Virgo man and gemini woman in a relationship

Virgo man Gemini woman

virgo man and gemini woman in a relationship

Relationships between a Virgo man & a Gemini woman can be quite successful if the two learn to accept each other's differences. Learn more about inspiring. This relationship may work best if they are both a little older, and have both sewn The Virgo Man can really only handle so much, and I believe Gemini Women. They feel safe in the relationship because they were friends before that, so it A Virgo man can have hard feelings because a Gemini woman.

He often said he is walking on an egg shell all the time with me, although sometimes I wanted to say for him not to, that I love him truly, I let him thinks that he is Or else, he'll grow comfortable and ease his attention to his work! I am a hours-needing-of-attention child! But I love him so much, he is a sweet and gentle man.

With a bit of shyness that comes as sexy for me. Have I mentioned that I'm a gemini? I have been with my true Virgo man for a little over a year. I am a true Gemini women but when it comes to my boyfriend things change I am not that talkative and I am very shy and submissive. He treats me like a Queen, I love him and his personality and I value the relationship so I try to keep the tention down.

I am working and still in college but he has his own business. He is 15yrs older than me so sometimes I may get a little insecure that he may want someone closer to his age or more established when we had our disagreements.

Virgo Man Gemini Woman Compatibility

But all in all we have a GREAT relationship and go out and spend every moment with each other so hopefully there is a Wedding coming soon. That should say it all, We are the complete opposite. Now, Like I said I married my childhood sweetheart about a year later that is the Virgo.

We have had nothing but complications after complications. He is not at all spontaneous, nor is he romantic. I feel his is controlling and doesn't like to bend, at all! He likes it his way or no way. Everything is what he wants. He plans things that revolve around what he wants and is only affectionate when he wants to be. I am everything a Gemini woman is supposed to be and more! I believe in having a monogomous marriage and trust is a huge factor!

The one thing I can sum up is Gemini's will do everything in their power to make a Virgo man happy, and will bend backwards for them, but when do we get that in return!

Gemini and Virgo - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

I'm Still married and tryng to figure him out! I truly love him and will do everything to make it work, I just don't get the freedom I once had! I dated a Gemini woman sometime ago we where like oil and water, it don't mix. We argued a lot I am a easy going type man that like structure and rules my Gemini woman did not like structure nor rules. For example we attended church and before going to church she smoked an illegal drug and remind high the whole service, if there was ever a need for structure and rule at that moment my Gemini woman needed it right then and there.

When having sex I would want to than that feeling would go away as soon as it came because I knew it would be time for me to perform my duties and then some while I was left hanging. It seemed like no matter what I did or say it was not good enough there was a complaint somewhere I ask that you not smoke weed in my car because of my job with the government then you turn around and want to make a compromise on when you can smoke in my car what the hell!!!!!

No more summer babies for me i've been with my Virgo for 3 yrs now.

virgo man and gemini woman in a relationship

Gemini Lady I've been dating not in a relationship because he "wants to take it slow" a Virgo man for almost four months. We stopped talking yesterday and I kind of want to forgive him for the second time already and keep him in my life, but tomorrow I may not feel the same way.

He lead me on when we first met, being jealous and telling me not to talk to other guys. Next thing I know he's doing exactly what he's telling me not to do! Of course I had other guys on the side since we weren't bfgf From my experience, Virgos are very insecure and tend to lie more than guys of other signs. We fought a lot, he'd make fun of me a lot which didn't bother me, but when I'd make fun of him back he'd get really offended We would fight a LOT.

When we would actually see each other during his busy schedule and while I wasn't just doing my own thing, we would act like we were in love. He'd feed off of my feelings a lot. He'd "break up" with me at least once a week over extremely stupid thing s.

I loved that the sex was freaky and that he was a clean freak and never stunk, but he expects to have a pushover as his "wifey" and not a flighty kinda chick. I miss him though. I am in a relationship with a Virgo man - being a Gemini he has to keep up with me at all levels I must say he does a great job doing so.

Am a Gemini woman fall in love with two years younger Virgo man ,we know each other for the past four years, we wont talk always keep silence. I do know what to do has am so confused at present we stop talking,am waiting for him that he will use to understand my feelings and comeback with good result. I went out with a Virgo man for two an a half years I am convinced he's my soulmate I absolutely still love him.

We broke up cause we argued way too much and because in the initial phases of our relationship I got bored and I hurt him I didn't cheat, I was just very flirtatious regardless it causes a huge problem in our relationship. He was resentful and mean and I stayed because I felt guilty. We loved each other very much but we couldn't make it work. He agreed that we don't know what's going to happen in the future and that we'd be open to getting back together.

