Relationship management in b2b and b2c

relationship management in b2b and b2c

Learn the subtle, yet significant differences between B2B and B2C in In B2C it's pretty unusual to have the same type of relationship with your. PDF | C ustomer Relationship Management (CRM) is premised on the belief that The second place CRM developed was in B2B marketing in Scandinavia. You need to decide if you need B2B vs B2C CRM. So before the rise of modern customer relationship management, companies were already.

The skills required are more creative than interpersonal, developing visual branding and getting noticed.

Expertise Vs Value B2B aims to convey expertise. The marketer is aiming, through tactics such as relationship management, in-person events, plus content marketing and social media, to offer expert advice and insight into their products and their industry.

The skills required to do this are industry-specific knowledge and potentially experience, and a flair for communicating technical information in a compelling way. B2C communication is more about the brand value proposition. Whether it is to save the shopper money, have the most comprehensive range of products, or to offer the ultimate in workmanship and luxury, B2C marketing is about the value a brand can bring to the customer.

This requires an almost instinctive understanding of brand building and development, and the communication skills to express that brand value in simple, jargon-free terms across multimedia channels. Need Vs Want B2B marketers are dealing with a distinct market of potential customers who need the products and services of their brand.

relationship management in b2b and b2c

It can be to protect or grow revenues, but there is a solid business case for buying. The person managing the process will be looking to do a good job, and so the buying process will be a rational, with the solution eventually chosen to meet pre-agreed parameters. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis and presentation skills are invaluable for researching and responding to B2B markets. B2C marketers are always in part creating a need for their products through brand development.

With a single decision maker, the customer themselves, the buying process is not necessarily rational.

relationship management in b2b and b2c

In fact, B2C buying decisions are often based on the emotion the buyer feels towards the brand. Understanding lifestyle factors and market segmentation using multichannel data are important skills for the B2C marketer. Fewer Vs More B2B marketing is targeted to a relatively small pool of potential clients. Because pure and discrete transactions are rare in B2B Daythe importance in B2B is not only about the product or service, but also in the customer relationship Davis et al.

The study and methodology The main aim of the study is to discover differences between B2B and B2C relationships. The research was based on online questionnaire sent to random small and medium companies in the service industry in Czech Republic. Company samples were selected from Albertina database. The questionnaire contained 20 questions, but for purpose of this study, only 6 were used.

An e-mail containing link to the questionnaire was sent to 30 randomly chosen SMEs. From this amount were 1 samples from B2B relationship and from B2C. Since the main aim of this study was finding differences between the two types of relationships, all the answers were analyzed for maximal differences between the two groups. The table shows ten most interesting results.

Selected questions with selected answers The differences between B2B and B2C group could be measured separately as shown above or together as two groups. Coordinates of the centers and distance of the centers m B2B and n B2C were calculated. The conformity is not absolute; therefore the groups are partly overlapped. This result shows the B2B and B2C relationships are not completely different entities but they have something in common. The width of B2B rectangle is 2 x 1,42 and the width of B2C rectangle is 2 x 1, As mentioned above, the visualization shows B2B and B2C groups partly similar, partly different.

The distance of the B2B and B2C clusters Next step was to find out which answers differentiate clusters the most. Therefore the ratio between the answers was developed. Ratio and comparison of the answers In the Graph 1 the results are visualized.

The bigger value the more this answer contributes to the difference of the clusters. In the graph the answers are sorted from highest contribution to lowest. Comparison of the answers Conclusion From the literature review are visible the similarities differences between B2B and B2C customer relationship management.

The 4 key differences between the B2B and B2C marketing skill sets - Talent Hub

Although the topic of CRM is popular, not many researchers compared these types of relations. This research paper showed the evidence of different customer relationship management approach in B2B and B2C relationship types.

On the large number of respondents from small and medium companies in Czech Republic was shown the approach is partly similar, but more less different. The further research should be directed into deeper description of the differences and comparison in different industries and countries.

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