Relationship of scoring rubrics and portfolio assessment

How to Use Rubric for Assessing Portfolios | Synonym

relationship of scoring rubrics and portfolio assessment

Examples of tasks in which rubrics can be valuable assessment tools include of learning occurred by assigning a score of a “1” or a “4,” no one else would. Assessessing portfolios with rubrics makes the task easier. Write a description of what would represent the highest score for the first criterion on the list. Institute for Studies in Education, focusing on emotions and professional relationships. Scoring rubrics are used when judging the quality of the work of the learners on . and evaluated in relation to the same criteria (Ferenz, ) Student portfolio.

Revise the rubric, as necessary.

relationship of scoring rubrics and portfolio assessment

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I the meaning of paper hard to punctuation need to revise my paper. If so, how will this be managed? How often will the portfolios be reviewed? What specific criteria will be used for portfolio evaluation? Will a rubric be developed? Will the criteria or rubric be used for all the works in the portfolio, or for a selection of works? How will points or a grade be assigned to the criteria used? Will self-reflection by students be incorporated as part of the portfolio?

In summary, a portfolio can be a very useful tool for a variety of assessment purposes. Careful thought and planning must go into a portfolio to ensure that it is organized and used appropriately and effectively. Part 5 Portfolio Exercise First, identify a course or assessment need in your program for which a portfolio might be of value.

Next, work through the following questions and activities: Question 1 — Portfolio Purpose? Identify the purpose for your portfolio. What do you want to have happen as a result of use of this portfolio?

relationship of scoring rubrics and portfolio assessment

Who will review the portfolio? Question 2 — Category System? How should the portfolio be organized?

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Will it be all-inclusive or selective? What are the categories for the portfolio? How do these categories support the purpose of the portfolio?

Rubrics for Assessment

How will the materials in these categories be evaluated? Question 3 — Storage-Archival System?

Creating Scoring Rubrics

Will a physical system or a digital system or both be used? How should the portfolio materials be stored? How should the materials in the portfolio be indexed e.

relationship of scoring rubrics and portfolio assessment

What artifacts works, products will need explanations or annotations in the portfolio to be understood? Question 4 — Digital Storage? For this question, assume digital storage will be used What will be the names for folders and how will you organize folders and sub-folders if needed?