I really hope so. I just regret how my restlessness and boredom got the best of me and ruined the best relationship I ever had. I am working on it now.

I only hope we have another chance in the future. I am a Virgo man and my Gemini woman of 4 years is my entire universe. After reading this, I am a damned good catch!

Gemini and Virgo Compatibility

I excite her on all levels, she feels the sex is absolutely unmatched and we are definitely not "standard" in bed together Her big turmoil is the emotional waves and I have a knack for "talking her down" and it works great.

It's like saying you are insecure for cringing when I point a loaded gun at you! What do I do I am her universe too and we both show each other in a million ways how much we adore, love, respect and admire one another.

virgo man and gemini woman in a relationship

Gem ladies, to help better understand our seemingly boring and predictable Virgo male selves, hopefully this might help.

Don't mistake our lack of enthusiasm of your flighty nature as wanting a "wifey" who's a pushover. The only problem is, if you'd rather be at the bars on Saturday sitting next to strange men and drinking with your self assurance that it "won't go anywhere" in the Virgo's mind, the cheating has already happened. We can't get away from it. There's only 1 reason to hit on a man in a bar or let him do it to you.

WHY would you flirt with a strange man if supposedly you're with one that keeps you happy and interested? For you, since this is YOUR arena and comfort zone, you're perfectly content doing a make-believe play and leaving it at the bar.

You just have a WAY better exterior about it and we play cards face up Which means I won't be playing any of you in poker anytime soon!!! My ONLY complaint is the flirting, etc.

virgo man and gemini woman in a relationship

Everything else is better than any other woman I've been with. If they find a language they both understand, they might agree on the way their sexual life is to progress. However, there is a big chance that endless discussions will not lead to their mutual understanding, leaving them distant and not interested to share any sexual experiences. If they fall in love, they will use enough tenderness and respect to make their sex life work, but it will still rarely be satisfying for both partners.

They are both curious, but not in the same way, and have an extrovert vs. While Gemini would often like to be free to get naked and run around the streets, Virgo would prefer if everyone kept their bodily fluids to themselves. The good thing is that they are not prone to jealousy, or they would probably kill each other after a couple of weeks.

Gemini is not someone Virgo can trust. When Virgo starts doubting and analyzing everything, Gemini will simply fly away, in the best case scenario. If they have a touch through maleficent planets, such as Mars, this will not end there, but in endless fights and conflicts on trust and fidelity.

The key here is for Gemini to get back to planet Earth and respect the sensitive nature of their partner. They can build their security and be free to be who they are at the same time.

virgo man and gemini woman in a relationship

Also, Virgo will have to open up, or they will never find a way to stay together. Gemini is clearly prone to change already, but it is the Virgo man who will learn to change with time and personal growth.

Therefore, in any relationship with a Virgo, hold on tight and play the long game if he is truly what your heart desires. It may seem to be all doom and gloom in the early stages, but if the love is truly there, you will find even the stone walls of the virgin giving way.

Remember that the challenges you go through as friends or a couple, only serve to make your relationship stronger as a whole. Basic Compatibility The Gemini woman is a playful, curious individual who thrives off of her interactions with people. She never judges a book by its cover and is frequently surrounded by a multitude of friends and acquaintances.

While many signs are satisfied with simplicity, the Gemini is not. Instead, she needs an endless stream of excitement, be it traveling, meeting new people, or a truly engrossing social hobby. Constant repetition in her lifestyle can cause her to wither emotionally. Social interaction is not simply a desire; it is a need as being alone can be a Gemini's worst nightmare.

Personality-wise, the Gemini woman is extremely kind and affectionate, willing to go with the flow to prevent discord as long as it doesn't constrain her freedom. While she makes an amazing conversationalist, relying on her to be the sole decision maker can easily overwhelm her.

She is also not known for her reliability, though purely out of distraction rather than any sort of laziness. The Virgo man is quite the opposite, skilled at making decisions and benefiting greatly from the innate reliability of the earth sign. He focuses on work whenever possible and may need to be dragged, kicking and screaming, to fun and relaxing activities.

The Virgo man is known for analyzing, organizing, and, of course, criticizing everyone and everything in sight. The biggest victim of his criticisms, however, is himself as he often is caught up in chasing a dream of perfection.

As touched on previously, his expectations for himself and the love of his life often come down considerably with time. It is often the partner of a Virgo that becomes the impetus for his growth, as it can be difficult for him to hear beyond the echo chamber of his own chiding criticism.