Relationship of ferris and ryner

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relationship of ferris and ryner

Ferris face remained emotionless, but she scowled inwardly. Lieral Lieutolu was not her favorite person, after all he did kill Ryner once. One of my favorite parts of Legend of the Legendary Heroes is the relationship between Ryner and Ferris. There is such a big mixture of love. Ferris then believes that Ryner has "finally come to appreciate the exquisite art of and developed a strong relationship and mutual understanding during fights.

Cobaltwaryear Ferris truly got her happily ever after. FerrisXRyner with other implied pairings.

relationship of ferris and ryner

Fiction T - English - Ferris E. This fic is post series- After defeating the mad hero and restoring Shion. I do not own this series. Ferris had been awakened when she felt someone touch her shoulder. On instinct, she grabbed her sword and drew the blade to whomever it was who disturbed her beauty sleep. She felt the person back away, keyword being felt because her vision was still a bit fuzzy. As her vision cleared she saw that it was just Ryner.

Ferris Eris

She slowly put her blade down and watched as Ryner gave a sigh of relief. She hummed before looking out the window, seeing the sun had already risen and was shinning very brightly- In other words a perfect sunny day. Ferris face remained emotionless, but she scowled inwardly.

Lieral Lieutolu was not her favorite person, after all he did kill Ryner once. Not to mentioned he used Ryner's temporary death to toy and to test her feelings for Ryner. She really believed he was gone forever at the time, and that had made her so mad and so sad at the same time, that without thinking she charged at Lieral.

Only to be beaten by him and have her memories of their encounter erased from her memories.

Of course, after the war he did return them, but she still felt bitter and angry at him. Actually, she dislikes and still doesn't trust him. But she'll put up with him, only because he was Ryner's father.

If it wasn't for that fact she would have long impaled him on a colossal, special made dango stick. She didn't get why Ryner forgave him so easily, but Ryner has always been like that and that's one of the things she loves most about her husband. Yes, her husband, who proposed to her during the war and who currently owns a dango shop with her called 'Legend Dango'. As she glanced at Ryner, she saw an unreadable look in his eyes. She merely waved her hand as gave a small sigh.

But can we at least serve him our shop's special poison dangos? Let's give him something else today, how about one of our shop's new dango? At that point, Ferris felt so proud of him. She felt as if he was proposing to her all over again.

She felt so happy that she could kiss him, and she did. It began as a soft kiss but ended up as a passionate make out, one that might have progressed to other things but was interrupted when a pot hit Ryner in the head, making him break the kiss and fall downwards to the floor. Ryner, having sensed the incoming attack got up and began dodging the very sharp projectiles aimed at him.

Actually why do you still do things like these? Your sister and I have been married for over a year now! I know you only tricked my sister into marrying you, but I won't be tricked. I will eliminate you to set my sister free.

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Ferris, who had been watching previously, stepped in when one sword came dangerously close to beheading Ryner. You're wrecking our room and Ryner won't be able to make dango anymore if you continue with your attacks.

Besides, Sion won't be too pleased if you eliminate Ryner. The prospect of Sion disliking her for killing the wild beast that was her brother-in-law was terrifying.

She could probably stand anything but that.

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She stuttered words to tell Ferris that she understood before dashing out the room to probably help out at the shop. I can just see it now, in five years she'll make an excellent bride for Sion. I mean, what if he gets married before then? For both his and Iris' sake. Let's head out to the shop. He then held out his hand for her. Once they got there, they saw that they had quite a lot of customers this morning. Their three little helpers seemed to be very hard at work, Arua was serving some dango that Ferris had prepared beforehand while Kuku was pouring some tea for a customer and Iris was currently taking three jobs at once, taking orders, taking charge of the counter and collecting the dirty plates.

Ferris greeted the children first before taking her place in the kitchen while Ryner took his place at the counter. Thanking Iris while she was on her way to collect a dirty plate. She gave him an 'hmmpf', but he grinned in response because he knew that it actually meant 'you're welcome'. It was funny how well he could understand the girl by her actions, perhaps it was because it was because of Ferris' influence that he learned how to do this. After all, his wife used to be quite hard to read.

