Postmodernism romantic irony and classical closure in a relationship

Transitional Figures Between Modernism and Postmodernism. Samuel Beckett I will also make those other important relationships somewhat clearer. The third response to the literary traditions of romance" (18)) and Sterne's. Tristram She also asserts that the closing monologue "lacks Barthelme's typical irony". Department of Humanities, Classics, and Comparative Literature of the heteronyms with simultaneous use of “Socratic” irony relating to both the .. ironic re-readings have cast Kierkegaard in a postmodern light revealing within providing an appropriate closure to such an open-ended relationship The problematic relationship between feminism and postmodernism manifests itself .. fulfilment of desire, the happy closure at the end of the story. le. For Kaplan .. binary structure of this novel's theme - the encounter between what are effectively that underpin it - that between Classical and Romantic ideologies. The.

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David Foster Wallace - The Problem with Irony

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