Superboy and superman relationship

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superboy and superman relationship

Superboy is the name of several fictional superheroes appearing in American comic books The first Superboy was simply Superman as a boy, acting as a superhero in Smallville, where Kal-El (Superboy's . Wishing to preserve this history due to his own history's connection to the Legion's past, the Trapper takes a sliver. What is the relationship between Kon-El (Superboy) and Kara Kon they go to the teen trains and kidnap him then go to Superman to get him. As the friendship begins between Damian Wayne and Jonathan Kent, it reveals new facets of the one shared by Batman and Superman.

Lastly, Chris came after Conner and Kara, both of whom provided lessons for Superman. Plus, Superman knew Conner's origins, as a result of an experiment by Project Cadmus, which he came to only begrudgingly trust, as it had points in its favor, such as the Guardian, the Newsboys, and Dubbilex, as well as points against it, such as Director Westfield and Dabney Donovan.

I'd say he wasn't quite sure which side Superboy would end up on, and decided to keep an eye on Superboy, without fully "adopting" him. Then there's the fact that Superman didn't exactly brush Conner off.

He made sure he was in good hands, with Dubbilex looking after him and, as I said, Conner was in favor of living life on his own. As far as revealing his identity, he didn't exactly go around revealing that, as it too him some time to reveal himself to Steel, as well. And once Superboy found out, Kal sort-of apologized to him by helping him go through a Kryptonian rite-of-passage and giving him the Kryptonian name Kon-El.

Superboy (Kon-El)

No one recognized him as Superboy, allowing him to blend in; it was amazing what a pair of glasses could do. Posing as a student, Kon quickly learned that he had to constantly keep his explosive tempter in check, even more so than he usually had to. He also quickly learned that teenagers were weird. He thought he knew everything about normal people by being with his team, but he soon found it possible that people could be even stranger.

And that was saying something.

superboy and superman relationship

Girls would sometimes stare at him with a weird look in their eyes, a look he had sometimes caught on M'gann [though with her it was less creepy, more Boys glared at him a lot.

People smaller than him cringed when he walked by. So, he decided to just be himself- and not interact with them. It was a better plan in his head. Can you tell us the year in which World War II ended? Kon frowned for a moment, before clearing his throat. He slouched in his desk, feeling eyes on his back, He hated talking, it was just his shy nature. Now, turn your books to page-" Ms. Lang was cut off when the obnoxious sound of the bell announced lunch.

Before she could say another word, Connor was up and out of his seat, on his way out the door. He hated that damn bell. His super hearing made it a thousand times more intense, and it felt like his head would implode. He'd have to ask Kal-El to teach him to control it Arriving at his locker, he fumbled with his lock, getting frustrated with it when it wouldn't open.

He would have crushed it if he weren't in public. Finally getting his locker open, he shoved his books inside and slammed it shut, unfortunately leaving a dent in the metal. Quickly looking around to make sure no one saw, he opened it again and banged out the dent. Once all was well, and he put the lock back on, he headed over to the courtyard outside.

He hated eating inside. It was noisy, and people got too close for comfort. So, he often opted for eating up on the roof, where no one could bother him. He looked forward to lunch for this little piece of heaven, and on this particularly irritating day, he felt even more drawn towards it. Or he would have, had it not been for the thunderstorm that had suddenly rolled in. Kon frowned, why hadn't he noticed it coming? He was probably too busy trying to drown out the sounds of the other students.

superboy and superman relationship

Not to keen on spending lunch indoors, he decided on going outside anyway. He didn't even bat an eye at the lightening shooting through the sky; after all, he was Superboy. He opened the door, but before he could make his escape, the gym teacher stopped him. I think you'll survive if you have to eat inside for the day, Kent.

That man had been hounding him to join every sports team since he started going to the stupid High School. Keeping his anger in check was a real challenge when it came to these people.

With no where else to go, Kon settled for finding a vacant table in the corner of the cafeteria.

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The noise was gratting on his nerves, but he steeled himself against reacting. Reaching into the paper bag, he took out the peanut butter and jelly sandwich M'gann had made him that morning, along with an apple and a can of Coke. Halfway into his sandwich, a buzzing in his pocket caught his attention.

superboy and superman relationship

He slid the small, cheap cell out of his pocket, flipping it open. When no one answered, he looked down at the screen, seeing that it was a text from Kal. U know how 2 txt?

