Yeddyurappa and shobha relationship advice

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yeddyurappa and shobha relationship advice

leaders BS Yeddyurappa and Shobha Karandlaje got married twice release the CD of secret marriage between the former chief minister Later, they once again got married in Tirupati as per the advice of an astrologer. There are lots of rumors about B S Yeddyurappa and Shobha Karandlaje. They are mum about one of the most hotly discussed relationships of Karnataka. Yeddyurappa's detractors believe, his feisty “girlfriend” Shobha Though there was no official word about their relationship -- he is a widower.

In the bargain, Yeddyurappa was forced to drop his friend from the cabinet. Later, the CM was seen was in tears and he wept in public saying he was so pained to drop Shobha. How it began, again The trouble re-visited when Yeddyurappa re-inducted Shobha in the cabinet last year. This led to the speaker disqualifying them followed by the CM seeking trust vote twice in a gap of two days.

After the Supreme Court quashed the disqualification and the legislators returning to his fold, the CM went for the trust vote again last week to win it in the absence of the opposition.

Being partial "While it seems everything is over, the trouble is still brewing in the party. The MLAs are unhappy with the way Yeddyurappa deals with them. In fact, the issue was raised in the last legislators' party meeting, but it only fell on the deaf ears," said a BJP MLA. Many legislators reportedly accused the CM of being partial to Shobha, who staged the walkout in protest.

yeddyurappa and shobha relationship advice

Problems ahead According to Joshi, all this didn't happen without any reason. However, there are remedies for all problems," said Joshi.

He said that due to the transition of Jupiter, Yeddyurappa government will face trouble in November this year. The biggest issue that the duo confronted was when Yeddyurappa fielded her as candidate from the Yeshwanthpur constituency during the last elections.

In Karnataka elections, a Yeddyurappa win could return controversial woman friend to power

Despite severe opposition Yeddyurappa went ahead. He had a feather in his cap to take up Shobha's case when she won the elections convincingly. There was more opposition when he decided to induct her into the ministry and also gave her the crucial portfolio of Rural Development. However, Yeddyurappa ignored the voices of protest.

yeddyurappa and shobha relationship advice

The importance of Shobha in the BJP was clear. All one could see during a drive from Mysore to Bangalore are banners with Shobha on it. She has stamped her presence and her message is clear -- she is here to stay.

Over time, the voices of opposition continued to grow against Shobha.

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In particular, the Reddy brothers from Bellary were upset with her. They have, on several occasions, termed her as the de-facto chief minister of the state.

yeddyurappa and shobha relationship advice

Her proximity to Yeddyurappa irked many and there was not a single photograph in any media that did not have the CM and Shobha together. The faction led by the Reddy brothers even alleged that she influenced Yeddyurappa's every decision.

yeddyurappa and shobha relationship advice

They claimed that the CM was using her to get back at them. Some bureaucrats in Karnataka, who speak in a hushed tone, say that several times the files meant for the CM went through Shobha.

While all these allegations were being made, the last straw for the Reddy brothers was when she interfered in their portfolio. During a trip to Bellary, Shobha openly conducted a review of the revenue department and is said to have pulled up a lot of officials for apathy. Karunakar Reddy, one of the Reddy brothers who is the revenue minister, screamed out on roof tops that this was utter interference and she had no business to do so.

This is being cited as one of the primary reasons for them to demand the ouster of Shobha from the cabinet. Yeddyurappa, all through this crisis, did try to fight her case but gave up in the end and decided that he had no option but to remove her in order to save his seat. Shobha too has been very supportive of his decision.

When asked about the development, Shobha said she would resign in the interest of the party if she was asked to do so. However, rumour has it that Yeddyurappa plans on accommodating her as the next BJP state chief. The other powerful woman leader, Pramila Nesargi failed to win an election for the second time and hence the party distanced her.