Nigeria and america relationship with russia

Analysts Weigh Nigeria-Russia Arms Deal

nigeria and america relationship with russia

Nigeria turns to Russia after US rejects helicopter sales. Russia to buy heavier weapons following a recent strain in relations with the United . So, that's probably why the Nigerians would have wanted to go to America first. Nigeria–United States relations are bilateral relations between the Federal Republic of Nigeria and the United States of America. Nigeria and the United States. Diplomatic relations reestablished after the dissolution of the Soviet Would America have driven Russia and Saudi Arabia together with a.

The background to the US sanctions bill is as a result of alleged Russian meddling in the presidential election in the United States. Why is the sanctions bill put in the context of a bilateral trade war? Genesis and Dynamics of the Relationship True enough, Russo-American ties have generally not been cordial under Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump for many and obvious reasons.

First is the foundation: And the Syrian regime and others in the regime need to understand that we will retain the right of self-defence, of coalition forces aligned against ISIS. The United States sees Vladimir Putin as another dictator. The annexation by Russia of Crimea is not favourably seen in the United States. More interesting, but most disturbingly, the alleged Russian meddlesomeness in the presidential election in the United States has further complicated and tainted the relationship that has reached its lowest ebb with the closure of some Russian diplomatic offices in the United States.

James Comey, briefed Donald Trump in his capacity as the US president-elect on an intelligence report which concluded that Russia had meddled in the presidential elections. As from this day, President Donald Trump has been seriously challenged by what we may call here the Russian blood virus, running in his capillaries and blood vessels.

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As explained by Mr. Comey during his testimony before a Senate panel, President Donald Trump requested: He is a good guy. I hope you can let this go. More interestingly, on 30 March, Robert Kelner, the lawyer to General Flynn, indicated the readiness of General Flynn to testify on the issue of Russian meddling in the US presidential election on the condition of grant of immunity.

As his lawyer explained it, Mr.

Nigeria–Russia relations - Wikipedia

This request for immunity raises one fundamental question: And indeed, the following day, Mr. Comey was removed as FBI director. Where is the good thing about Comey in this case? Why was this so? He reportedly wanted to use Russian facilities to avoid any US interception of discussions with Moscow.

This investigation should be differentiated from the allegations of Russian meddlesomeness in the US presidential election. Consequently, political governance can be fraudulent in both design and operation.

The case of the US under Donald Trump is not different. On June 25, Donald Trump claimed that his predecessor knew much before the November 8, elections about the allegations levied against Russia but he did nothing about them. On 9 July, Donald Trump Jr. Thus, the Russian hands in the US elections can no longer be validly denied. Donald Trump has promised to make America great again. Vladimir Putin is also sending an empirical message of non-acceptability of any American bullying in whatever manner any more.

Nigeria–United States relations - Wikipedia

True, a new Cold War is already in the making. How should Nigeria respond: The first is to acknowledge that Nigeria operates the same presidential system of government like the United States, and therefore seeks to understand the elements of dishonesty that could come along with its operation.

nigeria and america relationship with russia

In this regard, for instance, there is manifestation of leadership dishonesty at the level of both countries. President Putin is denying non-meddlesomeness in the US election, when evidence has been made clear. President Donald Trump does the same, by denying the veracity of the reports of the various intelligence agencies. While the denials of President Putin may be considered patriotic, those of Donald Trump cannot be. In fact, they are most unpatriotic.

He is certainly ruining America and Nigeria must exercise greater caution in not following the examples of the US under Donald Trump. Under the current Buhari administration, government reportedly fights corruption on the one hand but also consciously promotes the same on the other, especially with the acquiescence of the people. America has all that Russia has not. Russia has things America has not. Why will America not reach out a hand to Russia, as I have given my hand?

Duncan probably was right as cooperation needed between the two powers did not really happen as the Cold War set them further apart after the World War II. Divinely the United States and Russia have managed to patch up for global peace and security even after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Nigeria–Russia relations

The two countries have been able to manipulate leadership of states and regions and oftentimes cause internecine rivalries and proxy war theatres for oil. Akin to rat race, the struggle for energy dominance has engendered paternalistic relationships by spooking weaker nations to trade on their energy resources. The uneven global distribution and non-renewable nature of oil and gas have made the commodity scarce and of strategic importance. Emerging economies are abandoning Cold War geopolitical rivalry for alliances and strategic economic cooperation in energy.

And so, interests change with change in circumstances. Countries with natural resources have been courted not just for economic gains but also for diplomatic relations.

Oil has become a critical energy source for economic modernization and so an important foreign policy tool to court geopolitical and strategic alliances. Experts believe that energy realignments are emerging with the triumvirate of the United States, Russia and China aggressively canvassing and crisscrossing geopolitical regions to win diplomatic souls of nations with beliefs that energy alliances are stronger than most human marriages.

But divorce and remarriages are allowed in these alliances. The exhaustive nature of oil has contributed to its volatility with the largest oil consumers exerting political and military influences in oil rich tension regions like the Middle East.

America and China share common interests in the Middle East.

nigeria and america relationship with russia

With low prices it has been volatility.