  • Superboy and Superman Relationship

Anyway, an unknown object was just spotted from the Watch Tower, headed toward Earth. All League and YJ members are being informed. Be on the look out. Kal had given it to him when he first started school about a month back, for emergencies. He never used it much. After finishing up his sandwich and taking a bite into his apple, a distant rumbling caught his attention. He focused on the noise, if only to drown out the other teens. It seemed to be getting louder and louder by the second.

It was something large, heading right toward the school- A siren rang out through the building, echoed by several others scattered across Metropolis, before he could connect the sound to anything. The students began to panic, the teachers shouting over them, "Everyone under the tables!

The lights flickered, the rumbling now close enough to be heard by humans. Kon jumped to his feet, ignoring the other students who were diving for cover. He didn't need cover. Through the cafeteria windows, an ominous green glow flashed into the dark, stormy sky, coming from a large, mass of light, a meteor he guessed, falling toward the school. Kon growled, running out of the cafeteria without anyone noticing. He burst through the atrium doors, immediately hit with the raging winds of the storm.

He shielded his eyes for a moment, regaining his senses, before turning his attention back to the falling object. At this rate, it would fall right on the High School. Kon knew he had to stop it, even if he hated the damn place. Ditching the glasses, Kon leaped with a powerful bound onto the roof, then pushed off, heading straight for the object.

Superman's attitude toward Superboy

His plan was simple; just punch it out of the way. He glided through the air, his muscles tense and ready to strike. Intense pain consumed his body, sucking the breath from his lungs. His eyes widened in both shock and pain. Every once of energy was drained from him, causing his body to go limp, falling back to the earth. It's not often, if ever, we think of the Man of Steel as frightening; he's wholesome, compassionate, even a little dull.

Superman's Redemption

But at least twice in the relaunched "Superman," Tomasi and Gleason have tapped into the hero's anger -- a father's anger -- when someone endangered his son. It's something an immature Robin, and perhaps even the readers, hadn't taken into account. In Issue 10, it's quite literally a burning rage, with Superman's eyes glowing red and flaming from his heat vision as he bellows a single, earth-shaking question: It's only the pleas, and an accidental and newly developed blast of freeze breath, from his child that cools the Last Son of Krypton, and brings him to common ground with the Dark Knight.

Page from "Superman" 10 by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason While the two fathers quickly see eye to eye over missed "first steps," and concerns about Jonathan's rapidly changing physiology -- "Do you think when we were kids Or, rather, Damian's respect for "their ability to adapt.

Stripped of their superhero attire, the boys are left in a secluded mountaintop bunker, which they promptly escape, setting into motion a series of obstacles that, at least in theory, they're supposed to employ teamwork to overcome to find their "super-stuff" and then their way back home: Although the exercise doesn't go quite as Batman envisioned, it does bring Damian and Jon to a sort of mutual understanding, even if you don't believe it for minute. Just as his barely contained outrage over the accidental death of Goldie, the Kent family pet, betrayed his deep affection for animals, Damian's bristling at Jon's choices for topics of conversation in a rare quiet moment -- goodness, his father and friendship -- exposes the Boy Wonder's sensitivities.

Art from "Superman" 11, by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason We've seen that Damian's steely, occasionally homicidal, exterior is sometimes only thin armor to protect the boy beneath. While Jonathan wears his heart, and his insecurities, on his red-and-blue sleeve, Damian works fiercely to hide his.

Despite his best efforts, he sometimes fails, such as when the boys finally return to the Batcave to discover their fathers the apparent captives of a shape-shifting soup made from the combined DNA of Mister Freeze, Killer Croc, Joker and Clayface.

Tellingly, perhaps, Damian's chief concern is for Alfred the butler, not the cat rather than for his biological father. DC's "Super Sons" to Arrive inAdds "Superman" Writer And in the end it's Alfred, surrogate father to not only Bruce Wayne but to his wards, who -- over the protests of Batman -- praises the boys for finally coming together as a team to rescue them; he rewards them with their return of their capes.

That's not to say Bruce and Clark don't bask in the warmth of their sons' accomplishment, or their own -- no matter how short-lived it may be. Page from "Superman" 11, by Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason Although Damian and Jonathan's first meeting ends as it began, with a fight -- this time over who gets to chop down which Christmas tree -- their next is far more cordial but every bit as revealing.