Prateik babar and raj relationship tips

Prateik Babbar upsets Babbar family

prateik babar and raj relationship tips

When news of Raj Babbar and Smita Patil's hush-hush marriage broke out it Prateik is the only child from her marriage with Raj Babbar. Prateik opens up about his troubled relationship. sessions that are headed by Raj Babbar telling Prateik stories about his mother Smita. Prateik Babbar's animosity with his father Raj Babbar was no secret to Bollywood . The young actor had even dropped Babbar from his name in.

I wasn't consuming drugs at night, like party-goers do as a superficial part of their lifestyle. I was using it in the morning to get myself through the day.

Interview: Prateik Babbar's frank talk on drugs, love, and missing parents - Lifestyle

I needed it to exist. Perhaps, the most widespread delusion about addiction is the amount of time it can take for someone to become an addict. The cinemas tell you it happens right after the first hit, but addiction, like any disease, progresses. While others who took drugs got fed up with it, I, unfortunately, got addicted.

prateik babar and raj relationship tips

People turn judgmental when you've got a drug problem. Also, you don't want to admit the fact that you do. While I could chalk up my primary encounter with other drugs -- marijuana and hashish -- to experiments, the inquisitiveness led to recurrent use over time.

By the time I was in my freshman year, seniors introduced me to the world of acid, cocaine and ecstasy.

What started off as a few pills every couple of days, soon spiralled into uncontrolled consumption. Getting out of bed was almost impossible; nausea greeted me each morning, my body ached and I oscillated between hot and cold every few minutes.

prateik babar and raj relationship tips

At that point, I didn't even have a drug of choice, I took whatever I could lay my hands on. I was a fool who permitted love to drive me to self-destruction, all the while hoping I could find what I missed while growing up -- love and acceptance. But, when the joyride ended, it seemed like the worst karmic decision.

My rebound was not a one-night stand.

  • Prateik Babbar pens tell-all about his drug addiction: Women came and went, but drugs didn’t

It was drugs, an excess of it. Women, with conditions, came and left, but drugs didn't. He was not going to give up on me, even if the world did. A drug overdose made me sit up and take note of the monster I had become. I'm not religious, but at that moment, I encountered my first experience of spirituality. A heady cocktail rendered me unconscious with my face down on the bedroom floor. I was surrounded in vomit and regained consciousness only 24 hours later.

It's a miracle I survived. The thought of going cold turkey had crossed my mind before, but the thirst to chase the initial high surpassed every rational thought.

I couldn't recognise the man I saw in the mirror. I realised I hadn't looked myself in the eye ever since I started getting high. Following multiple episodes that made me feel like a miserable prisoner of drugs, I decided to finally seek professional help.

My family refused to see their loved one attempt to slowly kill himself, and encouraged me to sign up for rehab.

Pratik will always be my son: Raj Babbar | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

Prateik Babbar to start dosa business! I had no preconception about what awaited me, but given the nausea, pain and insomnia, among other withdrawal symptoms, I was up for anything. Drugs had consumed my brain to such an extent that even after a detox, it continued to hold some real estate up there. I spent three weeks in rehab trying to convince everyone I had beaten my addiction. But now, I am stronger, confident that whatever tribulations befall me, I will heal. Kakkar, a friend of the family, even had firm named by Smita.

I was pushing everyone away. Inhe announced that he was now simply, Prateik. He said in an interview during promoting Dum Maaro Dum in that he regarded actor Abhishek Bachchan as his elder brother, prompting half-brother Aryan Babbar to blame him for "doing all kinds of things for publicity". After advertising, I auditioned for Jaane Tu Unusually natural on screen for a debutant, he won a Filmfare for the role in For a while, things seemed to be going well.

prateik babar and raj relationship tips

But during Ek Tha Deewana, love did him in. When she returned on work from England next, the intricate tattoo on her forearm, Mera Pyaar, Mera Prateik, was gone. I forgot I existed. I was jealous, possessive… crazy. Think of a bad adjective, and I have been all that in five years.

Prateik Babbar: I didn't have a drug of choice. Took what I got

And then, Vidyatai Patil passed away last year. Prateik says he lost track of reality, right and wrong. Without her watchful support, he took to what made him feel better, drugs and alcohol.

It was my number one priority. I was hurting myself the most. But isolated, he turned to his only parent. I wanted to love him.

prateik babar and raj relationship tips

His day now starts at the gym, followed by class, meeting people and auditioning. People will be wary, but I am positive that good things happen. I have to keep at it. There is no other life for me.

Interview: Prateik Babbar's frank talk on drugs, love, and missing parents

This is what I do. Kept away from films and the industry when growing up, he knows his talent is inherited. As is his pull towards the gritty, indie scene. I keep thinking about that.

A freaky coincidence, right?

prateik babar and raj relationship tips

Coming clean on addiction in an industry famously expert at running for cover, is his way of standing out. Now, I want to be good, and do good.