Photography aperture and shutter speed relationship tips

How to Use Shutter Speed and Aperture Together When Using Manual Mode

photography aperture and shutter speed relationship tips

Understanding the relationship between aperture and shutter speed will help Photography is all about getting the correct quantity of light for a given picture. Photo Tips & Technique The exposure triangle is simply the relationship between your ISO, shutter speed and aperture. When learning the photography basics and understanding the exposure triangle it is paramount to always remember. Exposure refers to the amount of light that enters the camera and hits Take a look at the chart below to see what different apertures look like.

photography aperture and shutter speed relationship tips

The higher the number, the fast the shutter will open and close. Each lens has its own aperture range.

How to Use Shutter Speed and Aperture Together When Using Manual Mode

Fundamentals of Photography — Understanding Aperture Putting ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture Together The easiest way to think of how all three work together to give an exposure is to keep one of the three components constant. The next step is to choose your f-stop or aperture. Therefore, if using a wider aperture lower f-stop number you are letting in more light and therefore your shutter speed should be faster compared to when using a narrower aperture higher f-stop number for the same given exposure.

An example for you: To see why I love shooting in aperture priority mode over manual sometimes check out this read.

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  • Photography Basics: Understanding the Exposure Triangle

We can control how much light hits the sensor by: Always use the lowest ISO as possible! That way, you can try to achieve the cleanest less grainy images with the best dynamic range and color depth.

Please note that these values will vary slightly depending on the ambient light in the situation. If you are a visual learner make sure to check out this video!

The Exposure Triangle: aperture, shutter speed and ISO explained | TechRadar

This will help improve your understanding of the exposure triangle! What exposure element do you struggle with the most? Next, I set my shutter speed. I knew that this fast of a shutter speed would prevent any motion blur from the sheep running on the mountain side. Then, I took a picture.

I couldn't compromise my shutter speed or aperture, so I knew I needed to use the third player in the exposure triangle—the ISO.

photography aperture and shutter speed relationship tips

I played around with my ISO and found that if I increased it to ISOit made the picture bright enough to take the picture without making it overly grainy. This combination of shutter speed, aperture, and ISO worked out perfectly. Now can you see why you need to know how to shutter, aperture, AND ISO, and know how to set them independently on your camera? Click the link below to continue reading this totally free photography basics series of articles, but if you're more of a visual person and want to see how to set the camera settings for various situations, you should really check out Photography Start.

If you're a visual learner and want to really learn your camera, then be sure to check out my beginner photography classwhich I call Photography Start. It's a series of 22 short videos where I take you on location to shoot waterfalls, landscapes, people, kids, and macro photos. You can look over my shoulder and see exactly how I set up my camera to take professional photos.

Check it out here.