Dai Densetsu no Yūsha no Densetsu:Volume 2 Chapter 3

Ryner was brought out of his thoughts when a customer went up to the counter to pay for his food and tea. Ryner then checked the notebook that kept track of the orders and gave the customer his bill.

relationship of ferris and ryner

Work went on after that and it was around eleven when they suddenly got a surprise visit from Sion and Claugh. Iris instantly brightened at the sight of him and ran over to hug him.

Sion returned the hug and gave his greetings to her and the others in the shop before he and Claugh walked over to the counter where Ryner was. Shion gave a smile before looking around. We haven't seen you in a while. Things pretty busy in Estabul and stop calling me 'king. Claugh sighed at the answer before retorting. Noa is the real ruler of Estabul. Besides, I'm still working for Shion. Claugh's face split into a huge grin. Claugh gave a nod to affirm this.

They knew better than to make a woman mad, one of them had personal experience with his wife while the other knew from his female attendants. Claugh laughed at what they said before realizing something. Some of my men in Estabul told me they wanted to try the Legend Dango shop's dango. I'll also be ordering around another five boxes of mix dango set C to go.

relationship of ferris and ryner

Set C is the one with the original flavors of dango right? The two males looked at Ryner strangely and said male began explaining. It's called the Sion special. Now I'm sure that my wife would like to talk to you, so I'll go get her. Ferris was quite surprised when Ryner entered the kitchen instead of Arua. Sion and Claugh are here by the way. Why don't you and the kids take a break and I'll serve up some snacks?

Tiir finally choosing to believe in Ryner's judgment and agreeing to have faith in Ryner's friends. Ryner returns the favour when Tiir points out how the other God's Eyes bearers won't trust humans so easily by claiming Tiir to be the true king of Cursed Eye bearers, and that if Tiir chooses to have faith in humans, everyone else will follow.

While his development is then undone in the next volume, it repairs itself with another moment as Ryner again asks Tiir to become his ally, even throwing in an Ironic Echo as he holds his hand out and uses the same lines Sion used on him—to join him and become his ally, as he'll change the world into one they want to see.

Arua's father telling Arua to keep on living. Perhaps a minor one, but considering the amount of prejudice that Cursed Eye bearers go through, even a simple act of kindness is significant.

relationship of ferris and ryner

Similarly, the fact that Kuu never wavers in her support of Arua in contrast to one of Ryner's first friends, who turned her back on him even after what she went through. Upon being given the chance to break free from Milk's brainwashing, Luke purposely chooses not to, despite the fact that he supposedly lacks emotions, meaning that he should be incapable of acting irrationally here.

However, he'd rather keep on feeling this way towards Milk, even if it's a lie, proving that he does have feelings in spite of what Lieral says about him.

relationship of ferris and ryner

The Taboo Breaker Pursuit Squadron as a whole, considering how close they are with one another and their declaration that they're a family. Their efforts to give Milk the life she never had are also rather sweet.

While Lucile generally indulges in twisted and psychopathic behaviour, he has a few genuinely sweet moments with Ferris. He offhandedly invites Sion over for breakfast, in turn making Ferris happy. On top of that, just seeing Ferris and Iris enjoying themselves is enough to reinforce his belief that essentially sacrificing his humanity was worth it, as long as they're happy. Him saving her and Iris from Froaude, reassuring Ferris that he'll protect them. In a reverse moment, Ferris initiates it by telling Lucile after his attack on Ene that she does care about him and wants to help him.

Considering how tense their relationship has been, it's a reminder that no matter how far Lucile falls, Ferris does still love him as her brother. A small moment where Lucile and Sion show that, in spite of not quite getting along, they do have a connection of sorts—after Lucile fails to protect Sion from the Goddess Milk, he apologizes for his failure.

Sion tells him not to worry about it, as Lucile always puts up with his weakness, and that they have to be there for each other. At the very end of things, Asruld tells Ryner that he's glad he's there with him, or else he might've gone insane otherwise. Considering that all Asruld cared about before was destroying everything, it's a notable moment for him.