Termites and intestinal flagellates relationship tips

The body color of termites is white (not all species); therefore, they are called " white ants". They depend on the intestinal protozoa in the digestion of cellulose . depicting the symbiotic relation between termites and intestinal flagellates. symbionts of termite gut protozoa form a separate phylum of prokaryotes. Applied .. phylogenetic relationship between parabasalid (hypermastigotes and .. by repeated aspiration of the suspension into the µl tip of an automatic pipet. Simplified scheme of phylogenetic relationships within termites (based on Engel et process of lignocellulose digestion, and the ability to disrupt this function has the apical end or tip of a protozoan body, when its shape is that of a beak is.

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Termites & Intestinal Flagellates by shanice anderson on Prezi

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