Rob zombie meet and greet tickets

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rob zombie meet and greet tickets

Rob Zombie Meet & Greet Online. Enter below for your chance to win a meet and greet with Rob Zombie AND a pair of Pit Tickets for his Twins. Find and buy Rob Zombie tickets at Find upcoming event tour dates and schedules for Rob Zombie at Package 2 - $ One Ticket Located In GA Pit. View Seating Chart Here. Meet & Greet with Rob Zombie High Quality Photograph with Rob.

Living area and stocked kitchen up front. Wow, a long work day from 5 am till about midnight.

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We went back in the side door, and walked along to the backstage area. We toured through a couple rooms, the first their dressing area, with crates filled with their wardrobe, makeup, and the showers in the back.

rob zombie meet and greet tickets

The other room, a lounge area draped with wall hangings, black lights, and stocked with food and beverages of sorts. I was comfy there in the black leather couch, and when everyone else moved on, I sat a minute. When I got up and left, I walked out into the hallway and practically walked into Rob Zombie. He was playing first, so walking across the stage was his setup. Being careful not to step on the various guitar pedal setups, or bumping into anything, we left and setup a time to meet again with Paris.

We were in an empty arena and it was a good time to wander around, get refreshments, and find whatever seat we wanted. No interest in standing in the very front for a couple hours. Walking through the halls, with a mob starting outside, we found our watering hole. And then walks by Shannon, Robbie, and Tony from Godsmack. They were chilling, moving about, and headed upstairs to the club area, so we headed up there, saw it was their place to chill and get more grub, and we headed down to get seats.

What ones to pick?

rob zombie meet and greet tickets

There was a small section of 3 rows, on the edge of the floor, that extended out closer to the edge of the stage, with railing in front.

Enjoy the show… Opening the show was a DJ. Jumping around with his headphones on, very animated, with this face… black and white and very mysterious looking.

Rob Zombie and his wife Sheri Moon meet autographs dealers at LAX

It took me half the time to realize it was indeed a mask rather than make up. Perhaps just a personal experience, but awakening none the less. I honestly do not know.

The next sensation for the ears and eyes was Zombie. The tone was set straight from the start and throughout, they were there to jam our faces off. A backdrop of classic movie monster profiles surrounding his drummer, Ginger Fish, along with a row of separated bridge platforms strewn across the front. A perfect pedestal to display the synchronicity between John 5 on guitar and Piggy D on bass with Ginger Fish smashing drum licks behind them.

Zombie made sure to work the crowd and keep them feeling recognized, the dominance of legendary Zombie, his voice and moving about with nimble swagger and style held true. This was a production. Every couple of songs was a wardrobe change done in a flash, along with different custom guitar swap outs. A couple tunes were done with Zombie accompanying his wheeled skeletal mic stands, some with 2 arms, some with multiple arms. And the huge inflated balls got dispersed from out behind, and over the monster backdrop, for some volley pleasure.

We sat perched against the first row rail, by the sidestage barricade entryway in front of the stage. Zombie came off the stage with a spotlight in hand, and walked along each of the sidestage barricades down on the floor. Yes, this is my wife clapping and showing her approval of his energy. Zombie proclaimed what a great time they had, putting on shows in smaller venues like this, these were usually their best ones.

Zombie checked his watch and realized the clock was ticking and they were running over. Did this mean they were done? Hell no, not gonna happen having this much fun. Having only seen Rob Zombie once before many moons ago with White Zombie, I was justifiably impressed with his talent, taking in his presence.

Rob Zombie Meet & Greet - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion

They owned it that night, providing us a true performance that we surely will need to attend again. Last act, Godsmack, a band I see every time they are in our area, or in this case, a short road trip.

Time to try something different than all other past shows, time to meet up with Paris at the sidestage barricade we were just sitting above. Our seats are great, but I arranged something better for the Mrs. Escorted onto sidestage, our second set of seats, which there were no seats. Not being a fan of general admission and floor standing, we could however deal with our own standing area, a specially constructed podium railed off to the side, but ON the stage.

I thought that him saying that was very lame, particularly because he is not a phenomenal singer, or lyricist and can not even play an instrument outside of that so trashing someone that can actually play an instrument - and well, just made him look quite bad in my eyes. Rock stars should do these types of things for free. I want to say hey like a real person, not some organized over priced meet and greet.

Sure a "package" is cool, but paying to meet someone? Package "1" should be combined with package "2". Over is just pushing it. I've been in one back in but won this silly radio contest to be there. Only 5 and Fish appeared but it was cool: As much as I would love to meet Zombie and Manson, I would not consider paying an extra amount all for that.

