marriage?.

I don't believe that he'll make the choice of Lisanna or Lucy until much later. However, I do think that Lucy and Lisanna both have a crush on Natsu. Lisanna's Fairy Tail emblem changes. In the first part, she has it on her shoulder, the same color and place as Natsu.

However, after Edolas, her mark is on her thigh, which really confuses me. My theory for this is that this is a symbolism for her not having any more feelings for Natsu.

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Or her emblem just changed from Edolas. Lucy's feelings for Natsu are more subtle. This peaked Gajeel and Gray's curiosity, so they paid close attention to them as they talked to the Master. A smile reached across his face from ear to ear. Ember's eyes bugged out of her head. Lucy snapped her neck to look at her. Natsu's face was still red. Gray spit out his water and Erza and Gajeel just laughed in shock. Getting a little ahead of yourself in your old age aren't you? We aren't even a couple.

Seriously I will kill any asshole who tries anything with you. But yeah, no, we are not a couple! But no, we are not a couple. Get out of my face you good for nothing grandson, but Ember you stay here. Laxus rolled his eyes at his grandfather and turned his back to him and everyone else at the table. He looked around the room really quickly and then quick as a flash gave Ember a kiss on the cheek.

She smirked but tried not to acknowledge it further, Laxus making his way to the bar. I think Ember could kick your ass. And we know Laxus definitely could. Now that you are all here. You all have a mission today. The wizard Bone Crusher has been located, and it is your job to defeat him today.

Isn't that the guy who can crush your bones without even touching you? I don't think anyone will have any broken bones. We are going to take that asshole down! I'm going to turn him into toast! Then they went stone faced and turned away from each other.

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If any of you are hungry grab something to eat that you can take with you. Everyone else got up and collected whatever they needed in order to leave. We are almost there. But we don't know how. So we have to assume that defense and outnumbering him is our main focus.

Our defense has to be higher than ever. I'm going to save my Adamantium Armor for last, when I really need it. Because I am sure if he can crush bones he will have fun with a lot of my armor. What should I do? Your safest bet would be to stay out of his sight and use your spirits to attack him. If necessary, hide in Hologorium.

He's a celestial spirit so the Bone Crushers magic probably won't get you in there. I don't know if you can or not, but it's worth a shot. Same with you Natsu. Your scales should be able to protect you, at least a little bit. But don't hold back on your hellhound summoning okay? And as for Happy and Pantherlily, stay out of site. We cannot risk your tiny bones" "Absolutely. She could already feel Bone Crushers magic power.

The entire group could sense it, or smell him, depending on which member. Erza re-quipped into her Purgatory armor, a jet black armor with high defense and large demon wings. Gray attempted to make himself armor made of ice, and he succeeded, Gajeel looked on in awe. Ember got her scythe ready, and Lucy tried to stay hidden like she was told.

Gajeel and Natsu tried to summon dragon force, but they couldn't do it. Dragon Force usually wasn't accomplished by will alone. A high pitched and bone rattling cackle echoed all around them. They were surrounded by rocks and dirt and spaced out trees. They could not tell which direction the laughter was coming from.

So they all huddled in a circle, their backs to each other, ready to attack at any moment. A tall and muscular man, about the size of Elfman, jumped out of one of the trees. He landed perfectly on his feet and started walking towards the group. He kept flexing his hands, opening and closing them. A smile on his face that turned their stomachs. His eyes held nothing but craziness. He was gigantic, and a lunatic. Waaahhhh" He started to talk but then suddenly fell into the ground, a hole opening up below him out of nowhere.

The wizards brought themselves to stand next to each other in a line, looking over at where Bone Crusher had just been standing. Virgo, Lucy's pink haired maid Celestial Spirit, popped out of the hole. Should I be punished?

You can go now. The pink haired spirit disappeared back into the spirit world. Ember had never seen celestial spirit magic up close before. And in that moment she thought it was pretty cool. Their attention was brought back to what was important when Bone Crusher pulled himself out of the hole.

He was breathing heavily, and his eyes were a flurry of angry flames.

natsu and lisanna relationship trust

He didn't even say anything this time, he just attacked, and it happened so fast that defense was impossible. Erza's armor broke into a million pieces and fell around her. She had assumed that this could be possible, so she re-quipped into her Adamantium Armor quickly. Gray's ice armor shattered into splinters, falling to the ground like broken glass.

Nastu let out a war cry and ran at the large wizard at full speed, Gajeel right behind him. Bone Crusher held both of his hands out in front of him and turned them opposite ways of each other, and then clamped them shut into fists. Natsu fell to the ground with a scream of agony, Gajeel suffering the same way soon after. Natsu grabbed at his foot, tears of pain gathering in the corner of his eyes.

