Sora and roxas relationship quizzes

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sora and roxas relationship quizzes

This quiz will tell u what guy will be your boyfriend in kingdomhearts. Trust me u will be What is your personality like? A. Shy. B. Cocky. C. Sora. B. Axel. C. Vexen. D. Riku. E. Xenmas. F. Zexion. G. Roxas. Back to top. RoxasXNamine or Namixas, RokuNami (Japanese ロハスナミネ Roxas Namine) is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between the two nobodies. Browse through and take thousands of kingdom heart sora riku roxa quizzes. Video Games Personality June 8, The BIG Kingdom Hearts Quiz!.

The battle was meant to be interactive in Kingdom Hearts II, but time constraints imposed from creating fights for the other Organization XIII members prevented its inclusion. Unlike the other Organization members, he lacks memories of his previous life.

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He also appears in Shiro Amano 's manga and Tomoko Kanemaki's novels, where he reprises his role from the video games.

Another Report includes a novel called Roxas—Somewhere in Time that retells Roxas' days in the Organization with the exception of his befriending Xion. Chain of Memoriesthe series' director, Tetsuya Nomurawas questioned about the character.

However, he refrained from revealing too much detail about him and said he would become an important, playable character for the franchise. After receiving a positive fan response to Roxas' sad scenario, Nomura concluded that it was well executed. The meaning of Roxas' name was meant to be revealed in a scene in Kingdom Hearts II that shows the letters in the word "Sora" rearranged with the "X" added to expand the connection between the characters.

However, this scene was omitted as Nomura found it difficult to implement time-wise. Nomura told the writers that he wanted Roxas to learn something from each of his missions or just to have something to think about.

Final Fantasy VII to be more tragic. Problem with these two dudes is that I'm not a massive fan of either of them one day I'll write a blog about my feelings on Roxas-they're not bad I'm just not crazy on him but for now I'll just admit that I can't characterise either of them. Which is probably why half of the fic is just everyone else talking. Not that that is characterised any better. Also Sora does some crazy stuff in this fic. Still I hope you enjoy! He lay slumped against the wall, head bowed, fluffy blonde hair drooping down over closed eyes.

Lea was sort of crouched over Ventus, almost as if he was I'd never forget the face of my best friend! Sure you haven't just gotten a little confused?

This is him," They had found the blonde while digging for data in the digital Twilight Town. Nobody had any clue how he'd gotten there, or why he wasn't with Sora, but they had rescued him almost immediately, freeing him from his living lie.

Not that he'd woken up since. And as soon as Aqua had laid eyes on him she had broke, ushering the boy into a hug only to be fought off by Lea who held him equally as tight. They were now on the Gumni ship, the three of them plus Mickey, Sora and Riku, all fidgeting under the tension crowding the room. How could he also be Ventus? I've met Ventus before. He looks exactly like him," "So it's a two on two vote, huh," Lea mumbled, and then sighed. I know it is," There was a moment of silence, and secretly Aqua wished that she could share Lea's confidence.

I think I met Roxas. It's kind of hazy but he was definitely there," Sora crouched down to get to eye level with the sleeping boy. There was a moment of silence as everyone wondered how to react before Sora raised his head. His gaze and eyes were completely sincere. The four exchanged wild glances, looking at each other, to Sora, and then back again.

I can wake him up," "Hate to break it to you but Roxas was a nobody, got it memorised? They don't have hearts," there was no humour in Lea's words, only bitterness, and everyone in the room winced collectively at his dark tone of voice. If one waited long enough they could get their heart and feelings back. When you and Roxas died-you may already have had your own hearts, your own feelings," he suddenly grinned, beaming up at Lea.

You were your own person when you died. What you did-somebody without feelings would never do that!

Finally Lea broke the silence, his voice cracked and uncertain. It wasn't for you, y'know," "I know," Sora's smile didn't falter.

sora and roxas relationship quizzes

That's why-if this is Roxas, I have to save him! He deserves to be his own person too! If you unlock my heart we might just be able to save him!

sora and roxas relationship quizzes

Sora, what you're asking of me is impossible," Sora shook his head rapidly. I know you can do it! Remember when you released Kairi's heart? You turned into a heartless, Sora! Our primacy concern is keeping you safe," Sora's hands tightened into fists by his sides.

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What makes my life worth anymore than Roxas's? If you won't do it then I will! Although it meant little to Lea or Aqua, Riku recognised it instantly. You still had it?

sora and roxas relationship quizzes

Sora had never been great at shield spells, but it seemed as if he'd picked up a few new tricks. No matter how much he rammed on the barrier it wouldn't give. A slim hand curled around the hilt, stopping him.

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From where his gaze was fixed on the floor Sora's head snapped upwards, meeting the eyes of the one who'd stopped him. Aqua's hand was firm around the keyblade's hilt, her other hand moving to wrap around his wrist. That's enough," Despite the anger and confusion that had been present in her voice earlier, now it held nothing but steady calm.

She took a hand off of Sora's wrist to ruffle through his spiky hair, smiling sadly at the nostalgia of it all. What are you doing?

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Although his position suggested discomfort there was an almost peaceful expression on his face and he seemed somewhat tranquil in his sleep. It was hard to believe that they couldn't get him to wake up. This won't kill me, I know it won't! I did it before and I was okay, Kairi saved me-" "Kairi's not here!

Kairi saved me not because she was a princess of heart, but because of the strength of said heart. She believed in me, and she saved me!

I know you guys can do the same! I guess that's why some people say that nothing does," Riku took a deep breath and the force of his exhale caused his hair to flutter in front of his face. He locked his fingers, and avoided Sora's gaze. Let's not do this here. This is a crazy idea. You were asleep for a year, Sora, have you forgotten that? You lost a year of your life and it was the hardest year of mine. I don't want either of us to go through that again," finally he smiled, just a little bit, and his piercing eyes met Sora's.

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Doing something like this is sort of like giving up, right? We'll save Roxas, we will.

sora and roxas relationship quizzes

Give us some credit, okay? Sounds like a plan to me!