The ticket alone was already expensive enough.

rob zombie meet and greet tickets

Even though its not everyday getting to meet your favorite artist. And I watched that interview with Rob Zombie too. The Empirical Guy I think it's very lame for them to ask such things. However, if it was part of a package such as guaranteed front row, a shirt, signed photo, and a meet and greet for a reasonable price then I would if it was someone I was really in to, but moreso for the package as a whole than just meeting them.

Other people are quite happy to just hang out and chat with people which is awesome. But charging huge amounts of money just to meet someone with no other inclusions is just prostitution really, and I wouldn't buy in to it. I think it's incredibly vain to ask people to pay to meet you. It makes me lose respect for artists.

I can see why some people don't like the idea of bands doing paid meet and greets, but if its a once in a lifetime opportunity then I think it's good.

But I'm sure Marilyn Manson could of done paid meet and greets at any point, as far as I know I don't think he has, at least not on the last few tours anyway so I guess it's probably not his sort of thing either.

Not sure I'd go for meeting the band though, MM seems private enough as is.

rob zombie meet and greet tickets

So I assume that is why Manson does not do meet and greets at gigs. I never paid when I met him before, so why would I now. AssetReign Has everyone lost sight of the fact this was a hypothetical question? But even then, I probably wouldn't buy it. It's certainly more generous to your fans to have them. You don't have to buy them. Also, I think it's this golden ticket company doing it but whatever. It's a fucking steal in my opinion. So, I guess it comes down to personal preference but in my opinion it is very generous of the artist to meet with the fans.

Like Manson OR Zombie are hurting for cash anyways?! I like your reasoning, you're looking at it for what it is and actual "Package" as the title states. Personally, I don't think anyone would really like that idea, but still some dedicated fans like me and some others would still do it if the funds at hand allowed.

Because there may never be another chance to meet the person you idolize, especially of people starting to get older. Heck age really doesn't matter these days with all the young celebs dying from overdoses and random acts of life sad but true -anyway life is precious and might as well live it to the fullest and make yourself happy, whatever it takes to do that.

As long as it doesn't hurt anyone else, or yourself why the heck not? I'm not sure how that feels but I know it looks desperate. I'm too proud for that. Shattered Dream Other than that, nope. He wouldn't want to meet me, he'd want the money. I doubt it would be a very nice meeting if it, you know, doesn't come from the heart. If I somehow did something that made him want to meet me then sure, why not.

When I listen to this guy's music I am enjoying his art. When it comes to in real life and him in person, I wouldn't pay more to meet him than I would to meet any other person. Right now, I would actually rather meet Voltaire in real life because he actually connects with his fans.

He makes vlogs and he responds on youtube. I myself have even gotten a response from him. He's less of a stranger to me than manson is. Manson doesn't seem like he really likes his fans knowadays which is quite sad. I've bought VIP once and have another VIP coming up and have met several band members of other bands and they're quite down to earth mostly shy than anything.

I think having to meet your fans because they paid for it is awkward for both, plus they usually just usher you in and out of a room and that's it, there are others waiting so it's not like you can sit there and talk about life. If that's good enough for you then do it. BJ should truly be ashamed of themselves, or their fans should be for paying it. Cool article about VIP packages http: If opportunity presents itself, then fuck yeah I'd be ecstatic. If it doesn't, then whatever.

Not going to pay extra for something like a meet and greet, though, because I'm already surviving currently without having met famous people. I go to concerts see a kickass rock show, first and foremost, and everything else exists as an afterthought.

This is whether I'm a huge fanatic of the band or not. This package for Zombie is decently priced. I'm not for all that extra stuff and never been a huge merch guy myself, so it's not all that attractive of a deal to me. For those more into that stuff, and I know there's a lot out there, they could get plenty out of paying a little extra.

Ulysses Black I get that they don't see every penny from those sales, but I've been supporting them for years. I'd rather meet John 5 and Ginger more so than Rob himself, I think I'd have a better time with them because they seem more down to earth. As far as Manson is concerned I'd rather meet him than Rob if given the choice. Rob just seems to have a shitty attitude in the more recent years concerning past band mates and etc I remember him calling Tim "that Swedish guy" or some shit when EMDM was almost completely him and he has been known to treat current band members like shit.

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I'm not saying that's bad though I love the rock n' roll feel of Manson. He's the last rock star left so I can't complain about his antics lol. The same could be said for Tommy Clufetos, he left Rob after he got a call from Ozzy-fucking-Osbourne. So historically speaking, who's the pinnacle here?