Who will be Natsu's girlfriend then wife; Lucy or Lisanna?

Gajeel grabbed his knee, pressing his face into the ground as he screamed. Shit this hurts so bad. Gray turned his arms into ice swords and began to charge, when he saw Bone Crusher raise his hands he made an ice shield.

This did not help. The ice swords shattered and his wrists snapped. He fell to the ground in silence, the wind knocked out of him. He had never felt such pain in his life as the sudden snapping of his bones. Anger took over and she began to run at the Bone Crusher. She had faith in her strongest armor. Bone Crusher watched her as she came at him. When she was closer than five feet away and ready to swing he clapped his hands together and Erza went down with a blood curdling scream and instant tears.

She fell flat on her face and didn't move. And she knew that both of her legs were broken. Her armor didn't do anything.

natsu and lisanna relationship trust

Ember summoned her Hell Fire attack and shot it at Natsu, hoping that by eating the fire he would have enough strength to get back onto his feet. With Erza down indefinitely with broken legs, and Gray unable to make ice with his wrists broken, Natsu was probably their only hope. She didn't have a way of powering up Gajeel, and Lucy had already summoned Hologorium and was hiding on the inside of his clock body.

Natsu caught the fire from the air with his mouth and gulped it down. Bone Crusher watched this and instead of targeting Natsu he targeted Ember. He looked straight at her, their eyes meeting.

Ember gasped and before she could do anything she felt her ribs snap into pieces. She couldn't even scream, she just fell to the ground and passed out from the pain. Lucy screamed from inside Hologorium. She was crying, not knowing what to do.

She knew that if she left her hideout, the second the Bone Crusher saw her, her would snap her in half.

Lucy vs. Lisanna

She cheered Natsu on from inside the clock. Natsu got himself to his feet. Gajeel seeing this, and seeing his other comrades totally defeated and on the ground around him, starting to get up as well.

He could handle a broken knee. They both ushered forward, their power radiating off of them. Bone Crusher just looked at them, a huge smile on his face. Gajeel went to start an Iron Dragon Roar attack, but before he could even get enough breath in order to do it he felt his legs snap just like Erzaand he went down silently, passing out before he hit the ground. Natsu didn't hesitate, he ran full force at Bone Crusher. They made eye contact. Natsu's fire was about to touch the wizards face, and then his spine snapped.

natsu and lisanna relationship trust

His breath came out in one large breath, and he folded to the ground. That says a lot of things about how much they trust Lucy's judgement. Even moved the spirit king. The grand finale for the Tower of Heaven arc has Natsu carrying Erza on his arms after she thought about sacrificing herself to suppress the Etherion power from going loose; doubles as a Ship Tease with Erza crying in his arms. The end of Chapter in the Fairy Tail manga where Erza is revealed to be alive, and for the first time sheds tears of joy.

Chapterwhen Gajeel, after being allowed to join Fairy Tail invited by Juvia and Makarovis confronted by Jet and Droy of Shadow Gear, the team he attacked and practically crucified to a tree when he was with the rival guild Phantom Lord. He acts arrogant, but takes all their hits while Levy the one most affected by the attack watches.

Still, Gajeel takes the attacks, making Shadow Gear realize that he wasn't fighting back because he wanted to be recognized as True Companions by them and everyone else. As Laxus continues to beat on Gajeel, the team tells him to stop, but he answers by attacking them with magic.

The attack heads for Levy, only for Gajeel to jump in front of it just in time. The entirety of Chapterbut especially the interaction between Natsu and Laxus, and Makarov's talk with Laxus, ending with Laxus's excommunication from Fairy Tail to be both this and a Tear Jerker.

Especially the last two pages. Laxus invokes Fairy Law on Magnolia, but no one dies because regardless of all his tough talk, inside his heart he doesn't consider anyone of Fairy Tail or Magnolia as his enemy.

All of Fairy Tail's members doing Laxus's sign at the same time upon his departure during the Fantasia Parade is also smile-worthy. And the fact that that hand-signal had such a humble origin makes its usage in the second episode Heartwarming in Hindsight.

I may not be able to see you. There may be hundreds of miles between us, but I'll always be looking your way. I'll be watching over you forever.

Made even more powerful by what it means; Laxus: It means even if I can't see you, I'm always looking your way. We find out Wendy's Guild Cait Shelter isn't a real guild: Robaul created an entire Guild out of illusions, and maintained it for years, just to make a little girl happy. There's also when Jellal is being taken away by the magic soldiers.

Natsu and the other allied Guild wizards go to save him from being arrested. It's part Tear Jerker as well as Erza is watching with heartache as her friends fend them off. A shout out moment especially goes to Carla, who is clawing a person's arm for touching Wendy. Episode 76 is part tear jerker, part heartwarming. Happy and Carla are given refuge after they rebel by an old exiled couple outside the city. They tell them they were exiled because they opposed an operation some years ago when their eggs were taken from them for a "Dragon Extermination Project".

Happy and Carla leave the house without being told this, but it's quite clear that they are Happy's parents. Carla, calling the Queen and the rest of the Exceeds at the same time out with a massive "The Reason You Suck" Speech for giving up and vowing to save Extalia all on her own, resulting in the entire population of Extalia following her to help push back the giant lacrima.

Doubles as a Moment of Awesome for the entire race, as they join the rest of the Earthland mages in doing so. Then he gives the three rules for anyone leaving Fairy Tail to Mystogan, and all of Fairy Tail and the Exceed being sucked into the sky back home.

In the Edolas arc, The Fairy Tail guild are still as close as ever, even if they are Bizarro World versions of themselves. Wendy helping getting an injured Carla away from the fighting. Even if she looks like a Miss Fanservice character, Wendy is still Wendy, which seems to relieve Carla some.

Lucy acting like a Tsun Dere towards the Earthland Dragonslayers, showing that she is still a caring individual under the more outgoing and combative self. Juvia and Lucy teaming up in the Tower of Heaven arc, and becoming friends. There's also the speech she made to Lucy about loving Fairy Tail, even in the midst of being Brainwashed and Crazy. Juvia doesn't want to hurt her friends Although it's a little presumptuous of me to call you that, after all you are my rival in love Juvia has truly come to love Fairy Tail Cana tearfully insists that she was one of them all along.

Doubles as Juvia's Moment of Awesome. After Mirajane's Moment of Awesome Curb-Stomp Battle against Freed, a memory of Lisanna keeps her from killing him, she reverts back to normal and reminds him of all the friends he has in Fairy Tail, holding his hand as he cries and admits to never wanting to be a part of the battle. The reason she did this Freed was going to kill her little brother Elfman.

Even Lucy flat out admits that she was surprised that Fried was capable of being so understanding. A fairly minor one, but the Raijin Tribe being fully accepted by the guild, despite how they helped Laxus, is actually quite sweet; Evergreen bonded with Reedus Jonah and offered to model for his paintings, Bickslow and his 'babies' joined Happy in teasing Lucy, and Fried was seen laughing at them all alongside Mira It's actually more heartwarming when you consider the fact that they hardly even went back to the guild; even since they joined Fairy Tail when they were young, they only ever relied on Laxus.

They were finally beginning to open up to the others and learning how to be themselves. After Lisanna returns to Earthland, the first thing she does is hug Natsu and explain everything that happened, from being stuck in Edolas to her tearful farewell to the Edolas versions of Mirajane and Elfman, who knew all along that she wasn't their sister.

She then goes to Caldia Cathedral, where she is reunited with her brother and sister as they are visiting her grave. Their faces of shock say it all, and the family is then brought together in a single hug. They're making up for all the time Lisanna was taken from them. Elfman's reaction is very poignant with a mix of Tear Jerker: For years, he believed he was the one who killed his younger sister 2 years priorbut is suddenly seeing her alive and well again as she comes running to embrace them.

Two years of guilt melted in that rain when his baby sister finally came home. Makes it especially adorable when he gets protective over her when the others were about to glomp her when she came into the guild hall. Wendy, Chapterafter being reunited with Mystogan. Her Cry Cute makes it even more heartwarming. It's just the sort of thing you'd need to hear from a fatherly figure: This is not "salvation. Hoteye's prayer was to meet his long lost brother again, who turns out to be Wally, Erza's childhood friend.

When Erza tells Hoteye that is brother is doing well, Hoteye lets his tears out, and believes it is a miracle of the light side that he was able to find this out.

Come with us, to Fairy Tail. While in bed, she sees a beautiful multi-colored sakura tree, floating outside on the river. Turns out that Natsu and Happy did it to make Lucy feel better. Also doubles as a Moment of Awesome since any girl would definitely fall head over heels for a guy who'd do something like that.

Mirajane shielding Lisanna from the time bomb she was trapped in and using her body to divert the explosion. Capricorn is revealed to actually be a benevolent spirit who was possessed by his master.

After the battle, Loke asks if he'll lend her power. Lucy refuses to run out on Natsu when he's trapped under some boulders and she's clear out of magic. Because no matter what I'd rather be together with everyone. Juvia finally defeats Meredy. How'd she do that? Not by pure yandere-rage fueled ass-kicking, as it looked like would happen at first, but by overwhelming her with the The Power of Love.

Even you have someone important to you, too! You've got to, too!! If you have love in your life, then you must keep on living!!! According to his Twitter postHiro Mashima was still drawing out this battle when the March 11th Tsunami happened. He couldn't go with the original idea of Juvia winning using her powers because they all involved water, so he decided to go with the above scene to send a message to the victims of the tsunami.

Cana realizing how mistaken she was on just focusing on the test. She's now rushing to save her True Companions with the power of Fairy Glitter imparted to her by the first master of Fairy Tail. A power right up there with Fairy Law. Which she doesn't know how to use anyway. Bringing up another Moment of Heartwarming in the very next chapter, where she's saved by Gildarts, who was revealed to be her father a few chapters ago. It's unclear whether or not he knows this.

Lucy is made to look around the women's dorms by the elderly matron, Hilda, in a Stripperific Cat Girl costume. When she finally finds the treasure box, Erza tells her that Hilda has been dead for 6 years. When they open the box, it's full of jewels. Jewels that Hilda told Erza that she'd give to girl once she became an adult after seeing Erza pretend that she didn't need to accept one of the play jewels Hilda got for the children when she saw that there wasn't enough for all the girls.

Lucy's monologue at the end clinches it. It transcends time, and it reaches your loved ones. I was able to feel that. And that's reward enough for me. As she fights with Gray, Ultear thinks about her past, about how Ur had abandoned her at a laboratory where she was subjected to numerous inhumane experiments, pushing her body and spirit to their utter limits. And when she finally escaped and made her way back to her mother, she saw that she had been replaced, which is what lead her to hate Ur as much as she does.

With those two keys, Arc of Time, and the Great World of Magic, she could go back, back to when she and her mother lived in happiness. But when both she and Gray fall into the ocean, first a voice and then images begin to flow into her mind.

Her mother, scared for her daughter's life due to excess magical power, begs the researchers to help her. Her mother, utterly broken when she's told her daughter is no longer living. It's that, and Gray telling her the one story Ur ever told her pupils about her daughter, that allows Ultear to realize just how mistaken she was about her mother, just how much Ur loved her.

Chapter has this: I can still get angry about it, right? Meredy forgiving Ultear and stopping her from killing herself. Cana revealing to Gildarts that she's his daughter and his reaction is this and Tear Jerker at the exact same time. As is Laxus checking to see if Lisanna was real. And patting her on her head. Wendy is intrigued by Laxus but a bit afraid of talking to him. Erza then assures her that Laxus is not really a bad guy, just one difficult to understand. Coming from Erza, and remembering the last time they where face to face they where brutally fighting each other, this says a lot.

Romeo crying Tears of Joy and finally smiling after Natsu and the others return from Tenrou Island after seven years. The entirety of Chapter Also doubles as a Tear Jerker. To my beloved daughter, Happy Birthday, From Dad.

When they get home, he even avoids participating in a fight, probably because he is busy feeling sorry for her. Gildarts reinstating Laxus back into Fairy Tail.

Lucy's Celestial Spirits invited her and her friends to their realm to celebrate their homecoming. Everything in this chapter, especially the song, is taken Up to Eleven in the anime. It's just one panel, but Juvia and Meredy reunite and aw Porlyusica taking care of Wendy and Carla after being attacked by Raven Tail.

Both times Natsu stopped Gray from using Iced Shell. Particularly the second time, where Natsu stands in front of Gray as he's performing the spell, letting him know that if he wants to use that spell and kill himself, Natsu was going with him. Don't get in my way! Did you not get the message or something? If you wanna use that spell, go ahead.

After Flare is declared the winner of the battle and Lucy is getting jeered on by the audience, Natsu helps a sobbing Lucy up and comforts her. Thanks to you, I realized that we could fight in this world. That makes things interesting, right?

We'll turn the tide now. I'm all fired up. This moment happened on Lucy's birthday, and Natsu eventually made good on his promise on the fourth day of the Grand Magic Games. In ChapterJellal states that, even if it's only temporary, nothing could make him happier than to be able to fight under the Fairy Tail name.

Also adding to the thing with Jellal, with how Ultear stopped him from going to far is by tickling Meredy like crazy. Seeing that they treat each other as mother and daughter, it is actually kinda cute seeing her do that.